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Stained Glass Recap

A 3D printer etches out a sculpture.

Tandy wakes up after the crash and sees Tyrone approaching her. He figures that she has a concussion and tells her to calm down, and Tandy points out that she has a gun in his hand. Tandy realizes that he was at the party, the graveyard, and the beach, and wonders who Tyrone was shooting at. She then says that she isn't interested, and gets in her car. Sirens sound in the distance, and Tandy drives away.

Brigid visits Rick in his hospital room and asks if he saw his attacker. He claims that he was too drunk to make out any details, and says that he got the cuts on his face when he fell. Brigid points out that they look like defensive wounds caused by fingernails, and asks why his pants were unbuckled, and Rick says that he's in a lot of pain and needs to get some rest.

After wiping down the car, Tandy goes into the trailer. Melissa is passed out on the couch drunk, and Greg is sleeping in the chair. In the bathroom, Tandy cleans up her injuries and hears a high-pitched ringing in her ears. Melissa comes in and asks what happened to her, and complains that Tandy came back after their argument. Brigid knocks on the door, and Melissa answers the door. She says that she's looking for Tandy, and Melissa claims that she hasn't seen Tandy in weeks. Brigid asks if she can come in, and Greg wakes up and says that she needs a warrant. The detective explains that she thinks that Tandy was the victim of an assault, leaves her card, and goes. Melissa tells Tandy that Brigid is gone, and goes into the bathroom to discover that Tandy has gone out the window.

That night, Tandy gets onto a bus. She continues hearing the ringing and then it stops. She looks around the bus and discovers that the passengers have disappeared. Tandy hears a ball bouncing on the pavement and goes outside. It's daylight, and Tandy is standing on a basketball court off the streets. Young Tyrone is bouncing the basketball.

The printer continues crafting the sculpture.


Tyrone approaches Tandy, who points out that she has a gun in her hand. She recognizes him and drives off, and Tyrone hides as a police Car goes by.

The next day, Tyrone goes to the church looking for Delgado. The father isn't there, and Tyrone lights a candle and prays to Billy asking what's happening to him. He worries that he can't control himself, and wonders what he should do. Tyrone says that he's trying to be like Billy but failing, and figures that he's cursed. Evita comes in and says that she was looking for him, and tells Tyrone that she knows someone who might be able to help him.

After school, Tyrone follows Evita's directions and takes a trolley to meet her. She's leading the Damballah Voodoo tour, and talks about New Orleans' history of voodoo. Evita takes the tour group to a church and the grave of Marie Laveau, a voodoo priestess. She calls Tyrone up as a volunteer and has him make an X on the wall of the tomb, and then turn around three times. Once Tyrone does, Evita tells him to make his wish. He does so and, following her directions, claps his hands once.

Evita takes the tour to a voodoo shop, and Tyrone talks to her privately .He asks if she believes in voodoo, and Evita takes him to see her Auntie Chantelle. There are effigies on the mantle, and Chantelle tells Tyrone not to touch them. She looks him over and tells Evita that Tyrone doesn't think that he deserves help. Chantelle lies out the cards and then tells Tyrone that he needs a cleansing bath to remove evil spirits so that Tyrone can walk in the Land of the Loa. She gives Tyrone a list of ingredients and the name of whole Foods, where he can get them.

Once Tyrone and Evita get the ingredients, they go Tyrone's home. Adina is talking on the phone about the optics, and the teenagers avoid her and go to the upstairs bathroom. They run the bath and Evita turns away while Tyrone strips. He does so and gets in the tub, and Evita tells him to close his eyes and relax. Once he does, the lights darken and Tyrone discovers that Evita and Adina have disappeared. The photographs have been replaced by voodoo symbols, and Tyrone walks outside. He finds himself on the roof of the Roxxon Corporation at night. A young Tandy is standing there in her ballerina clothing.

Tandy asks Young Tyrone what's going on, but he ignores her and shoots the ball. Tyrone Billy appears and tells Young Tyrone to show him what he's got. They shoot, and Duane and his friends show up and say that they're going to take back their radio. Tandy watches as Billy says that he's going to stay with his brother. Once Duane and Rockwell, Billy gives Young Tyrone a check.

The scene changes and Tandy finds herself in a swamp next to a table covered with murder weapons. Tyrone walks over but doesn't see or hear Tandy. He picks up a gun, looks at his parents, and turns to Connors and shoots him. Tyrone takes out a pair of bloody checks and looks at them, and Adina and Otis collapse. Policemen arrive in riot gear and Tyrone runs.

The same scene repeats itself and this time Tyrone takes a noose from the table. The police arrive and chase him, and then lynch him. The scene repeats again, and Tandy tells him that the end will always be the same and he has to try something else. A light dagger appears in Tandy's hands, and she puts it on the table. It turns into a pair of handcuffs, and Tyrone picks it up. Connors sees it and runs.

Tyrone asks Young Tandy what's going on. Miss Ainsley's voice echoes out, telling her to focus, and Young Tandy dances. She steps near a puddle, and the electric sign sparks. Tyrone pulls the girl away, and finds himself in a swamp at night. Tandy is looking at a boardroom, and her father Nathan is inside. Tyrone comes over and watches as the other men vote against Nathan's proposal, and then pour water down Nathan's throat. Tandy runs away, and the scene repeats itself except Melissa is there. Tandy runs off and is caught in the mud, and then they return to the boardroom. A Young Tandy tries to stop the men, and Tandy turns to run. Tyrone tells her to sop running and try something else, and a light dagger appears in her hand. She touches it to the boardroom, and she and it disappear. Tyrone is facing a mausoleum door, and goes inside.

Tandy enters a check-cashing shop filled with checks. Young Tyrone is sitting on the floor crying, inside of a cage.

Tyrone enters a church and finds a Young Tandy giving parishioners poisoned communion wafers. Each one falls down dead.

Tandy finds a stained glass window in the shop.

Tyrone approaches a stained glass window in the church. Tandy sees his shadow on the other side, and they both touch the glass.

Tandy wakes up on the bus

Tyrone wakes up in the bath. Evita asks if he's okay.

Brigid gets into her car, and Connors knocks on the window. He introduces himself and gives her Rick's driver's license, and says that he found it on a dead junkie. Connors says that the case was a mugging gone wrong and the victim's lawyer corroborated the evidence. He tells Brigid that the case is closed and walks away. Tandy calls Brigid and says that she's willing to face it.

Tyrone walks Evita home, and thanks her for what she did for him. He admits that he feels better, and they come to the church with the stained glass window that Tyrone saw in his vision. He figures that he knows how to get the answers he wants, and says that it wasn't his journey. Evita tells him that she made a wish as well, and Tyrone kisses her.

Tandy meets with Brigid, who tells her that the case is closed. Brigid apologizes, and Tandy gets out and walks away without a word.

The 3D printer finishes the sculpture--of Tyrone. Chantelle puts it on the mantelpiece with her effigies

Tandy goes to the church where she's been staying and find Tyrone waiting for her. He says that they need to talk.

Written by Gadfly on Jun 15, 2018

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