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Pressurized Recap

As the two Chariots head back to the settlement with the fuel, Judy looks at the real Dr. Smith's badge, and Don admits that she played him. Aiko feels a tremor, and Don ignores her and says that they should confront Smith. Judy calls the Jupiter on the radio and Smith finally picks up. The girl says that she knows who Smith is and asks to talk to Maureen. Realizing that something is wrong, Smith asks if she can leave a message for Maureen. Don quickly cuts the radio off and warns Judy that she's acting suspicious, and says that Maureen can handle the imposter.

Smith tells John and Maureen that she takes full responsibility for Angela shooting the Robot. They analyze the gun and realize that the gun was made on their Jupiter. Will comes in and says that the Robot made the gun and gave it to him for protection. The boy says that he hid it under his mattress, and they confirm that it's gone. John figures that someone else found it and gave it to Angela, and tells Will to go get a snack. Once he leaves, Maureen figures that it was clear what would Angela do with the gun. Smith suggests that Victor was lurking around the quarters, and John figures that he was protecting his family. Maureen says that they should talk to Angela and find out who gave her the gun, and Smith advises her to be careful with the woman because she's emotionally fragile.

In the hub, Maureen tells Penny not to sneak off and Will is going through a hard time. Smith watches a John and Maureen drive off in a Chariot. Maureen says that she should drive because John has a concussion from the Robot's attack, but he refuses and insists that he's fine. They hear a rumbling in the distance and the ground explodes ahead of them. John backs up and they go backward down a hill and slam to a halt. Maureen figures that it's the increased seismic activity she warned about, and John discovers that the Chariot is jammed. His wife opens the door and confirms that they're stuck in hot tar. John says that they'll be fin as the Chariot stops sinking.

Victor's team discovers that a field of eruptions has come up between them and the settlement. Aiko times the eruptions and realizes that they're predictable. Don warns that it'll be tight to get across between eruptions, and Victor says that they don't have a choice. The Chariots take off when the eruptions stop, while Aiko counts down to the next eruption. A control cable comes loose on the Chariot Peter is piloting that is towing the tanker, and Judy spots it and warns the others over the radio.

Evan crawls out through the roof to fix the cable. He loses his grip and holds onto the tanker's ladder, and pulls himself up. Evan hooks the cable back up and the Chariot speeds back up. The eruptions start and the tanker Chariot is hit just as they reach the edge of the field. The tanker is knocked loose, and the others go back and check on Evan, who is caught beneath the overturned tanker. Victor warns that the tanker is stuck on a rock that is acting as a plug, and if they lift it then they'll lose the fuel. Judy warns that Evan will die, but Victor points out that she's not a trained doctor and the fuel could save everyone else. Judy angrily tells Peter to move the tanker, and Aiko yells that Evan has stopped breathing. Victor refuses, and Don goes to help. Victor tells him that if he does then he can forget the money, but Don isn't interested. The pilot uses the chariot to lift the tanker, and the fuel pours out of the hole. Judy tells Evan that he's not going to die.

Vijay calls Penny and tells her to meet at the place. Penny knocks on Will's door and says that she's sneaking out, and then hesitates.

Smith goes to the cliff near the cairn and looks down, seeing the shattered Robot in the valley below. Satisfied, she walks back.

Will is working on a Chariot model when Penny knocks on the door. He finally opens it, and Penny tries to cheer him up with a headless spacesuit. Will tells her to leave him alone, and Penny says that he thought he'd like to learn how to fly. Her brother agrees, gets into the suit, and Penny moves him around the garage on a conveyer arm. As Will raises his arms, he remembers the Robot doing the same and says that he's done. He thanks Penny for her efforts and says that it was fun, and walks off.

Smith climbs down the cliff and says that she'll get it back together. As she assembles the pieces, Smith says that the Robot is going to do any of the bad things that are going to happen, not her.

In the tar, Maureen has John find flex cord and she honks the horn, startling him. The radio antenna sheared off when John drove backward through the forest. They rig the flex to a metal cargo hook and John tries to snag a nearby tree. The Chariot continues sinking into the tar, just as John hooks the tree. Maureen warns that it's too late and he climbs back in through the hatch just as the Chariot goes fully under.

The fuel recovery team heads back to the Chariot, and Judy secure Evan. He wonders if he'll ever walk again, and Judy says that she can fully examine him once they get back. Evan jokes about getting a pair of prosthetic legs, and Judy thanks Don for saving Evan's life. He dismisses it as nothing.

In the other Chariot, Peter asks Victor if they have enough fuel to get off the planet. Victor warns that they can't get everyone away.

Penny finds Will back in his quarters and asks what she can do to help build the model. She realizes that Will is making a model of the Robot, not a Chariot, and tells Will that it's okay to miss him. They then start working together.

Smith assembles all of the pieces and tells the Robot to fuse together. Nothing happens, and Smith wonders what else it needs from her.

In the submerged Chariot, Maureen tries to use the line as an antenna and radio for help. John tells her that it reminds him of the apartment they had with a broken AC, and Maureen says that she didn't fix the AC because they were having fun. Her husband says that when things went sideways and he reupped, he thought it was the right thing to do. John admits that he was wrong and he regrets it, and he realized it when she called and told him that she was taking the kids to Alpha Centauri. Maureen says that she couldn't imagine staying on the Earth the way it was between them, and Will failed the test. She cheated to get him on the Resolute, and because of that they're stranded there. John tells her that she did what any mother would do and takes her hand.

Evans talks about his family and asks if Judy is close to her siblings. She says that she's tight, and Evans complains about the cooling temperature. Judy realizes that he's going into shock and covers him with a blanket, but he flatlines despite her efforts to administer CPR. Don radios Victor and tells him that Evan died. Peter says that they sacrificed the fuel for nothing.

The Chariot power goes out and Maureen looks for another power source to power the radio. John finds a space suit and figures that it can survive tar. Maureen points out that there's only one suit, but John tells her that he'll open the hatch and she can escape even if he'll die. He warns that soon they'll die of carbon dioxide poisoning, but Maureen refuses to give up. John says that it's saving her life, and tells her to find their kids and get them off the planet. Maureen suits up and tells John that she wishes she hadn't spent so much time being angry at him. They kiss and she put on the helmet, and John starts to open the hatch. Maureen stops him and says that the Chariot is airtight. If they flood the interior with helium, they could get to the surface and then use the high-altitude balloon as a tunnel to crawl along the bottom and escape the pit.

The couple flood the interior with helium, use a rebreather, and release the balloon. John goes first, crawling through the balloon through the tar, and Maureen follows him. They reach the shore and crawl to safety, and Maureen tells John that she loves him.

The Chariots stop and Victor says that they'll reconvene in the morning to consider their options. Don goes over to Judy, and tells her that she did everything that she could to save Evan. Judy says that she has to go tell Evan's brother what happened, and Don offers to drive her.

When Victor returns to his Jupiter, Vijay and his wife Prisha greet him. He tells them that everything will be okay, and that there was an accident and they lost all of the fuel. Victor says that they'll have to stay there longer than they anticipated, and Vijay tells him what Penny said about the planet's destruction.

Wil and Penny complete the model, and Penny makes a mini-Will out of a peanut. Smith is in the storeroom, watching Will's video of finding the Robot to find out why it reassembled. She plays back an alien sound, and the Robot head that she brought back turns on.

Once Vijay tells his parents the news, Victor tells them to get the Jupiter ready because they're leaving.

Written by Gadfly on Jun 17, 2018

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