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The Carnivorous Carnival: Part Two Recap

Lemony looks over the burnt remains of Caligari Carnival, and camps out for the night. He contemplates being in the belly of the beast, and advises the viewer now to watch in case they feel like they're in the belly of the beast.

Olivia warns the Baudelaires that they're in the belly of the beast, and says that she never forgot them or the Quagmires. She explains that she met Jacques and joined VFD, and Olaf captured them at the village. Olivia made a deal with Esme to get herself released, but they killed Jacques. The former librarian explains that there is no real Lulu, and it's an alias for whichever volunteer is stationed there. The previous Lulu went to the hospital and retrieved the sugar bowl, but she didn't come back. The Baudelaires tell Olivia that they saved the Quagmires and they are safe, and Olivia warns that Olaf is at the carnival and they're all in danger. He's getting suspicious and Olivia doesn't know if she can keep following him. Violet explains about the message from Jacques saying that one of their parents survived the fire, and she figures that Jacques was right. She gets out a copy of the Incomplete History of Secret Organizations and explains that if one of their parents are alive, they would be at VFD's secret headquarters. It's not marked on the map, and Klaus finds a small brown stain and suggests that Klaus marked the HQ that way. Olivia confirms that the roller coaster wagons have their own motors, and Violet says that she can fix it by the next day. The ex-librarian says that she can distract Olaf that longer, and promises to find one of their parents if they're still alive.

Klaus asks if VFD is noble or wicked since Olaf was once a member. Olivia explains that VFD was dedicated to putting out fires, but there was a schism and one side decided it was better to start fires. Before she can explain about the sugar bowl, Olaf calls everyone in to the big top. The Baudelaires put on their Siamese twin disguise, and Violet unwittingly drops her hospital ribbon.

Olivia and the Baudelaires arrive in the big top as Olaf says that he's introducing a new act. He produces a flower from Esme's ear and then produces handkerchiefs from a customer's coat. Next he reveals a pit of starving lions in the center of the big top and explains that the lions are starving. The next day, they will select one freak at random and feed them to the lions. Violet spots Olaf's noodle whip and gets an idea.

That night, Violet tells Klaus that she can use the whip as a fan belt to repair the engine on the wagon. The freaks eat what may be one freak's last meal, and Sunny grates the ginger with her teeth. Hugo freaks that dying is good for business, and the Baudelaires tell them that anything is better than dying. Esme arrives and says that she loves freaks and considers them friends, and is sad that one of them will die the next day. She says that she has an opportunity for them. She offers them jobs joining the troupe, and if interested all they have to do is commit a murder. Esme wants whoever is chosen to throw Lulu in instead. When the Baudelaires point out that it's frozen and cruel, Esme says that everyone will get what they want. She notices Violet staring at her noodle whip, and the other freaks say that they like the idea. Esme points out that the Baudelaires are freaks, and as she goes Sunny secretly takes her whip.

Once everybody else dozes off, the Baudelaires sneak out of their wagon, go to the roller coaster, and Violet starts working on the wagon. She discovers that her ribbon is missing, and Klaus finds a piece of string as a substitute.

Olaf listens to the lions growling, and demands the location of the surviving Baudelaire parent from Lulu. Lulu warns that the spirits talk when they talk, but Olaf grows impatient. The fortuneteller says that the spirits are sending her a vision that Olaf killed Jacques. Olaf tells her that Jacques got in his way and walks out. He notices the broken crystal ball, and sees the hospital bracelet ribbon. She assures him that nobody from the hospital was there, and claims that she recently had a checkup.

Violet works through the night and repairs the wagon engine. They test out the wagon on the roller coaster, reach the top, and see the Mortmain Mountains in the distance.

Olivia is packing and watches the film of Jacques, who says that they will never disappear as long as there are well-read people to take up the torch. As she goes out, she finds Olaf with the disguised Baudelaires. Olaf tells her that plans have changed and he doesn't need a fortuneteller, and invites the arriving customers to the lion pit. Meanwhile, the Hook-Handed Man looks for the noodle whip.

Inside the big top, Poe, Bass, and Remora are among the customers. The show begins and Olaf welcomes everyone and assures the spectators that he's not the Count Olaf who died. The freaks tell Baudelaire that they'll do anything as long as people don't look at them as freaks again. Lulu whispers to the Baudelaires to play along, and holds up a box with the names of the freaks so that Olaf can choose one at random. Olaf finally announces that he has chosen the disguised Baudelaires. They consider pushing Olaf into the pit and figure that they have no choice but to do it.

Violet says that they're honored to be chosen and walk out on the plank above the pit. They stop and then suggest that it would be more exciting if someone was pushed into the pit. Everyone agrees, and the Baudelaires suggest that Olaf do it. Everyone agrees, and Olaf steps up on the plank. When a lion growls at him, Olaf jumps back and says that he couldn't go any further. Esme suggests that Lulu do it, and everyone agrees. Lulu steps out and tells the Baudelaires that she doesn't know what to do . Olaf tells her to get on with it, and Hugo suggests that he and the other two freaks push them all in to prove how brave they are so that Olaf will hire them. Olaf has no idea what they're talking about, and the troupe refuses to work with freaks. A fight breaks out, and Lulu tells the Baudelaires to trust her and then pushes them off the plank to the other side. Lulu tells them to run, and Olaf realizes that she's Olivia. He draws a knife and says that it's time for her reward, and cuts the rope holding the plank so that Olivia falls in.

Lemony says that Jacques loved Olivia and she was a brave and noble librarian who didn't deserve to end up in the belly of the beast.

The Baudelaires go to Lulu's tent and remove their disguise.

The audience watches the lions eat Olivia, and realize how terrifying it is.

Klaus finds the Incomplete History and hear Olaf coming. They put their disguise back on just as Olaf and Esme come in. Olaf offers them a place in their troupe, and says that they're burning down the carnival starting with the roller coaster. The troupe is preparing to burn the place, , and Olaf sees the map in Klaus' hand. He realizes that it indicates the secret location of VFD HQ, and figures the survivor of the fire is hiding there. Olaf sees a box of food and figures that it would be useful, and tells Klaus and Violet to take the box to his car after they light the tent on fire, while Sunny goes with him. Esme takes the baby with her, and Klaus repeats his orders and says that once they burn down the tent, they can join his troupe.

Once Olaf leaves, the Baudelaires realize that riding with Olaf is the only way to get to the mountains. Olaf comes back and says that his first time was hard, and offers to help them. He lights the torch and, holding their hands, sets the Incomplete History on fire, then tells them to get in the freak wagon with the other freaks and they'll tow it.

Poe drives home and calls his wife to say what happened. First he has to give Bass a tour of his bank.

Olaf drives away from the burning carnival. Klaus and Violet sit in the wagon, and figure that once they reach the mountains, they'll get Sunny, escape, and find VFD HQ.

Larry calls from the sewer and says that he learned that the fire survivor is heading to VFD HQ and Larry is on his way.

The previous Madame Lulu arrives at the burning carnival.

Olaf calls the Baudelaires over the radio and tells them to look out the window. They see the freaks cut the tow rope, and Olaf says that he knew the Baudelaires were the twins. The rope breaks and the wagon stops and then roll back down the mountain road and off a cliff.

Written by Gadfly on Jun 2, 2018

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