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Resurrection Recap

The Robinsons watch a newscaster talking about the meteor striking the Yukon territories. Maureen says that they should have had more of a warning, but admits that nothing that has happened follow any of their models. She explains that there have been no reports of fallout, and Will says that he's trying to contact John and make sure that he's safe. John told him how to use the radio to send quick burst s and use a code. Maureen tells her son that John's receiver is probably turned off, and Penny finally says that John's frequency is probably busy. Judy assures Will that John will respond eventually.

In the aftermath of the explosion, Will tries to contact John using his radio. Penny and Judy say that they saw the explosion, and Will insists that John could be fine. Judy says that John would want them to focus on finding Maureen, and figures that Smith needs her because she took her somewhere.

Maureen wakes up and sees the Robot's head next to her. She's in the forest, and Smith tells Maureen that she might have a concussion. Smith says that there was an accident, and John and Don didn't make it. Maureen realizes that she's tied up, and Smith tells her that she needed her help and didn't know that they needed it as well. She says that they need to put the past behind them, and tells Maureen to focus on helping her by taking her to the alien ship. In return Smith promises to get the Robinsons off the planet.

Will tells his sisters that Smith had the Robot head, and they wonder why Smith took Maureen instead of Will. Judy tells Will to stay there and snaps at him, saying that he's done enough. Will admits that it's his fault for letting Smith out, grabs his radio, and leaves. In his quarters, Will waits for John to send a signal. He sees his baseball on his shelf and throws it across the room in frustration, smashing his things. The boy throws other things as well and knocks over the rock that the Robot gave him. Will looks at it, sniffs the geodes inside, and calls his sisters in. he says that he thinks the rock is highly concentrated bio mass.

The kids take it to Hiroki, who confirms that the rock is concentrated excrement. Hiroki and Will concur that they can feed the biomass into the Jupiters' converters, and the older scientist warns that the mass contains mass from every specimen that he's taken on the planet. He figures that an apex predator is responsible, and they have to summon everyone to gather the biomass. Judy says that she's going after Maureen despite Hiroki's objections, and leaves. Penny goes with her and asks her to promise that she'll be careful. Judy promises and Penny hugs her. Judy assures her that she's not losing anyone else, and says that she won't be alone.

At the alien ship's wreckage, Smith says that the Robot would know how to fly the ship. She explains that the in Will's video, the ship was making a noise as if the Robot was drawing on its batteries to recharge itself. Smith assembles the Robot pieces, but nothing happens. Maureen points out that Will is kind and compassionated and Smith isn't, and Smith says that she didn't mean to hurt anyone. She insists that the two of them aren't so different and says that she's not a monster.

Will and Penny lead Victor, Hiroki, and Aiko to the cave and discover that the temperature has risen. Hiroki takes a sample and says that they'll need a lot more. The group go further in and find a cavern filled with the biomass stalagmites. Victor steps in a fresh mass and they realize the creatures responsible are sleeping on the ceiling.

Outside, Victor tells the colonists that there's enough biomass, but they have to break it up and bring it out without making a sound.

Smith figures that the Robot is the ship, and Maureen suggests that Smith untie her so they can go into the ship together. She says that Smith convinced her that she was a friend, and tells Smith that she's the only one on the planet who can figure out how to turn the ship on.

Maureen meets with her boss and congratulates her on naming the colony ship and calculating how it can withstand the stress of travel. She warns that it's theoretical, and her boss abruptly tells her that there is a propulsion method but it's beyond her clearance. When Maureen tries to pursue the matter, her boss cuts her off.

Will continues signaling John, and Penny comes over and says that everyone is going to caves. Once she leaves, Victor asks Will if he's got any response. He tells Will that him and his sister are welcome to stay with him on the Resolute, but Will says that it won't be necessary because Maureen will return and then they'll find John. Victor says that Will needs to think rationally because they need him, and Will points out that John risked his life to save everyone. The leader tells him that if John had waited another day, he wouldn't have had to risk his life, and the survivors write the history books.

The group enters the cave and starts removing the biomass as quietly as possible. Penny and Vijay see each other, and Vijay moves away. Angela sees Will and they glare at each other, and Connor drops a tool. It clatters on the floor, and everyone looks up nervously at the creatures. None of them wake up and the colonists go back to work.

Judy tracks the Chariots and finds one near the alien ship, and drives toward it.

Smith releases Maureen, who examines the holographic navigation system. She remembers that Will was standing outside, but tells Smith that he was standing in the back corner. Once Smith goes back there, Maureen tries to cut through her bonds on a piece of metal. Smith comes back and tells her that they should stick together, and takes her back to the navigation system. Maureen admits that Will was outside with the Robot teaching it to play catch, and Smith tells her that she'd use it to stop running and pretending. She says that her real self is just a young girl before her mother died, and ran away to fill the emptiness with mistakes. Smith asks if Maureen would have taken her in if she knew who she was, and insists that she's just trying to get them all back to the Resolute. She insists that she's the hero of the story, and Maureen tells her to prove it by releasing her. When Smith refuses, Maureen kicks her into the hull and Smith's hair stands on edge from an electrical charge.

On the Resolute, Penny finds a restricted door and leads Will there. She touches the door and feels an electrical charge, and Will touches it. Maureen comes up and the kids pretend that they weren't doing anything. Their mother isn't fooled, and Will asks if she knows what's behind the door. Maureen sends them to the medbay to get their shots, and then touches the door and her hair stands on edge. Smoothing down her hair, she walks away.

Maureen tells Smith that they have to find out what is generating the power, figuring that the ship is still "alive".

Will and Penny go back to the cave, and Penny tells Will that John must be dead. Her brother tells her that the impossible happens all the time to them and they just have to believe that it can. Penny thanks Will for believing and they hug, and the radio goes off. Will manages to turn it off, and he realizes that the radio was receiving. The creatures wake up and attack the colonists, and Victor tells everyone to get out. One creature grabs Hiroki and flies off with him, and Prisha asks Penny if she saw Vijay.

One of the creatures flies at Vijay, and Penny tackles the boy knocking him out of the way. The colonists get out, and Will realizes that Penny and Vijay are still inside.

The creatures cut off Penny and Vijay's escape, and they take cover. Angela is there with Hiroki, and says that the creatures are blind and operate on sense of sound.

Smith finds a control on the wall but nothing happens when she touches it. Maureen finds another control but it doesn't work for her, either. She steps back and realizes that the ship is designed to the Robot's proportions and they have to touch the controls at the same time. They do so and the wall opens, revealing a glowing device inside.

Radic tells June that he can do whatever he wants to her. An officer reports that they have a breach and need Radic in the control room. Once he leaves, the alarms go off and the computer announces the emergency protocol. The interrogation room door opens automatically and June runs out. As she goes through the cargo bay, she hears Maureen's boss and another official discussing how there was always a risk that "they" would come back for it. The boss tells the other official to protect the device at all costs. The second official goes into the restricted area, and Smith looks inside and sees the power source inside.

Smith tells Maureen what happened, and that the Robot came for the Resolute's engine. Maureen figures that they stole the Robot's race's engine, and that the "meteor" that crashed into Earth was the ship.

The creatures try to find Penny and the others without success, and Angela mimes them walking out. Penny finally agrees and they slip out quietly past the creatures, Vijay helping the injured Hiroki. When a creature emerges from the darkness, Penny slips and falls. Everyone goes quiet, and the creature tries to find them. Angela throws a rock, drawing the creature away from Penny, and the survivors get outside. Will hugs Penny while Hiroki's family tend to him. Penny's brother says that he radioed John back but doesn't know where he is. Victor congratulates them on a job well done.

As Angela and the Robinsons take the biomass to the Chariots, Penny thanks Angela for saving her. Angela says that it's the least she could so, and Will tells her that Smith has a way of making people do things that they regret. The woman asks them to tell John that she's sorry, and Will says that she can do so herself once they're all back on the Resolute. Vijay talks to Penny privately and thanks her for saving him. Will excuses himself to tell Judy the good news, and Penny tells Vijay that it was stupid and immature for him to break up with her. He suggests that they hang out together once they're back on the Resolute, and Penny just says that she's good and walks away.

Judy approaches the alien ship on foot, and Will calls her on the radio. She quickly signs off before the noise attracts attention. Meanwhile, Smith takes Maureen outside and says that if she goes back to the Resolute then she'll be locked up and sent back to Earth. Maureen promises to tell Radic that Smith helped them, and Smith sees Judy, draws her knife, and goes after her. Meanwhile, the Robot falls against the ship and starts regenerating.

Smith finds Debbie, and Judy injects a sedative into her from behind. Judy unties Maureen, gets Debbie, and all three of them get into the Chariot. Judy tells Maureen that Will figured a way off of the planet, and the Robot steps in front of them. It grabs the Chariot, preventing them from backing up, and Smith walks up and the Robot tells her "Danger, Dr. Smith".

Written by Gadfly on Jun 17, 2018

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