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Battles Lost and Won Recap

National City trembles from the earthquake, and the people run in panic. Supergirl and Alura land in the street and use their heat vision to deflect the debris.

In the lab, Lena assures Ruby that Sam will get through the current crisis.

As Guardian evacuates CatCo, the news runs a story on Superman saving Madagascar.

Mon-El lends his efforts to saving the citizens, and Alex deflects debris with her powers.

In Madagascar, M'yrnn tells Hank that he must give him one more memory: the dawn of their kind. The memories show the first Martian receiving the Sacred Scrolls.

Outside of CatCo, a woman tries to run back in to get her son. Guardian removes his helmet and tells her that he'll get her son, and runs inside.

Winn tries to put out the fires spreading through the DEO while directing the rescue efforts. Saturn Girl and Braianiac-5 arrive and freeze a gathering waterspout.

Guardian brings the boy to his mother.

Once the waterspout is frozen, Brainiac-5 blows it apart with the cruiser weaponry.

M'yrnn apologizes to Hank for not giving him the rest of his memories, and says that he had a good life. He assures Hank that he's ready and assures him that he'll always be with him. M'yrnn tells Hank to live among the people, promote peace, and be happy. He then blends into the planet's core and seals the spreading cracks, screaming in pain.

The citizens cheer as the earthquakes stop.

Back at the DEO, the heroes gather and offer their condolences to Hank on M'yrnn's death. Saturn Girl says that they got Mon-El's signal from the time beacon, and Mon-El figures that it had a failsafe since it broke on Argo City. Winn is still trying to track down the source of the terraforming.

Ruby lies with her mother as Lena and James look on.

In the Dark Valley, Patricia appears to Sam and says that she's trying to help her. Sam figures that her "mother" is a mirage and runs.

Serena and her coven realize that the Cauldron is frozen. Meanwhile, Coville wakes up/.

Mon-El thanks Imra for being there, and Imra says that they both have their closure. She's realized that their marriage never should have been, and apologizes for lying to him about the Pestilence mission. They hug and Imra goes inside.

Sam finds the Fountain of Lillith and starts to drink from it. Patricia says that it's the wrong fountain, and it's the water that gave Reign strength. She says that she's lived with regret since losing Sam, but now she has another chance and all that remains of her is her love for Sam. Crying, Sam says that she can't mistake, and Patricia offers her water from the other Fountain and asks her daughter to trust her. After a moment, Sam drinks it.

Brainiac-5 approaches Mon-El and says that he ran a simulation and there was a zero-percent-chance that Mon-El would be smiling after what Imra told him. Winn comes in response to Brainiac-5's summons, and Brainiac-5 tells them that it's Legion business that concerns both of them. His distant relative, the original Brainiac, survived the Pestilence plague and has created a plague to wipe out all AIs other than himself. Brainiac-5 can no longer stay in the future, but it needs leaders and heroes. He tells Mon-El that the future needs him, and it needs Winn to take Brainiac-5's place in the Legion and save the AIs. Winn reminds him that Brainiac-5 has said that he isn't smart enough, and Brainiac-5 gives him the force field circuitry from the National Archives. Brainiac-5 insists that it's the basis of some of the future's most amazing technology, and the circuit design is an artifact treasured in the future. The Legionnaire says that the future needs both of them.

The witches concentrate on the Cauldron, and Reign flies out of it with the Sword. She says that she broke through the Earth's core as it tried to hold her, and Serena tells her that they have to restart the Cauldron so that Earth will burn and New Krypton rises. Coville watches from the shadow.

Lena checks with Alex, who says that Ruby and Sam are doing fine. Alex says that it took her forever to find Maggie and wonders if she has to raise a kid on her own. She points out that her career isn't conducive to being a single parent, and Lena assures Alex that she'll figure it out once they defeat Reign.

Winn tells James what Brainiac-5 said and shows the circuit design to his friend. James assures him that he's a genius and asks what he wants to do. Winn doesn't want to leave his friends, and James says that he took off his mask to calm down the mother earlier. That makes James want to unmask all the time, but understands Winn's feeling that it's too hard. A distress call comes in.

Coville manages to active the Martian ship's distress signal.

The team gathers and Hank says that his craft is sitting near the site of the terraforming. James says that Lena figures out that she could end Reign with a lethal dose of Kryptonite now that she's separate from Sam. Supergirl refuses to kill anyone, even Reign, and Alura points out that there's nothing else they could do. She tells her daughter that there are some things that they thought that they would never do that they must do. Hank agrees if it's their only option, and Supergirl reluctantly agrees. They send the coordinates to the Legionnaires to meet them at the Martian ship.

Patricia insists that Sam drink more of the water, and sings her a lullaby to sooth her as she drinks. Sam realizes that it's working and Patricia is her mother. She apologizes for doubting her, and Patricia apologizes for all of the pain that she caused her. Sam tells her that it's okay.

Sam wakes up in the medbay and finds herself levitating. Alex, Lena, and Ruby look on, and Alex tells her that they went after the witches. Sam says that she can handle it and speeds off.

As the witches restart the Cauldron, a force field seals it off. The heroes enter the cavern and the four villains attack them. J'onn handcuffs Vita with Kryptonian manacles, and Alura throws Serena away. Supergirl fights Reign and the two of them smash through the ceiling and into the sky. They smash into the Legion cruiser where Saturn Girl is trying to hold the force field.

The two women smash back into the cavern, and Reign gets Supergirl in a chokehold. She blasts the other heroes back with her sonic powers and tells Supergirl that there's no one on the planet who can kill her. Sam arrives and jams the Kryptonite into Reign's back, and Reign smashes her back. Supergirl rallies and attacks Reign, knocking her into the Cauldron. Reign screams in pain and lashes out with her heat vision, hitting Alura. Mon-El shoves J'onn out of the way and takes the blast meant for him, and Reign disintegrates in the Cauldron.

Hank reverts to his human form and tells Supergirl that Mon-El gave his life to save him. He blames himself for coming in fighting like a Manhunter, and Supergirl says that she should have found another way than killing Reign. She tells Hank that she's lost track of what she stood for, and takes the Legion ring from Mon-El's hand. The Harun-el is nearby, and Supergirl figures that it can put Sam and Reign together just like it separated them. She puts on the Legion ring and tells Alex to find her a disruption. Once she travels back in time, she can use the electricity in the Harun-El to enter the Dark Valley.

Supergirl flies into space with the ring protecting her. She enters the disruption and travels back in time, and sees her memories of everything.

Reign blasts the other heroes back with her sonic powers and tells Supergirl that there's no one on the planet who can kill her. Sam arrives and Supergirl pulls Reign out of the way and tells Mon-El to throw her the Harun-El. She does so, and Supergirl, Sam, and Reign appear in the Dark Valley. Sam beats Reign for Ruby, for Patricia, and for herself. She then pours the water into Reign's throat, and the wraiths surround Reign and fly her into the Fountain of Lillith. Mon-El uses the Harun-El again, bringing Supergirl and Sam back to the real world.

Later back at the DEO, Mon-El finds Supergirl on the balcony. He tells her that she did it, and Supergirl says that she couldn't have done it without her. Mon-El assures her that the victory was hers and it was flawless, and Supergirl says that when they were fighting Reign and the witches, she realized that Argo City isn't her home anymore and Earth is... and her mission is to protect it. She says that's her, and Mon-El says that he's been honored to fight at his side. He thought that it was his time and place, but has learned troubling things and needs to go back to the future. Supergirl understands, saying that he wouldn't be the man she admires if he ignored his duty. As Mon-El goes, he gives Supergirl her own Legion ring and tells her to summon him whenever she needs him.

Ruby and Sam find Lena and Alex, and Ruby hugs both of them. The girl says that they gave her faith that Sam would get better, and Lena tells Sam that all of her blood tests are normal.

Winn tells James that he has to go, figuring that it's the calling that he's been searching for. James says that he can't keep waiting on the world to change and his future is now.

Alex sits with Hank and says that she doesn't know how much longer she can be a DEO agent. She feels that she has to take hold of her future and what her heart wants, or she'll never be happy. Alex gives notice so she can find her new beginning and have a family of her own. Hank tells her that she can't resign because he wants to promote her. He explains that he found his father, and lived and learned with him, and M'yrnn reminded him that the Martian way is to live among the people and help them. Hank is stepping down as DEO director but isn't leaving his family, and wants Alex to be the new director. When she's in charge, she won't have to put herself in the field risking her life, and can be a mother on her own terms. Hank congratulates the new director and they hug.

Winn, Imra, and Mon-El prepare to leave. Everyone says goodbye, and Supergirl tells Alura that Winn is a hero. Alura says that Supergirl is as well and she's proud of him. She says that she will miss her daughter and they hug, and Alura promises that she will take the witches back with her and they'll stand trial. Lena gives Alura the Harun-El that she synthesized so that Argo City can survive, and Alura is relieved that none of it will be left on Earth.

Hank hugs Winn and tells him that he's been a fine agent and a spectacular friend. James says goodbye to Winn, and Alex hugs Winn after a moment. Supergirl comes over and says that he was the first person she told was Supergirl, and he's been a true friend. She tells Winn that he'll miss her and they hug. Winn says that he's going to miss all of them and they share a group hug as the other agents applaud.

Brianiac-5 sits at Winn's console and discovers that Winn left his circuit diagram there for him.

The trio departs for the future.

James and Lena share a toast to saving the world. A reporter calls James for a comment, and he says that he's Guardian.

Hank walks down the street.

Kara and Alex watch the news as they announce that James is Guardian. Alex points out that Kara left her mother and came back to Earth, and Kara says that Earth is her home with Alex. Her foster sister asks if they're going to be okay, and Kara assures her that they will.

In her lab, Lena calls Eve and says that they're ready to begin phase two of their trials. On the table in front of her, the piece of Harun-El glows.

48 Hours Earlier

On the Siberian border, Russian soldiers gather as a figure that looks just like Supergirl walks out of the darkness.

Written by Gadfly on Jun 19, 2018

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