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Infestation Recap

On a house by the lake, Jessica Harris meets with her sister June and says that she wanted to say goodbye. Jessica says that she would bring her with her if she could, but June doesn't believe her and demands that she apologize. Her sister says that June has to take responsibility for her choices, and Jessica reminds her that she's a criminal. June insists that she's made mistakes, and Jessica tells her that they don't want mistakes in the new world. Jessica then gives June all of her things because she won't need them. She assure June that they should start fresh and June can be a better version of herself. Crying, June thinks of the opportunities, and says that she could just be Jessica.

Jessica realizes that her champagne has been drugged just as she passes out. June goes over and cuts the ID transponder out of her sister's arm and puts it in a vial. She then goes to the bathroom and makes herself up to pass as Jessica with darker hair. After tying up Jessica, June leaves with her sister's folder for moving to the new world.


On the Jupiter 2, Smith--June--finds the Robinsons in the mess room. Maureen is explaining to her family that they're trillions of years from Alpha Centauri. She insists that they can get back, but doesn't know how unless the Resolute is intact. Maureen says that they need everyone working on the problem, and John suggests that they take a breather since there's a storm outside and they'd think better with some rest. The children agree and Maureen says that she'll wake everyone up after the storm. John looks at the Robot as it walks out after Will.

Smith comes over to help Maureen clean up, and says that she had to leave her family behind. She claims that not having a wife and children makes it easier, and Maureen takes her to her new quarters. Smith says that she's a psychologist specializing in family therapy and offers her services to repay them, and Maureen tells her that they'll put her to work. Once Maureen leaves, Smith sees the Robot watching her from another room. After a moment, it talks away.

In the garage, Judy is running on a machine and hears the ice shifting, and remembers being trapped in the ice. John come sin and says that she can talk to him if she needs help dealing with the trauma, and Judy insists that she's fine. Disappointed, John walks away. Judy stops the machine and thinks about what happened.

Smith walks through the ship and finds Penny' sleeping in her quarters. She picks up Penny's phone and goes through the contents, and then goes to Will's room and looks at the sketches that he's made of the Robot. She then goes to the messroom hub and hears something moving in the darkness.

Will relives his telepathic connection to the Robot, and its rampage through the Resolute. He goes to the hub where Smith is dozing, and she wakes up as he opens the refrigerator. She figures that he had a bad dream, and says that she gets them from time to time and it helps to say where they were out loud. Will tells her that it's nothing, just as the Robot comes in. Smith tells Will that he thought he said it was dangerous, and Will asks her not to say anything about his nightmare and goes back to bed.

The ice collapses around the Jupiter 2, and Maureen figures that it's the glacier breaking apart. Maureen and the others arrive, and she says that they need to get away before the glacier collapses entirely on them. John tells her that they don't have any engines. They find the thruster covered with particulate from the storm, blocking airflow from the shaft. When Maureen suggests that she have Judy check it, John asks her if their daughter is ready after what happened. He suggests that they let her sit it out, but Maureen tells him that they don't have time. When Maureen says that he's not the best judge of their children, John tells her that she needs to let him participate. His wife asks about their new guest, and John assumes that she's talking about Smith. Once Maureen corrects him, John says that if Smith was trained for the trip then she should be informed about emergency procedures.

Back in the hub, Maureen tells the others what they have to do. Smith stares at her for a moment, and Maureen suggests that they work together. Penny immediately volunteers to work with Will, leaving John with Judy. Maureen gives them orders and then asks John if it's okay, and he hesitantly agrees. As they go, Penny figures that the Robot will do the work for them.

Maureen and Smith go to the garage and Smith glances over the Chariot. Meanwhile, Maureen realizes that the laser printer has been used and determines that someone wiped the log.

John enters the flooded lower section and Judy hesitates at the ladder and asks if it's safe. He tells her that it's okay if she doesn't want to come down, just as Maureen calls to them. John climbs back up the ladder as something moves through the water.

In the garage, John asks him if he used the printer. He says that he didn't, and takes offense that she thought he did it. John tells her that he thought about creating a weapon but the printer. They argue briefly about having a weapon, and Maureen wonders who did create it.

Smith and Maureen go to the engine, and Smith starts to admit something. Maureen assumes that she's talking about the printer and asks how she got around the protocols, and Smith hastily denies it. She says that her grasp of emergency technology isn't that good and claims that most of her work was therapeutic. Maureen tells her that it's okay, and Smith says that Maureen is successful and intelligent and reminds her of her sister. Her companion says that she didn't have any siblings and talks about how she grew up on a farm.

An alarm goes off and Maureen goes to the bridge. John reports that fuel levels are dropping even though they aren't using any, and he goes to check the tank to see if the ice caused any damage. Maureen goes with him and leaves Judy to monitor the fuel leakage. Judy looks out at the ice through the viewing portal, and draws a smiley face on the iced-over window. As she turns away, something moves on the other side.

Smith brings the thruster to the hub where Penny, Will, and the Robot are working. Once Smith leaves, Penny asks Will what he thinks about Smith. The Robot suddenly walks away and Will goes after it, leaving Penny to clean the parts.

John returns back to the flooded section to search for the fuel leak and takes a closer look. Behind him, a cable-looking creature moves on its own. Meanwhile, Smith brings the cleaned parts back to Maureen, who says that they're bleeding fuel. Smith suggests that they leave in the Chariot, but Maureen says that they couldn't all survive. The other woman says that she's going back to the hub, then goes to the supply closet and starts gathering supplies.

The Robot walks through the hallways and examines the ceiling. Will catches up to it and asks what it's looking for, and something moves in the ceiling. Eel-like creatures drop from the ceiling and the Robot shields Will as the slugs crawl off. It shoves Will into the supply closet, seals the door, and smashes the lock.

Penny hears Will screaming and goes out to find him. Maureen come out and the Robot says "Danger, Will Robinson." Will calls through the door, saying that there's something on the ship.

John tells Judy over the radio that he's trying to find the source of the leak. Something pulls him under the water, just as Maureen and Penny arrive on the bridge. They tell Judy what Will saw, and John arrives and tosses the dead eel on the floor. He figures that it came in through one of the holes caused by the crash. Maureen takes it over to a table and examines it, and tells John that the Robot locked Will up. The fuel level drops to 52%, faster than it was before. Maureen cuts open the eel and finds traces of fuel inside. She realizes that the fuel is being eaten, and goes to work on her whiteboard. The reserve fuel tank is untouched, so John figures that they need to trap the eels and keep them out of the tank. The emergency settings will automatically open the reserve when the primary gets too low, and the only way to stop it is to turn it off manually. They only have 15 minutes until they're dry. John says that he'll handle the tank and she should get them ready to fly. As they go, Judy offers to help John, insisting that she can handle it. John says that he believes her but he wants her to believe it.

John goes to the Robot and says that he needs to get into the supply closet to get a torque wrench. The Robot refuses to budge, and John calls to Will to have him order the Robot to open the door. Will says that he's been trying and the Robot won't listen, and John calls Judy over and tells her to laser-print a torque match. She warns that it will take longer than they have, and John takes out a knife and says that he's going to buy them some time.

Smith tells Will that it's not his fault, and Will says that usually the Robot does what he orders. He explains that he saved the Robot's life and now they're connected, and Smith tells him that the Robot is listening to what is inside of Will. Smith says that it could be picking up on Will's subconscious thoughts.


Two days earlier on the Resolute, June walks through the hallways. She goes through a security scanner using Jessica's security implant, and an officer notices and approaches her. The officer says that he's been looking for her and hugs her from behind, and says that he doesn't care if his wife Holly finds out. She kisses him and shoves him up against the wall, trying to shield her face. He soon realizes that she's not Jessica, and June tries to blackmail him into keeping silent. He refuses and they struggle, knocking open a nearby airlock. The officer falls in and the door seals, and the automatic countdown begins. The officer begs June to hit the override button, but she doesn't and he's sucked into space.


In the engine room, Penny puts out salt to keep the eels away. Maureen says that John thinks that she expects too much from them, and Penny tells her that sometimes she expects too much from John.

John manages to pull an eel free from the wall. As he struggles with it, he calls Maureen and she says that one engine is done and she's working on the other. The eel yanks him to the floor, while Maureen sends Penny to get the other cleaned pieces

John manages to kill the eel with his knife, stabbing it through the head.

Penny goes to the hub, spreading salt, and the shakes as more ice breaks. She falls into the basement and falls into the water. Maureen and John go to the bridge and call Judy over the radio. She's in the garage printing the wrench, and is trapped under some containers. Maureen realizes that when the ship's weight shifted, it exposed the fuel sensors and the reserve opened into the fuel tank. John says that they have to launch immediately, and Maureen tells him that they can do so in five minutes.

Penny screams, and Will tells the Robot to help them. It doesn't respond, and Smith tells him that the Robot can sense Will's fear. She tells him that self-preservation is nothing to be afraid of.

Ice shifts, trapping Judy further. She loses the radio and can't reach it, and gasps in fear as she relives being trapped.

John drops into the basement and stirs up the water to attract the eels. He approaches Penny and says that the eels are after the fuel, and cuts a fuel line to douse himself. The eels come after him, and he tells Penny to go to the hub.

Smith tells Will that they're both survivors, and that his family risked their lives to save her so she's going to risk her life to save them. She figures the Robot only cares about Will, and Will tells her that he cares about her. Smith thanks him but says that she can handle himself, then has Will tell the Robot what she said.

The torque wrench appears in the printer, and Judy manages to grab it. She removes the struts on the container trapping her, unfastens them, and gets free.

The Robot opens the door and lets Smith out, and she goes to the bridge and sees the glacier outside collapsing on the ship. She straps herself in and prepares to eject , and as it begins the countdown, the computer warns that the ejection will damage the ship's structural integrity and make further flight impossible.

Maureen struggles to insert the thruster. Smith arrives and helps her push it into the engine, and Maureen hugs her in relief. They go to the bridge and join a fuel-covered John. Judy and Penny join them as the fuel level drops to 15%. John starts the engines but they shut off. Judy says that they have to dump the fuel because the eels might be clogging the tank, preventing the remaining fuel from reaching the engine. She asks her parents to trust them, and John tells her to do it. Judy ejects the fuel and John starts the engine on the remaining fumes. They blast through the ice and out of the glacier as it collapses behind them.

The engines die out and John pilots the Jupiter 2 down to a landing in the forest. Maureen congratulates John on his flying, and he says that it was a good crew. Some calls them on the radio from another Jupiter, and Maureen goes to find Will. They find the Robot in the closet, holding Will to protect him. Will hugs his mother and apologizes for not being there to help, and Maureen assures him that it's okay. Once they leave, John nods to the Robot for a moment and goes after them.

Later, Penny plays a transmission from Captain Radic on the Resolute. He says that they've taken heavy damage but are still operational, and figures that in time they will be able to get back on-course. Smith watches as the Robinsons hug each other,,


Radic tells June that they've figured out that she's a fake, and that they have her on camera killing the officer. June insists that she was defending herself, but Reddick doesn't believe her and says that they haven't set up a system of justice. However, because of that he can do whatever he wants. An officer comes in and says that they have a breach, and Radic goes to the control room as the alarms go off.


Judy is running in the garage, while John checks the printer log. He gets on the other running machine and jogs along with his daughter.

The Robot enters Will's quarters and gives him the gun that it laser-printed. Will says that he doesn't want it, and realizes that the Robot made it with their printer. It says "Danger, Will Robinson" again but is unable to explain further. Will insists that it was just a bad dream, and tells it that it can't hurt anyone if they're going to be friends. The Robot doesn't respond, and Will takes the gun. Smith watches from the hub as Will hides the gun beneath his mattress.

Written by Gadfly on Jun 10, 2018

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