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Chapter 19 Recap

The Choke bounces across the desert after Farouk throws it.

The next morning, David levitates across the desert and stares off in the distance, mouthing the words to "Behind Blue Eyes" by The Who. He sees a storm gathering in the distance, and Farouk levitates out of it and recites his own lyrics. They project their astral selves and the two clash, changing shape to gain supremacy over the other. Farouk distracts David by briefly turning into Syd, and then webbing him.

Lenny draws a bead on The Choke and shoots. The bullet activates The Choke, disrupting Farouk's grip on David. They both collapse, and Lenny inhales fumes. Meanwhile, David picks up a rock and prepares to beat in Farouk's skull.

Three Years Later

Oliver and Melanie film themselves and Oliver explains that the world ended. Melanie insists that he's being dramatic, and says that their bodies are safe somewhere. She insists that it's better without them and now every day is a blessing. Oliver recites poetry and they dance and have sex. The couple admits that they miss their friends and coworkers, and what happened to Syd was sad. Oliver doesn't remember what happened to her, and Melanie reminds him that she was betrayed after David turned. They remember helping Farouk, and Oliver wonders why David turned. Melanie explains that Syd showed him the future.


David beats Farouk despite his begging David to stop. Syd arrives carrying the Minotaur's head and says that they need to talk. David says that they'll talk once he kills Farouk, and Syd tells him that when a woman wants to talk, they talk. She aims a gun at David and says that wives of serial killers know that deep down something is wrong, and tells David that now she knows. Syd says that David isn't a good guy no matter what he thinks, and figured that he was the real villain. Surprised, David points out that Farouk killed people, but Syd tells him that he was the one who did it. He insists that he loves her, but Syd says that David lies to her, leaves her, and keeps secrets. He points out the blood on her neck, but Syd says that it isn't hers and tells him that she saw the look on his face and knows that he liked torturing Oliver.

Syd stands up and David reminds her that she was the one who asked him how far he was willing to go. She says that it won't work and they're all powerless now, and David points out that Future-Syd kidnapped him. Syd asks why Future-Syd did it, and figures that David is the one who destroys the world. David insists that he wouldn't, and Syd tells him that David is the problem, not the solution. Once David killed Farouk, there was no one powerful enough to stop David and it was all Future-Syd's trick to force David to reveal who he really is. David asks Syd if she trusts him, and she says that maybe she trusts herself more. He tells her that she's being tricked, and asks who the hero is. Syd says that she is and shoots David.

David wakes up in a room, and the Narrator is on the TV talking about how delusions start. Another David--Divad--appears and agree with the Narrator, and says that Davis it the chicken. He tells David that he's delusional, and David insists that he's a powerful mutant and he's the one who saves them. Divad -David holds up an egg and something inside glows, and asks David if he knows what his problem is.

Syd walks down the stairs, and Syd and Lenny see her.

Divad says that the egg was born the, and David insists that he's a good person and deserves love. David and Divad enter the egg and see David sitting in a wheelchair. Divad tells him that other more rational ideas must be destroyed for a delusion to thrive, and David insists that Syd made her good. He remembers that Syd said that God loves the sinners best, and asks David if he really believes that God loves him. Dvd appears and says that there is no God, and asks if David loves himself. He says that everyone owes David, and says that David is terrified that one day he'll wake up and realize that he's a god and needs no one. Dvd says that Syd is a parasite, and David tells him that their love is real. When Dvd points out that Syd just sought David, Divad agrees that he has a point.

Lenny looks through the scope and sees Syd and David talking. She shoots the bullet out of the air, then grabs the rifle and runs as a helicopter flies overhead. A hummer closes in on her, and another one cuts her off. The Division 3 soldiers surround her, and Fukyama steps out.

Divad and Dvd tell David that they need him to say what they have to do. David says that he knows.

David recovers firs from the explosion of the two bullets hitting. He goes to Syd and strokes her cheek. Nearby, Farouk wakes up ad finds Cary, Fukyama, and the Vermillions looking down on him. Cary puts a suppressing coronet on Farouk and activates it, and Farouk curses in pain. Meanwhile, Syd wakes up and wonders what happened, and David tells her that she had a bad dream. The soldiers put Farouk in a van and drive him away, and the Vermillions say that there will be a trial and David will be expected to testify. He gets in another van with Lenny and finds her in chains. She says that she's going to the electric chair, but David tells her that God has plans for her. David gets out and the soldiers drive Lenny away.

At Division 3, the soldiers take Farouk and Lenny to the cells. Syd, Cary, and Kerry find them, and Syd is still dazed from David tampering with her mind. Cary suggests that he do a CAT scan on her, but Syd says that she just needs some sleep and tells David that she wants to sleep alone.

Syd sits on her bed and thinks.

David sits on his bed and thinks. Divad and Dvd appear and accuse David of tricking Syd. David insists that he can fix it and he just needs time. They warn that it can't last, and David says that Farouk is still alive. He orders them away so that he can think, and they disappear. David projects his consciousness to Syd's room and sees her staring up at the ceiling. He appears and explains what he's doing, and says that they don't need the White Room anymore to touch. David tells her that he loves her as they kiss, and Syd says that she loves him. He asks her to run away with him and start a farm, after the trial when Farouk is executed. Syd says that he seems different, and David assures her that all that matter is that they're together now that they've won.

Back in his room, the real David sits on his bed, concentrating. He projects himself to Farouk's cell and asks how it feels knowing that he lost. Farouk says that they won't kill him because he's too valuable. He explains that they'll put away as a secret weapon, and David tells him that if they don't kill him, he will. Farouk points out that he tried once and failed, and says that he misses coffee the most. He asks David to make him a cup, and David refuses. David refuses to feel sympathy for him and tells him to go to hell. He tells Farouk goodbye, and Farouk tells him that what he's doing to Syd is sick. Farouk accuses David of tricking Syd into loving him, and says that they can't make people love them. He explains that David was his baby and couldn't make him love him. David says that Farouk makes him sick, and Farouk tells him to remember that feeling because he'll eventually see it in Syd's eyes when she looks at him.

In his room, Fukyama watches David talking to Farouk, and then making love to Syd.

Cary reconstructs what happened on the hill, and Kerry talks about killing the Minotaur. He sees David stroking Syd's cheek and tells Kerry that it's treachery.

Farouk meditates while his coronet glows. A mouse crawls into his cell and Farouk picks it up and whispers to it. He then lets it go and it runs out.

David looks at the sleeping Syd. The mouse comes in, crawls on to her pillow, and whispers into her ear.

Fukyama and the Vermillions go down the hall.

David levitates over his bed, meditating.

Syd stares at herself in the mirror.

Cary wonders if they have forgotten the truth and are pretending to be normal.

David enters the trial room and lark thanks him for saving them all. Cary and Syd are seated at a table, and Cary activates a containment cage around David. Farouk strolls in and David tries to break through the cage. Syd tells him to sop, and says that they want to help him. The Vermillions say that Syd and Farouk have informed them of the future that has yet to come. They have analyzed the orb that took him and confirmed that Cary created it in the future. David asks what's really going on, and Farouk says that David is a sweet boy undone by revenge.

Syd says that she understands what David went through, thinking he was sick and learning that he had powers. She tells David that he's a monster and sick in the head, and Divad and Dvd appear and tell David that the others are small-minded monsters terrified of what they can't comprehend. David says that it's some kind of mass psychosis, and Syd insists that they can help him see the person that they see him as. When Syd says that they can treat him with medicine and therapy, David refuses and the Vermillions say that if he doesn't accept treatment and medicine. Dvd tells him to run, and David asks Syd to tell him the truth. She says that he drugged her and had sex with her, and a shocked David tells her that he needs her.

David tells everyone that he's a good person and deserves love. The whispering in his head stops, and he says that he's done. he concentrates to break the field, and the Vermillions pump in gas. Despite it, David shatters the field and everyone stares as he floats into the air and then disappears. He appears in Lenny's cell and asks if she's going with him. She agrees and the chains fall off of her, and David says that there's no Syd any more. The soldiers come in and open fire, and David deflects the bullets teleport away. Clark and Syd arrive and Syd wonders what they do, and Clark says that now they pray.

Written by Gadfly on Jun 13, 2018

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