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First Light Recap

In ballet class, a young Tandy Bowen puts on her slippers. The teacher, Mrs. Ainsley, calls the students to the bar. Tandy falls and Ainsley tells her to focus.

Tyrone Johnson walks down the street. He sees three teenagers, including his brother Billy, discussing robbing a home. Tyrone asks what's happening, and they tell him that a rich dude didn't pay for the stereo they installed in his car so they're stealing it. Billy sends Tyrone home because it's starting to rain, and Tandy and the other students come out of the building housing the ballet class. Tandy calls her father Nathan at Research and Development.

Tyrone secretly watches as the three teenagers discuss whether to steal the stereo or report it to the police. Billy warns that if he gets caught then his father will beat him. Once Billy leaves, Tyrone sees Tandy practicing her pirouettes as it rains. Her father pulls up and she gets into the car. Meanwhile, Tyrone breaks into the car and pulls out the stereo.

Tandy asks Nathan what happened to her mother, and Nathan says that her back is hurting her. His daughter says that her mother has been taking a lot of pills for her back, and Nathan insists that everything is fine. Tyrone walks home, and sees a police car drive by. Billy finds him and Tyrone hands him the stereo and says that he stole it for him. His brother wonders if he thinks that he's a big man, and Tyrone says that he just feels scared. As Billy tells him that they're going to take it back, the police pull over and tell them not to move. Billy tells Tyrone to run and they both head off.

As Nathan drives across a bridge, he talks on the cell phone about a structure collapsing. He swerves around the road, not paying attention.

Billy and Tyrone run into the dockyards and hide among the cargo containers.

Nathan warns his boss that it's time to call in the government in case the rig goes. They see the oil rig in the bay collapse, and Nathan stares at it, shocked. He swerves into the other line and an oncoming truck hits them.

The police chase the brothers into the cargo containers, and Billy tells Tyrone to stay there. He runs out and the rig explodes , and the startled police shoot Billy twice. He falls into the bay and Tyrone dives after him.

The car plummets into the bay, and Tandy tries to wake Nathan up.

Tyrone swims down and finds Billy's body.

Water pours into the car, and a piece of wreckage falls onto it. There's a burst of energy from the rig, hitting Tyrone and Tandy. They both pass out, and Tyrone sees a burst of light. Meanwhile, Tandy sees a wave of darkness sweep over the light from above. She reaches up to the darkness, and Tyrone takes her hand from the other side.


Years later, Tandy goes to a club and orders her usual at the bar. She sees a man in the party area and smiles at him, and he smiles back.

A coach is berating his high school team, and Tyrone watches from the back. He speaks up, defending his fellow players, and then quickly goes silent.

The man, Rick, tells Tandy that she looks good out on the dance floor. They drink and Tandy says that isn't her thing, and tells him that she likes a good house party. Rick invites her to his house, saying that his uncle loaned it to him for the weekend.

The team takes the court and an opposing player shoves Tyrone down. His parents watch from the stands.

Tyrone and Rick go to Rick's house, and Tandy mentions that her father is dead. She doesn't want to talk about it, and they toast each other.

The opposing player continues shoving Tyron down.

Rick kisses Tandy, and she tries to push him back saying that they have all night. When he persists, she says that maybe they should leave. Rick tells her that he dropped six bills on bottle service, and Tandy tells him that she'll make at least that much drugging him and taking his stuff. After Rick passes out, Tandy lets her partner Liam in and they start loading up stuff.

The player shoves Tyrone to the floor again. The ref doesn't see it and Tyrone punches the other player.

Tandy goes through the apartment, finding some ballet tickets. She takes them and continues loading things up.

Tyrone and the player fight.

Tandy finds bottles of pills and puts them in her backpack.

The refs pull Tyrone and his opponent part.

Liam drops Tandy off at a house, and she kisses him. Once he drives off, Tandy walks down the street and climbs up a fire escape.

When Tyrone and his parents Otis and Adina get home, Adina tells him to go to bed. As he goes up, he adjusts a picture of himself and Billy.

Tandy drops a plank to the next building and walks across.

Tyrone goes into his room.

Tandy goes to the house where she's squatting and sets up for the night, checking her things.

Tyrone gets ready for bed, checking his bruises in the mirror. He hears his parents arguing.

Tandy grinds up some of the pills that she stole from Rick and sniffs them.

Tyrone puts on headphones to block out his parents' arguing.

Tandy puts on her earbuds, wraps up in Tyrone's childhood hoodie, and goes to bed.

Agents from Roxxon take everything from the Bowen home. Tandy watches from the stairs as her mother objects. Nathan's friend Trip checks their papers and confirms that they're within their rights, and that they're blaming Nathan and his "rogue project". He tells Melissa that he'll see what he can do about Melissa keeping the house, and tells her to stay strong. Tandy watches as Melissa takes some pills.

Tandy is sitting in the car when Liam gets in. He gives her $500 from the fence, and warns that it was all he could get. Tandy says that she was hoping for more, and Liam tells her that there's a big party in the woods where she can blow off some stream.

Tyrone goes to school and Evita comes over and tells him that the squad is throwing a party I the woods. She says that the other girls made her promise to get Tyrone there, and asks for his phone. He finally hands it over and Evita gives him her number and a GPS pin to the party. Tyrone wonders why they picked her specifically, but Evita just smiles and walks on.

Tandy walks to a trailer park and goes into one of the trailers. She calls to her mother Melissa, wondering if she's passed out drunk, but gets no answer. She removes her hidden bag from a vent in the bathroom ceiling, opens it, and puts the stolen drugs, ballet tickets, and money inside.

That night, Tyrone goes to the party in the woods. A drunken Tandy bumps into him, spilling beer on his jacket, and apologizes. She tells him that he should wear his school jacket more often, and introduces herself. Tyrone gives his name and Tandy goes to get some paper towels. Once she leaves, Evita comes over and greets Tyrone, and tells him to buy her a beer. He realizes that his wallet is gone and figures that Tandy pickpocketed him. He sees her and calls to her, and Tandy runs into the woods. Tyrone runs after her and grabs her hand. There's a burst of light and a shockwave knocking them both back.

Tandy stares at her hand, which is still glowing. Blackness oozes from Tyrone's hand. They wonder what's going on, and Tandy remembers that Tyrone is the kid from the beach years ago, after the storm. When Tandy turns to go, Tyrone tells her to stop running and asks where she is. As he grabs her, her hand flares up and Tyrone falls back. When he recovers his eyesight, he discovers that Tandy is gone and heads back to the party.

Later at the railyard, Tandy and Liam are making out in his car. Afterward, Tandy looks at her now-normal hand. She asks Liam if he believes in God and miracles, and tells him about the night of the car crash. Tandy says that she should have died but there was a hand that reached out. She tells Liam to forget it, and he says that she always stops talking when she's about to say something.

Tyrone goes home, undresses, and to bed. The next morning he wakes up lying on a Roxxon building rooftop, wrapped up in his bedsheet.

The next day, Otis and his wife take Tyrone to the police station and talk to Chief Watts. He says that they take allegations of police conduct seriously, and that they found Billy's body washed up on the beach. Drug tests revealed drugs in his body, and Mrs. Johnson asks to see it. Tyrone insists that Watts is lying and he saw an officer shoot Billy. Watts tells him that there was no evidence of a bullet wound, and has video surveillance of Tyrone jacking the car. Tyrone says that Billy didn't do anything wrong, and Watts tells him that the shooter that Tyrone described isn't a cop on the force.

Tyrone walks downstairs and sees the shooter--Connors--loading a duffle into his car. He takes a call and puts on his badge, and drives off.

Tandy gets her bag, and Melissa calls to her. The girl hastily puts her bag away, and cuts herself on a knife lying on the counter. She goes out and finds Melissa pouring herself a drink, and Melissa says that she hasn't seen her in a few weeks. Melissa tells Tandy that her diner manager was an asshole and she's seeing a guy, and he's going to get them back into court. Tandy warns her that court has never been kind to them, but Melissa insists that they'll have enough money to buy the diner. She sees Tandy's cut hand and takes it, and has a vision of her parents at the ballet class when she was young. Nathan is there, and Melissa says that Tandy used to be so full of hope.

The vision ends and Melissa has no idea what happened. Tandy confirms that Melissa didn't see anything, and says that she's good.

Tyrone hails a taxi but the driver figures that he doesn't have any money and drives off. When he gets home, he finds a photo online of the police graduating class with Connors in it. Adina comes in and says that school called and he knows that he skipped. She questions him about the party, and Tyrone tells him to stop smothering her and he'd do anything to get Billy back. He says that they act like if they don't do everything just right, they'll lose him as well. Adina tells him that she's afraid that she's going to lose him no matter what, and Tyrone apologizes for missing school.

That night, Tandy goes to the ballet using the stolen tickets. She slips up to the catwalk and watches the performance from above.

Tyrone shuts down his computer and goes to bed. He wakes up later and finds himself in the trunk of a police car.

Tandy leaves the theater and Rick and two of his friends come over. They back her into a nearby building and close the door behind them.

A young Tandy wakes up on the beech next to an unconscious Tyrone. Her things from the car are there, along with pieces of the car. Tandy takes Tyrone's hoody, puts it on, and runs off.

Tandy tries to apologize, and Rick and his friends grab her. When she struggles, Rick tells his friends to go home and shoves her against the wall.

Tyrone finds a tire iron, and the car stops. He grabs the duffle bag and realizes that there is package of cocaine inside. Connors opens the car, and Tyrone throws the cocaine in his face, hits him with the tire iron, and runs off. The buyer drives off.

Rick tells Tandy to stop fighting and just give up. She refuses and light flares from her hand. She stabs Rick in the stomach, and as he collapses she realizes that she's holding a glowing light dagger in her hand. It disappears as Tandy stares at it.

Tyrone runs into a building and hides. Connors catches him and demands to know who he is, and a wave of blackness surrounds them. Tyrone has a vision of a young Connors saying that he has to call his uncle and he'll fix it. The vision ends and Tyrone runs. He slams into a wire cage and Connors shoots him. Tyrone falls into a tarp, and Connors discovers that he's gone.

Back in his room, Tyrone stares around in shock. He finds the spent bullet on the floor.

Young Tyrone wakes up on the beach and looks around. He finds one of Tandy's ballet slippers on a nearby tree.

Tandy takes refuge in a church and tries to summon the light dagger again. She fails and looks over at the bottles of pills, then wraps herself in young Tyrone's hoodie.

Tyrone looks at the ballet slipper he found when he was a child.

Written by Gadfly on Jun 8, 2018

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