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Suicide Sprints Recap

Fireflies fly over a wrecked car.

Detective Brigid O'Reilly goes to the crime scene where Rick was stabbed. She notices the theater nearby, and looks at the blood on the ground.

Tandy look at the cut on her hand

Tyrone looks at the spent bullet in his hand.

Tandy examines her bruised side.

Tyrone wraps himself in the black tarp.

Tandy finds her blood-covered dress.

Tyrone's alarm goes off as he tries to sleep, and he dresses for school.

Tandy gathers her things and leaves the church.

Tyrone comes down for breakfast and hears Adina on the phone, complaining about a press release released without her permission. Otis asks Tyrone what he's going to do about seeing he coach for the first time since he threw the punch. Tyrone doesn't know, and Otis tells him to be on his best behavior. Adina goes out on the porch and discovers that some animal has been going through their garbage, and calls Pest Control. Meanwhile, Otis tells Tyrone that sometimes he's all over the place and should look at Adina as a role model. He says that Tyrone should be more like her, and tells him to try for Otis and Adina.

Tandy meets Liam and says that she's in deeps hit and needs to get out of town. She tells Liam that Rick tracked her down, and she stabbed him and put him down. Liam wonders when she started carrying a knife, and asks where it is. Tandy tells him that she's positive that it's gone, and Liam calls Saint Elizabeth's Hospital to see if anyone brought Rick in. Tandy tells him to call Tulane Medical Center, and Liam does so. She wonders what she should be hoping for, figuring that if Rick is still alive then she can ID him. If he's dead then it means she killed someone. Liam tells her to control what she can control, and he'll get her somewhere safe.

Tyrone meets with Father Delgado and looks at the bullet. Xxx doesn't see it, and Tyrone says that he isn't taking them because he doesn't want to lose control. Delgado warns that the anger is coursing through Tyrone's veins and it's poison. Tyrone wonders if it pointed him to the person who caused it, and Delgado thought that he moved past finding the cop that shot Billy. He asks what God would think of what Tyrone is saying, and Tyrone suggests that God gave him the idea. The bell rings, and Delgado goes out to give a sermon to the students. Evita comes over and sits with Tyrone, and texts asking he got his wallet back. They text back and forth, and Evita asks who Tandy was. Tyrone says that he doesn't know, and suggests that the world took from her so she takes back. Evita calls Tyrone a saint and be up on the stained glass windows, and Tyrone asks her to sign him into study hall after class.

Adina is a home going through her papers, and thinks that she hears someone at the door.

Brigid examines the photos of the injuries on Rick and figures that he was raping someone.

Adina opens a safe and takes out a gun.

Tyrone sneaks out of church and goes to where he saw Connor get into his car.

Tandy and Liam drive to a Chinese laundry that will make papers.

Adina opens the back door, pointing the gun.

Brigid confronts Rick's friends in a police interrogation room.

Tandy and Liam go inside and tell the clerk, Liam, that Tandy needs a new ID to get out of town. He warns that they'll need $11,000 for a clean record, and Liam says that he can scrounge up half of that. When Tandy objects, Liam says that when Rick wakes up he'll ID Tandy. He asks Tandy if she can dig up the rest, and she says that she can.

Tyrone gets a text that the coach is pissed. He runs to the school.

Tandy goes back to the trailer, and finds a man in a bathrobe sitting on the coach. Melissa introduces the man, Greg, and says that Greg filed an injunction against Roxxon. Tandy says that she has to use the bathroom and grab a couple of things, and when she goes in she discovers that Melissa found her bag. The money is gone, and Melissa says that they needed it for the injunction. She asks where the money and the pill bottles came from, and Tandy storms out. Melissa accuses her of running away because things are tough, and Tandy runs out.

Tyrone runs to the school gym the coach sees him. The teenager apologizes for running late, and the coach tells him that he's been having the team run the laps that Tyrone earned, and orders Tyrone to sit on the bleachers and think about what he could have done different.

Tandy and Liam go back to the laundry and Tandy watches a man pay for his tux for a wedding reception. Once he leaves, they show Elmer the $5,500 and he tells them that it isn't enough. Tandy asks Liam to hand her the money and trust her, and gives it to Elmer and says that he can keep it as a down-payment and it's non-refundable. She needs to borrow one thing to get the rest, and looks through the dresses.

Later, a dressed-up Tandy and Liam go to the wedding reception and Tandy finds a guest who got food poisoning from sushi. She grabs the guest's invitation for her and her plus-one, and they go into the reception.

Brigid arrives at the reception and shows the hostess the sketch of Tandy she got from Rick's friends.

Tandy points out the three cash grabs, and tells Liam to pretend to be whoever he wants.

After everyone else leaves, Tyrone suits up and runs sprints.

Tandy and Liam mingle at the reception.

Tyrone finally collapses to the gym floor, screaming in frustration. He stands up and finds Delgado there. The father tosses him a towel.

The bride gives her speech, and Tandy looks at the wedding declaration on the table. After a moment, she tears it up in disgust. The band begins performing and Tandy's hand briefly glows. She hides it beneath the table but the light shines out through the tablecloth.

Tyrone sits in the locker room, and Benny comes in and asks Tyrone if he's okay. He says that if they mess up then they all pay, and two more teammates come in with a sock full of coins. They say that they're concerned Tyrone is going to mess up the finals for them, and beat Tyrone. Tyrone grabs a tarp and pulls it over him, but nothing happens and they continue beating him.

Brigid runs a stakeout near the theater building.

Tandy and Liam slow-dance, and Liam tells her that the wedding planner Linda said that the maid of honor Delia has the cash. Tandy thanks Liam for helping her and not asking any questions or second-guessing her. She thanks him for just being him, and Liam tells her that she makes it easy. As they hug, Tandy has a vision of standing in a forest filled with light. She sees herself and Liam talking about the first time they met. Liam tells the vision-Tandy that if she gives him a chance, he'll make her happy and always love her. Vision-Tandy kisses him, and the vision ends. Tandy pushes Liam away, shocked, and says that she has to go.

After his teammates leave, Tyrone discovers that they locked him in the cage. He beats on the lock with a baseball bat, and keeps pounding until he gets out. Once he gets out, Tyrone calls Adina and says that coach kept him late and he'll stay safe.

Tandy goes into the bathroom and rinses off her face. A woman asks if she's okay, and asks what's wrong. Tandy tells her that she runs away from everything when something goes wrong, and the woman talks about how she switched majors four times and is studying psychology. Tandy describes how one of her parents is dead and the other one is killing her, and she's running away from the man who loves her. The woman tells Tandy to do something that will make her happy and worry about the rest tomorrow, and Tandy agrees. As they hug, Tandy notices that the woman is holding the tip bag.

Tyrone walks down the street with the baseball bat, and sees Connors parking down the street. He takes out a propane tank and a stove, and Tyrone knocks a bottle over. Connors comes over but doesn't find anyone there.

Delia--the woman from the restroom--gives the tips to the head waiter, and Liam grabs the money while she's not looking. Tandy is watching and sees Delia pull out the wedding declarations that she switched for the money. She grabs the birdcage with the wedding money gifts, runs out with Liam, gets into the newlywed's car, and drives away.

At a convenience store, a woman is checking out and looking for her money. Once she finds it, the man behind her buys alcohol.

Tyrone returns home and finds Adina folding clothes. He asks her how she keeps it all together after all they've been through. Adina tells him that a while back she wasn't together, but she eventually concluded that she had to put away all the anxiety and guilt. She asks if he's okay, and Tyrone says that he will be. As she kisses him, Tyrone has a vision of being in the store. Adina, and her young sons Billy and Tyrone come down the aisle. Yong Billy runs around the corner and there's a gunshot. Yong Tyrone goes after him and there's another gunshot. Adina and Tyrone go after them and find two tombstones in the aisle. A nearby milk carton has the two boys' pictures on them.

Tyrone yanks back and Adina sits down. She says that she's dizzy and Tyrone tells her that someone poisoned her a long time ago. Adina doesn't know what he's talking about, and she passes out on the couch. Tyrone covers her with a blanket.

At the laundry, Tandy and Liam change out of their wedding clothes. Liam asks her why she ran, and Tandy says that she doesn't know how and asks her to unzip his dress. Once he does so, Liam says that he knows she lives in the church and knows that she has her demons. He tells her that everyone has demons and they can handle it. After a moment, Tandy tells him that there is nothing between the two of them and walks away.

Tandy drives down the street in the stolen car.

Liam walks down the street, and Brigid arrests him.

Liam calls Tandy and says that he's been arrested, and needs her help because he put all of his money into her new hope. Tandy hands up without answering and turns up the radio.

Connors is installing his new propane oven when Tyrone bursts in holding a gun. The detective runs and Tyrone catches him, screams in fury, and shoos Connors... and Tyrone and the bullet disappear before it can hit the officer.

As Tandy drives down the street, Tyrone appears in front of her. The bullet appears as well, hitting the windshield, and Tandy loses control and skids the car into a tree.

Written by Gadfly on Jun 8, 2018

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