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Make It Reign Recap

Selena, Vita, and Ayala step out into the new fortress and test their new powers. They then take out the Harun-El but discover that it is poisonous to them under Earth's yellow sun. Coville arrives to help them and Selena tells him to prepare the ceremony.

On Argo City, Kara, Alura, Thara, and Mon-El go to Selena's home and find a secret door in. They find an atlas of the Earth and writings that match the ones in Coville's journals. The Daughters of Juru created the Worldkillers on Krypton and sent them to Earth. Mon-El searches for a radio that will transmit out past the protective dome.

On Earth, Ruby finds Sam sleeping on the couch. Sam wakes up and admits that she's not feeling well and should have been honest with Ruby. She tells her daughter that she doesn't know what is going on with her, but they're calling Alex and Lena and they'll get to the bottom of it. Sam assures Ruby that she loves her more than anything in the world and will always be honest with her.

In her DEO office, Alex is looking at the adoption website when Hank and M'yrnn come in. M'yrnn explains that he wanted to say goodbye to her, and Hank tells her that it's time. The elder Martian says that Alex has brought him much joy since he arrived on Earth, and tells her that she would have made an excellent Green Martian. M'yrnn tells her that she has given him the gift of loving Hank. Alex says that it has been a great honor spending time with him, and hugs M'yrnn as she breaks into tears. M'yrnn says that life is change and through The Reach, he will live forever in his son. They go to get the Staff of Kh'ollar. Alex asks Hank if she should come with him, and Hank says that he has to do it on his own and puts her in charge.

Thara finds an empty scabbard and Alura confirms that it once held the Sword of Juru. They find a hologram crystal which projects an image of Selena. She greets Alura and says that she should feel shame for causing the death of Krypton. Selena says that her culture was forced into the shadows, deemed unworthy, and the Daughters have waited for the Worldkillers to rise and make the world habitable for their people. Sam proved too strong so they had to be separated, and only one of them will survive the split. Kara says that she saw Reign die, and Selena tells them that Kara is naïve and that Reign is the spark that triggers seismic catastrophes that wipe out the humans and terraform the Earth. A bomb goes off and Thara is caught in the blast.

Sam and Ruby go to Lena's lab and meet with Lena and Alex. Lena confirms that Sam's blood cells are mutating back into their Kryptonian state. Sam's blood cells are becoming dormant, weakening her, and Ruby suggest that they use yellow sun lamps to super-charge Sam.

Winn turns on a personal force field and tells Demos to punch him. His blow has no effect, and Winn explains that he created an omnidirectional force field. It's the cornerstone of the non-lethal tech that he's creating for Hank, and Winn leaves with his research papers.

In their apartment, Hank says that he has so much to say. M'yrnn assures him that their thoughts and feelings will flow freely, and has Hank remove the telepathic dampener. The elder Martian warns that they will go back through his memories, including his imprisonment, and then Hank will experience the memories going back to the beginning of Mars. M'yrnn tells him that all of their people's history will live on in Hank, and they begin.

The medics take Thara away, and Kara figures that Selena had another plan to get to Earth than take her ship. Mon-El's Legion beacon was destroyed in the explosion, and Alura figures that Selena was going to use the transmat portal that Zor-El was working on to evacuate Krypton before it exploded. They go to the portal in Zor-El's lab, and Kara remembers her childhood there as they examine the equipment.

Coville tells the Daughters that the ceremony is ready. Selena inserts the control crystal, and Coville puts the Harun-El into the energy. They pray to Yuda Kal to bring them the Goddess and their salvation. The energy knocks Coville back, and Reign's energy self is summoned. Selena realizes that Reign is unformed, and Vita says that it needs to embody the Trinity. They figure that they need to find the blood of Reign's sisters to make her whole, and Coville says that he knows where it is.

Lena and Alex imprison Sam in the force field and opaque it, but she can still see them. Alex explains that if she had been Kryptonian, the opaque field would have hurt her. Lena says that she'll test Sam's blood with Harun-El and see if it will rejuvenate Sam's cells.

Mon-El confirms that the portal is almost complete, and notes that there is another portal I the DEO. The only crystals are the cache crystals that Alura and Zor-El put in Kara's pod.

Winn hears the Kryptonian AI activate, and Alura appears as a hologram. Kara speaks through the hologram, explaining that she's using cache crystals to reach him. She tells Winn that Sam is in trouble and they think Reign is still alive, and Winn calls Alex in. Kara explains what happened and what the Daughters plan, and says that they need to make the transmat portal work. Winn figures that he can talk them through setting up their portal, interface it with the DEO one, and interface the two.

Hank and M'yrnn relive M'yrnn's memories of his time and Earth, and Hank says that they remind him of how much he is going to miss him. His father says that by the end of The Reach, Hank will feel complete. He knows how it feels not to do it when he lost his wife and son.

Winn talks Mon-El through setting up the portal, and they discover that it will be a one-way trip. Mon-El admits that he was going to call the Legion but then the time beacon broke so he decided to stay in the present. He tells Winn that he lost Kara once and couldn't do it again, and Winn tells him to get back so they can go out drinking. Meanwhile, Alura asks Kara if she loves Mon-El. Kara tells her mother that there is a history over them, and Alura wants her to tell her about it once the crisis is over. The portal comes on but then shut down, and Winn warns Kara that the Daughters are there.

The three Daughters smash into the DEO using their Kryptonian superpowers. They blast away anyone in their path, and Selena tells Alex to bring them the blood. Alex sends Demos to destroy the blood, fires a shock bullet, and runs. Vita and Ayala recover and fly off to find the blood. Meanwhile, Alex finds the DEO's Kryptonian weapons.

Winn tells Alura that they need Kara there. Vita comes in and blasts him, but his force field resists the heat vision. Undeterred, Vita throws him across the room. Supergirl and Mon-El return and are able to see the DEO portal through the hologram. It doesn't activate, and Vita walks by out in the hallway. Kara pretends to be Alura and lures Vita away.

Ayala arrives in the lab and Ruby activates the opaquing field. As she examines it, Demos comes in and Ruby drops a pan to distract Ayala. It doesn't work, but as she advances on him, Alex shoots her with a Kryptonite bullet. Selena arrives and knocks Alex back, and Alex uses a Kryptonite hand-device to attack Ayala while ordering Demos to run. She shoots both Kryptonians with her Kryptonian guns and kicks them down into the main room.

Supergirl lures Vita to the portal and taunts her into throwing a punch at the hologram. Vita hits the portal activation switch, turning it on, and Mon-El comes through and knocks her out. Alura and Supergirl come through after her as the portal burns out.

Demos arrives in the main room, and Selena and Ayala realize that he has the blood. Winn arrives and yells to Demos to turn on the force field that Winn gave him. Vita arrives and the three Kryptonians concentrate their heat vision, killing him. He manages to toss the blood vials to Supergirl, and she throws them to Selena and then destroys them with her heat vision as Selena catches them. The Daughters depart, and the others arrive and see Demos' corpse.

As the agents take Demos' body away, Winn stares at it. Alex checks on Sam and Ruby, and calls Lena with the news. Lena tells Eve what happened, and Andrea says that Sam's blood cells are still getting weaker. They try to take some of Sam's blood from the sample of Reign, and Lena realizes what the problem is.

M'yrnn and Hank continue through The Reach and see M'yrnn's memories of being imprisoned by the White Martians. The elder Martian describes Hank's birth and how it forced him to have a life, and says that he has tried to teach Hank balance and hopes that his son will truly understand.

The Daughters return to the Fortress, and Selena says that the blood is with them. She uses the remaining blood on her hand, and the energy form grows stronger.

Winn says that he will find the Kryptonian, and Alex says that they'll only call Hank in if they need him. Lena arrives with Sam and says that Reign's blood cells are getting stronger. The two are still connected, and Reign is getting stronger. Mon-El figures that if they strengthen Sam then it will weaken Reign. Alura suggests the Fountains of Lillith, and one imprisoned priestess spoke of a woman born of the Fountain with the power of destruction. They figure Reign got her powers from the Fountain in the Dark Valley, and Sam says that she's going there despite the risk... to save Ruby.

Reign materializes and takes the Sword of Juru. She realizes that Selena is real, and Selena says that she made her. Coville tosses the Harun-El into the fountain, and Selena says that they don't need him anymore. The Daughters declare him weak and a hypocrite, and Selena kills him with her heat vision.

James arrives and finds Winn, who says that Demos trusted him and he got him killed. His friend says that nobody could have anticipated three heat vision blasts, and that he came to see Winn first before winning the mayor of the threat. Winn tells him to go.

Lena prepares to shock Sam and send her back into the Dark Valley. Supergirl introduces Alex to Alura, and Lena says that Sam is ready. Ruby insists on staying with Sam, but Sam tells her that it's going to look scary but she can handle it. The girl goes to Alex, and Lena triggers the electric shock. Sam finds herself in the Dark Valley with voices in the darkness telling her to run. She does so.

The Daughters begin the ritual, and Reign flies into the Fountain.

The city trembles, and Lena tells the others to save the city while she tends to Sam.

M'yrnn and Hank realize that something is going on and the world needs them.

Supergirl and the others go out on the balcony and watch as National City begins to collapse. Winn picks up catastrophes across the planet. Mon-El has seen the process before and figures that the Kryptonians will go right through Earth's core. Madagascar is on the other side of the planet, and Hank and M'yrnn arrive. Hank takes command and gives everyone their orders, and M'yrnn says that if he shapeshifts into Earth at the nexus point, he can hold the planet together even though it will rip him apart.

Deep below the Fountain, Reign flies toward the Earth's core.

Written by Gadfly on Jun 12, 2018

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