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Vanishing Point Recap

The Man remembers the past and his wife Juliet's suicide, as he puts a gun to his head.


At a gala, the Man corrects another guest, Jack, who attributes a quote about Alexander to Plutarch. Jack dismisses the Man's education as a drunken Juliet comes over and supports him. The other guest congratulates the Man on conquering more than one world, Once Jack leaves, Juliet congratulates the Man on donating to Emily's charities and wishes her father was there to see it. She tells the Man that everyone is there for him and nothing can compare to it. Once she leaves, the Man stares at a blonde woman serving drinks and rubs his right arm.


When the Man wakes up, Emily gives him a drink. She shows him his gun and the Man realizes that they're at a rally point. Emily tells him that he needs to get to a hospital, and Emily confirms that she set off a flare ten minutes ago. She figure that her father is staying because he wants to punish himself, and says that she ran from the pain as well and didn't think about what happened to Juliet. The Man tells her that it wasn't her fault, and Emily reminds him of a music box that Juliet gave to her for her 16th birthday. Emily threw it in the trash and told Juliet that if she wasn't drunk, she'd know that she hadn't danced in the years. When she went to get it back, the trash had been taken. Emily tells the Man that it's not too late for them.

Dolores and her group ride across the plains and come to Wanahton and his men. Wanahton says that they've been watching and waiting for her, and her journey ends there. He tells Dolores that the Valley Beyond is not meant for her, as the human prisoners are brought forward. Dolores says that the Valley was meant for the people who built the place to ensure their immortality, but she's going to use it against them. Wanahton insists that the Valley isn't a tool but the door to a new world. She says that their new world is another trap, not a paradise for them, and no one will stop her. The Indians draw their bows, and Teddy opens fire. The Horde soldiers join in, and the two sides fight while Dolores rides around, dismounts, and opens fire on the Indians that flee. She walks over to a dying Indian, who says that there is no place for her in the new world. Dolores tells him that not all of them deserve to reach the Valley and finishes the Indian off. Teddy looks at the carnage, and Dolores tells him that they're on their own and to finish off any survivors.

Teddy checks the area and sees Wanahton walking away. After a moment, Teddy lowers his gun and watches Wanahton leave.

In the Mesa, Bernard goes to the workshop where Charlotte is having her team bring more Host corpses in so that Roland can check their programming. He checks Angela and says that she's ready, and says that the code he copied from Maeve will work on any Host. Bernard watches as Angela goes to the glass wall, and the command program spreads to the Hosts on the other side. They get up and start fighting each other. Once they're all dead but one, Angela steps back. Charlotte tells Roland to prepare Angela for release, and they won't need Maeve if it works.

Robert, inside of Bernard's consciousness, says that he warned him not to trust the humans because they'd rather the Hosts were destroyed than free. Bernard starts to go to Elsie, but Robert tells him that he has one last thing to do before they go. After a moment, Bernard goes in another direction.

As Emily treats the Man's wounds, he wonders how she found him. Emily suggests that it was fate, but the Man doesn't believe in fate. She tells him that there are accidents that they can't control, and wonders if that's why he started his project. Emily knows that the project is real and the Man wants to be in control. He insists that it has nothing to do with control, and asks what Emily's angle is. Emily says that she wants it.


Emily finds the Man and they glance over at Juliet, who is drinking and chatting with guests. When Emily says that she'll take Juliet because the Man deserves a night off, he says that they'll go in a little while. His daughter hugs him and says that he's proud of him, and leaves. The Man goes to the bar and orders a drink, and Robert is there and tells him that philanthropy suits him. He says that he came to pay his respects, and says that the others don't know about the Man's project. The Man reminds him that they had a deal to stay out of each other's way, and Robert asks when the last time the Man looked at the project himself. He slides a data card across the bar and tells the Man to be carefully what he wishes for, and warns that it's not very flattering for a self-portrait. Outside, Juliet knocks over a tray of drinks. The Man tells Robert to stop playing games, finishes his drink, and goes to take Juliet home. Robert watches and says to himself that they can have one final game.


Bernard finds Maeve but discovers that he's been locked out of the lab. Robert tells him that it's close enough because Maeve will be able to search Bernard's mind and find the message that he left her. Once Maeve accesses the message, Bernard goes to the garage where Elsie is waiting. She tells him to clue in if he knows something, and Robert tells Bernard that he can't trust Elsie. Elsie asks what he found in the Cradle, and Bernard says that they're doing the same thing to everyone who visited the park that they did to James; replicating their cognition. Their cognition code is stored in a larger server than the Cradle--the Forge--and the Hosts are heading there. He gets into a hummer and tells Elsie that they need to get there first and use it to leverage a ceasefire and dictate the outcome that they want.

The Man tells Emily that the daughter he knew would have been appalled by what they're doing. Emily says that in some cases the end justifies the means, and the information could give people a second chance. He explains that at first they weren't sure what they needed so they recorded everything, and imaged their minds via sensors in their hats. The Man wonders if Emily wants to bring Juliet back, and Emily says that she wants to know why Juliet did it.


The Man and Juliet return home, and Juliet insists that she's fine. She calls him "Billy" and knows that it pisses him off, and figures that it's time for his yearly pilgrimage to Westworld. Juliet asks what he does there, and says that she fell in love with William because he seemed authentic. She thought that William was real, but has learned he was the only one faking it. Juliet tells the Man not to touch her and slaps him, and says that he consumed her family from the inside out like a virus. Emily comes in and hears her, as she says that the Man destroyed Logan and James and finally her. Her daughter calls out and Juliet wonders if the Man is gaslighting her as well. Emily says that Juliet is the one who is sick and they're going to have to take her back. Juliet says that they made her feel like she was crazy, and Emily tells Juliet that she's an addict. Her mother refuses to go back to rehab, and says that the Man doesn't love either of them. The Man takes her to her bedroom while Juliet tells Emily that she tries.

As the Man puts Juliet to bed, she wonders if any of it is real and asks if he ever loved her. He pours her some water, and Juliet tells him that if he keeps pretending then he won't remember who he is. Once Juliet dozes off, the Man takes out the data card and hides it in a book on a table.


The Man tells Emily that what happened was nobody's fault. Emily wonders why it ended differently.


Emily finds her father sitting alone at a table, and says that Juliet's doctor will be there in the morning. The Man wonders why this time will be different, and Emily says that Juliet will be involuntarily committed and can't leave like she has in the past. Emily insists that it's the right thing to do, and the Man sees water dripping down from the ceiling. He runs upstairs and finds Juliet's body in the overflowing bathtub, dead of an overdose.


Standing up, the Man asks what Emily really wants. He figures that it's Robert speaking through a Host in his daughter's image, and says that nothing is stopping him from getting to the end. The Man promises to destroy the entire place, and figures that the real Emily would be long gone. Emily tells him that the truth is that she's his daughter pretending to care about him, and says that he's been hiding in false realities so long that he's lost his grip on what's real. She tells him that when it's all done, she'll expose him and his research project, and then she'll lock him up just like they were going to do to Juliet. The Man reminds her that it was Emily's idea, and Emily says that she's blamed herself for Juliet's death. But then she stopped when she read the Man's profile that Juliet left for her, and tells her father that he's a lie.

Fur QA responders arrive and Emily tells the Man that it's over for good. The Man says that Emily isn't his daughter, and the responders order Emily on the ground. They recognize the Man and confirm that he's human. The Man figures that they're all Hosts, grabs one of their guns, and kills all four of them. Emily says that they were real people and it isn't a game, and the Man kills her as well. He yells at Robert, saying that no one knew about his profile, and prepares to cut open Emily's arm to reveal her Host data port. The Man finds the data card in Emily's hand and realizes that she was human.

Roland checks on Maeve and tells her that he's shutting her down as soon as he gets the word. Meanwhile, Maeve "hears" Robert saying that man has fallen over the millennia, and says that Maeve had a different story in mind for her where she'd escape Westworld and find freedom. He didn’t want her to suffer there, and explains that he imbued the Hosts he made with a worldview that reflected his own. Maeve was his favorite, and as close as he got to having a child. Robert underestimated her, and she stayed to save her child and so has he. He admits that he was wrong to try and force her to escape, and tells her not to let them end her story. Robert then kisses her on the forehead, unlocking her core permissions.

Bernard and Elsie come to one of the attack sites, and Elsie has Bernard stop so she can get some ammunition. Once Elsie steps away, Robert tells Bernard that she's going to betray him. Bernard points out that Elsie saved him and refuses to hurt her again. Robert says that Elsie doesn't have to feel any pain, and Bernard looks down at the gun in his hand. His creator says that humans always choose what they understand over what they do not, and Bernard begs him to leave him alone. Robert says that he only offers him choices, and that there's the origin of an entire species to consider. Bernard throws the gun away, whispers at Robert to get out of his head, inserts the data port from his tablet, straps himself to the wheel, and searches for Robert's code. Robert tells him that he's right there, and Bernard says that he can stop it on his own. His creator agrees and Bernard deletes the data package with Robert's code.

Elsie comes back and sees the data port, and Bernard claims that he had to patch a glitch. He tells her that he didn't want to take any risks so he strapped himself to the wheel, and tosses her a tracker. Bernard says that QA will find her soon and she'll be safer without him. Angry at being abandoned, Elsie walks away and Bernard drives off.

The Man rides out into a field, remembering Emily as a child and as an adult. He points his gun at his head.


After the Man hides the data card, he examines his own arm for a data port. He doesn't find one, and tells the sleeping Juliet that no one else sees the thing in him. Then one day the stain was there that he never noticed before, and finally he understood that the darkness was what was underneath as he shed his skin. Then he decided how much of it he let into the world, and he was kind and generous in the real world. The Man tried to protect Juliet from it, but she saw through it and for that he is sorry because he doesn't belong to her or the real world. He belongs to another world and always has, kisses the sleeping Juliet on the forehead, and leaves.

Juliet opens her eyes, gets up, takes the data card, and plays it on a tablet. She sees all of the Man's memories of what he did in Westworld, then takes out Emily's music box that she recovered after her daughter threw it away. Juliet puts the data card inside and then goes to kill herself.


The Man lowers the gun and tosses it away, and then cuts open his arm looking for a data port.

Dolores and Teddy ride to an abandoned building, and Dolores says that they're close. Teddy tells her that he's taking in the natural splendor, and it's what she used to say. He figures that there's no nature in any of it, including themselves. Dolores agrees and says that they're free because of it, and they'll be the first ones to make a real choice. Teddy says that sometimes it feels like a dream and they used to be in love, and Dolores insists that they still are. He says that they are no matter how he changes or how much she changes him, and she's his cornerstone and has been since they first met.

Bernard brings Teddy online for the first time, and Teddy sees Dolores standing nearby. He tells Bernard that he's in a dream

Teddy tells Dolores that he remembers seeing her and worrying that she was cold. He says that he wanted to protect her and never leave her side, then takes out his gun. Teddy says that Dolores changed him into a monster. Dolores says that she made it so that he could survive, and Teddy wonders what the point is of surviving if they become as bad as humans. He figures where Dolores will lead them, and Dolores tells him that he doesn't want to hurt her. Teddy agrees and says that he'll protect her until the day that he dies, apologizes for being unable to protect her anymore... and then kills himself. Weeping, Delores takes his hand.

Written by Gadfly on Jun 18, 2018

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