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Diamonds in the Sky Recap

Don West wakes up in the crashed Jupiter and finds it on the edge of a cliff. He removes his helmet and harness, and drops his knife out the window as the ship shakes. A chicken is perched on a support, and watches Don as he calls to Tam. Smith says that she' stuck in the harness, He has her get her survival knife and toss it to her, and cuts himself free. Once Don cuts himself free, he climbs up to Smith and releases Smith, and they climb out of the cockpit together.

Maureen examines the Robot, and Will assures her that it's okay. She tries to communicate with it but it doesn't respond. Will says that he saw its spaceship and figures that it's the only one, and tells his family that he helped it. The Robot comes to life and walks to the ice, and melts down to the Jupiter.

Don and Smith climb out of the Jupiter and Don finds an emergency kit. Smith finds a photo album with pictures of the real Dr. Smith, and he finds a necklace. She claims that it's hers, recognizing it from the photo album. Tam's body is nearby and Smith says that she's not that kind of doctor. Don confirms that Tam is dead, and takes her boots. He then takes the flare gun out of the emergency kit and fires a flare into the air.

John descends to the Jupiter to pump out the water, and Judy looks at the hole in the ice and remembers being entombed. Penny comes over and they hear what sounds like the wind rushing through the mountains.

In the Jupiter, the Robot evaporates the water with the heating elements in its hands. It walks to where John is repairing the circuits and stares at him. John wonders what it is, but it just looks at him.

Smith buries Tam and suggests that they shoot another flare. Don tells her that they already wasted one and figures that there's no one out there. He uses binoculars and spots a parachute, tells Smith to put on Tam's boots, and when she refuses warns her that the diamond-like sand will tear through her soles. Smith says that he reminds her of her brother, and Don tells her that he doesn't want her slowing him down. After Don picks up the chicken, he leads the way.

The Robinsons work on the ship and salvage what they can. Penny checks the filters and sees the Robot evaporating the water. She finds Will and complains that the Robot is creepy, and Will tells her that she'll get used to it. John sends her to check on the hose because the water is freezing again. He gets Maureen's leg brace from the printer and brings it up, and runs into Judy. They make awkward small talk and Judy takes the leg brace to Maureen. She thanks the Robot for saving her, and it doesn't respond.

Judy takes the brace to Maureen and puts it on her broken leg. Maureen calls Penny and tells her to work on the filter despite John's orders. John calls her and tells her to work on the pump and the filters can wait.

Back on the surface, Penny is working on the pump when she sees an explosion in the distance. She calls her parents, and Maureen tells John that it was the reserve tank of another Jupiter. They're both surprised to learn the other is coming, and Maureen says that they should speak with one voice and that voice is hers. John shrugs and Maureen takes it as agreement. John goes to Will's cabin and finds a baseball on the floor, and tells his son that it's been a while. He says that Will should come with them to look for survivors. Will wonders if Maureen knows , and John tells him to get going.,

Maureen tells Penny and Judy that they need to free the Jupiter while they're gone, using the maneuvering rockets to melt the ice.

John goes to the 3D printer and puts in the file for a gun. He discovers that the security protocols prohibit its manufacture.

Maureen writes out a lot of instructions for Penny to follow while they're gone. She then climbs to the surface and finds Will and the Robot there with John. John says that he doesn't want to let the Robot out of his sight, and Will won't leave without it. Maureen doesn't see the point in discussing it, and says that so far the Robot has helped them so she trusts it.

Don and Smith walk over the terrain and Don asks what kind of doctor she is. Smith claims that she's a psychologist, and Don tells her that the necklace is a St. Christopher medal. He says that he looks out for himself, and figures that she doesn't believe in saints and wonders why she wears it. Don suggests that it has to do with her brother, and Smith tells him that it's none of his business and continues walking. they come to the parachute Don saw and find Angela, a woman in a suit. Don assumes that she's dead, but she gasps for life when he starts to take her gear. Smith wonders what they do next.

Judy activates the maneuvering rockets and the Jupiter slowly drifts to the surface. Penny comes in and holds a package of Oreos behind her back. She finally says what it is and asks if Judy is interested in them. Penny says that Maureen brought them along and takes one over Judy's objections. The pump clogs again and Penny has no choice but to go check it out.

John and the others arrive at the crash site and realize that it was the Jupiter 17. Will figures that it could have been them, and Maureen takes his0 hand and assures him that it wasn't.

As Penny clears the pump, she sees a storm in the distance. She goes back in the Jupiter and tries to call her parents, and Judy warns that they're out of range. Penny suggests that they take the Chariot, but Judy warns that Maureen told them to go easy on the engines and tells her sister to stop panicking. She goes back to work, and Penny turns the maneuvering jets to full power despite possibly making the ice unstable. The Jupiter rises to the surface and Penny goes to the garage to get the Chariot. Judy goes after her, and Penny tells her that she's going to drive. They discover that the Chariot is incomplete and some assembly is required.

John writes a message on a piece of scrap metal,, while Will lays out a direction arrow from branches. The Robot makes a noise and Will recognizes it as the noise from the Robot's crashed ship. Maureen tells Will to ask it if it knows where its ship is. The Robot doesn't respond, and Will says that he doesn't think it remembers anything from before. Maureen wants to investigate the ship, but John says that they should go back to the Jupiter. When Maureen tells Will to do what she says, Will tells the Robot to take them to where they met. It marches off, and Maureen tells John that he wants to go as much as she does.

Don spots a fire over the rise, and figures that Angela ejected from it. He says that they have to leave Angela because they can't carry the unconscious woman. However, after a moment he picks her up and carries her, and claims that he's doing it for the reward. Smith tells him that he's faking self-interest and she figures that he's a good person.

Penny assembles the Chariot and calls over the intercom to Judy, telling her that they should go. Judy is on the bridge, remembering how she was trapped, breaks into tears, and sits down. Penny watches her through the interior window and after a moment, heads off in the Chariot. Judy hears the cargo hatch opening and goes to investigate, but Penny takes off before Judy can get there. Penny figures that driving isn't too bad until she comes to a slope and brakes just in time. She calls her parents on the radio but gets no response. After eating a cookie, Penny engages winter mode and drives down.

Don fires one of their two remaining flares and then tends to the unconscious Angela. Smith wonders if they're the only survivors, and adjusts the medal necklace. The necklace breaks, and refuses Don's offer to fix it. She says that her brother died in a car wreck, and they hear the storm getting closer. Smith wonders how far Don can get with Angela.

The Robot leads the others to its wrecked spaceship, and Maureen and John go inside. Meanwhile Will finds a seed that survived the collection, and discovers that his baseball is in his pocket. He tosses it to the Robot and it bounces off of it when it doesn't catch it. Will picks it up and shows it how to toss, then steps back and tells the Robot to throw it back. It does so and they play catch. John watches from inside the ship and then walks away. Meanwhile, Will tells the Robot that he always wanted John to come back. The Robot tosses the ball and it goes under a piece of metal. When Will tries to get it, the Robot lifts the metal and then it glows red.

In the ship, the systems activate.

The Robot "sees" someone inside the ship.

Maureen works out the navigational display and where they are, and she brings a display of a different galaxy. They figure that they're in a different location.

Will shares the Robot's vision of it going through the Resolute and killing everyone in its path. The vision ends and Will stares at the Robot in shock and then runs off into the forest. The Robot goes after him. He stops for breath and the Robot catches up to him, and Will asks it why it attacked them. Will figures that it doesn't remember, and wonders if the Robot is like that anymore. He gives it commands and it responds, and Will tells it to walk off a nearby cliff. However, he stops it at the last minute and tells it to come back, and puts his hand on its chest.

As the storm gathers, Don and Smith continue until they come to a cave and take shelter. Smith realizes that her necklace is missing, and Don goes back and finds it on a branch where it caught. Don goes back to the cave and she tells him to fix it while she's gone. She figures that Don won't abandon Angela and someone has to get help. Smith tells him to use the last flare so that she can find him, and then goes out into the storm.

Will and the Robot find Maureen and John looking for Will. He claims that he and the Robot were just exploring.

Penny drives through the forest and calls her family. The storm moves closer.

As Will and the others walk through the forest, it starts hailing black rocks. The Robot shields Will, but he runs to his parents as they search for cover. They find shelter beneath a boulder, and they hear Penny over the radio. She says that she's in the Chariot and asks where they are, and Maureen tells her to look for a light. as the Robot shines a beam out of its headpiece. Penny sees them and dries over, and the others get into the Chariot. John takes the controls and tells Will to have the Robot hold onto the back because he won't fit inside. It does so and John takes off. Maureen discovers that Penny ate the cookies and figures that she finished the list of chores she left for her. She then tells John that she was wrong to ignore him and she's glad that he was along.

Don wraps up Angela in a blanket and sees the Chariot in the distance. He sends up the last flare, and Will sees it. John changes course back into the storm, and find Smith. She gets in and claims that she was alone. The flare gun drops out of her pocket.

Don discovers that the flare gun and the last flare is missing, and figures that Smith deliberately left her necklace behind and took the flare while he went back for it.

Smith tells Will that she always wanted a brother, and gives her fake name to the Robinsons. John drives just ahead of the storm and arrives at the Jupiter, and drives into the cargo bay. The waiting Judy closes the door as the storm hits the Jupiter. As Penny gets out, Judy congratulates her and Penny tells her to get back to being herself so that Penny can get back to being her. Maureen hugs her daughters, and Smith looks at the Robot as he removes himself from the back of the Chariot. Will tells her that the Robot isn't dangerous.

Written by Gadfly on Jun 3, 2018

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