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Not Kansas Recap

Reign knocks Supergirl back and attacks the DEO guards, and Mon-El gives the rock to Lena. As Mon-El shields Lena, Lena cuts off a piece of the Black Rock. Supergirl and Mon-El try to hold Reign off, while Lena liquefies the piece of Black Rock, put it in an injector, and slides it to Mon-El. He injects Reign with it, and her body separates from Sam's, floats into the air, and disappears. Lena asks Sam if she's okay, and Sam wakes up to ask for some aspirin.

Later, Alex brings Ruby in to see her mother. They hug and Sam thanks Alex for looking after her daughter. Supergirl asks Lena to synthesize some of the Harun-El for Argo City because they gave up some to help them. Lena goes to work, and Kara takes Alex back to her apartment and tells her that Alura has been alive along with some of Argo City. Kara says that it felt like home, and Alex figures that Kara wants to go back. Her foster sister says that she's tried to make Earth her home, but she felt a hollowness until she and Alex overcame their issues. Kara assures Alex that she'll always be in her heart, and says that she doesn't know how long she'll be gone. She feels guilty and selfish, and Alex tells her that she has given them all so much as Supergirl and Reign is gone. Now it's time for Kara to take care of herself. However, Alex admits that she doesn't know what she's going to do without Kara.

The next day at the DEO, everyone prepares a going-away party for Supergirl. Supergirl thanks Mon-El for coming back and being part of the team, and he asks her to send a beacon into the future and let the Legion know they can get him. She suggests that he come with her, assuring him that it'd be lovely to have him there, and Mon-El agrees.

Supergirl and Mon-el go down to the party and Hank offers a toast to make Supergirl proud. Supergirl says that she is going to miss them and it's been an honor protecting Earth and being protected by the DEO. After Supergirl says goodbye to her friends, she and Mon-El take a rocket to Argo City, and Alura hugs her daughter.

At her mother's home, Supergirl and Mon-El look through Supergirl's childhood belongings. Her childhood friend Thara Ak-Var comes in and greets Supergirl, and says that she's the only member of her family who survived. Alura explains that Thara is the chief police officer on Argo City, and Supergirl asks her to find a synthetic gravity manipulator so that Mon-El can contact the Legion. Thara agrees and says that she will introduce Kara to her husband and children.

On Earth, a bored guardian plays basketball and Winn confirms that there are no crimes going on. They discuss whether Supergirl will stay on Argo City, and Winn figure that she is going to spend more time there. A policeman chases a criminal, who turns and opens fire. Guardian shoves the officer aside and blocks the shots with his shield, and then takes cover with the officer. The shots have put dents in Guardian's super-hard shield.

Alex goes to Hank's place and listens to opera with Hank and M'yrnn. Hank invites her to come to the opera with them, and M'yrnn says that Hank shouldn't make plans for him. He says that he's having a surge of clarity but it comes just before the end, and it's time for them to perform The Reach. The ritual involves the elder generation passing their memories onto their younger ones. Hank refuses to accept that M'yrnn is dying, and asks Alex to tell M'yrnn. Alex says that is M'yrnn's place, not hers. M'yrnn warns that they have to begin the process. Hank agrees but says not yet. Alex gets a call from the DEO and says that she has to go, and Hank insists on going with her. M'yrnn reminds his son not to forget what he's said.

At the DEO, Hank meets with James and Winn. They show him the rifle that the bank robber used, and figure that it's a DEO weapon. Winn has used ballistics to confirm that it's a DEO weapon, and Hank says that the guns are created exclusively for the DEO. He and James go to talk to the gun manufacturer.

Kara and Mon-El walk through the marketplace, and Val and his mother come over. The mother tells Kara that Mon-El saved Val's life, just as a nearby pillar collapses. People run in terror, and Kara sees a hooded woman walking away.

Drones clean up the area as Mon-El says goodbye to Val. Thara and Alura arrive and Thara determines that it was shoddy construction. Kara tells them that she saw someone and figures that it's no coincidence. Alura dismisses her suspicions, but Mon-El asks Thara to look into it and she agrees. Once Alura and Thara leave, Mon-El assures Kara that he trusts her instincts. He gives her his Legion flight ring in case she need sit.

Hank and James meet with the company president, Xxx. He assures them that none of his guns have gone missing, and James explains that someone used one of the guns to shoot at a policeman. Xxx suggests that the criminal purchased one of their Heel-14 rifles and modified it with a bump stock. He explains that they manufactured a civilian version and it's distributed as a hunting rifle. Xxx says that he can't shut down manufacture of the Heel-14 because it will shut down his company and leave his employees unemployed. He tells them that rifles bring families together, and Hank orders him to hand over all documentation and make his company available to their investigation. Xxx agrees and says that he and James both want to sell their products to as many people as possible.

That night, Lena goes to James' office and brings pizza so she can do some work. He explains that he's trying to track down the gunman and reading one of Clark's exposes to figure out how he tracked the private sale of an assault weapon. Lena says that she has a gun for self-defense and has it used it as such, and tells James that she hopes that he can see her side just like she sees him. James drops the matter and calls in Eve to share the pizza and get a cup of coffee. Eve notices Lena reading an article about nuclear fission in a scientific journal and gives Lena a few tips on it, and goes to get coffee. Lena is surprised that Eve used to study nuclear physics.

On Argo City, Mon-El and Kara have dinner at a restaurant with Thara's husband Lir-Al and says that he found the gravity manipulator. Thara says that their children are with a babysitter, and Lir-Al explains about how they're carving a gazebo out of the wreckage from Krypton's destruction. Kara sees the cloaked figure watching them and chases after her. She catches up to the woman, Felra, who says that that she wasn't there. Kara demands answers, and Thara tells Felra to go home and says that she knows Felra and she'd never hurt anyone. She advises Kara to go home and get some rest.

At the DEO, Winn tells Alex and Hank that there's no digital or paper trail, and all they can do is call the retailers who sold the gun. Alex wonders if Hank is avoiding going home, and he abruptly says that he isn't.

Alura tells Kara that the construction firm has had trouble with the pillar in the past, and Felra was at work when it collapsed. She tells her daughter that it was difficult for her to regain a sense of peace, and Kara says that she's happy to be there and yet she feels unsettled. Kara insists that it wasn't an accident and she has always followed her intuition. Alura says that Kara doesn't have to live as a warrior anymore and it might be time that Kara take care of herself. Kara tells her that Alex said almost the same thing/

Winn is only able to identify 10% of the people who bought the Heel-14, and Hank has James go over photos of the buyers. He recognizes one, Arthur Willis, and Winn discovers that he passed an instant background check at the gun show and has no criminal record. Willis bought four guns, and Hank wants to send his people with the same weapons. James advises against it, warning that it could lead to a bloodbath. Winn checks Willis' social media and discovers that he posted a manifesto against a law firm that fired him. The law firm is at the same plaza as the bank that Willis robbed.

Willis tosses the guns in the back of his car and drives to the building.

Alex meets with one of the lawyers, Lynn Vang, who says that Willis had outbursts and refused mental counselling. The DEO secure the building, and Van says that they have no cameras on the entrance to the cellar. Hank checks it out and finds Willis, and says that he just wants to talk. Willis insists that people will hear him now, and Hank tells him that if he pulls the trigger then no one will listen to him. The shooter says that the firm passed him over for partner and kept lying to him, and Hank tells him that he knows what it feels like to lose everything. Willis says that his life is over no matter what because he shot at a cop, and Hank tells him that he can begin something new if he puts down the gun. The man insists that he needs it, and Hank tells him that none of them do. Guardian is hiding behind Willis and listens, and Hank takes the gun from the crying Willis. The vigilante comes in and nods to Hank, who nods back.

Kara goes to Thara's garden and looks at the Kryptonian flowers. Mon-El finds her and asks if she's okay, and Kara tells him that Argo City is beautiful but something's off. She says that she feels disconnected and that she and Thara are so different after they were so close when they were children. Kara wants Thara's happiness for herself, and says that Mon-El's friendship has made it easier. She hugs him and Mon-El tells her that he came back because Imra asked him how he felt about Kara. Mon-El has been trying to convince himself that friendship was the right thing for them, but he figures that he's been lying to himself. Kara says that after he left, she had a dream of Mon-El waiting for her in a field and her wanting him to be there. A drone flies at them, and Supergirl grabs Mon-El and flies away. It smashes into the overhead dome, and they spot the hooded figure. They fly down and discover that it's Felra.

Kara and Mon-El take Felra to Thara, and she says that they are children of Juru and Selena is their high priestess. When Kara points out that Selena helped her defeat Reign, Felra says that nothing is as it seems. They get a call from Alura.

Winn tells Hank that it's possible, and he tells the agents that he's making a stand and phasing out weapons of lethal force. One agent asks how they will defend themselves, and Hank says that Winn is developing a line of non-lethal weapons. Some agents leave, and Hank says that they can have an impact on the world and they are agents of peace. Afterward, James tells Hank that the only weapon anyone needs is a shield, and Hank thanks him for helping him to remember what his father once taught him.

Lena brings Eve on to help her synthesize the Black Rock. As Eve thanks her, Lena realizes that that the Harun-El is more than it seems and could be revolution.

At his apartment, Hank sits with M'yrnn and says that he wasn't ready before but he is now. His father wonders if he's sure.

Alex looks at photos of her and Ruby, and then brings up an adoption website.

Sam and Ruby sit at home and eat popcorn while watching a movie. As Sam gets up to get a drink, she freezes up and drops the glass.

Coville goes to a park and kneels.

Alura reports that Kara's spaceship is gone. All that's left is a burning Kryptonian symbol.

Coville holds a crystal and prays. Selena and her followers arrive in the ship, and Selena takes crystal and smashes it into the ground. A new Fortress grows in the middle of the park.

Written by Gadfly on Jun 5, 2018

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