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Danger, Will Robinson Recap

At the Jupiter 2, Will watches the video recording he made of discovering the Robot and the symbol it drew. On the video, the Robot says "Danger".

At the alien ship, the Robot activates the navigation controls and studies the star chart showing the planet.

The piece of the Jupiter drifts in orbit, and the space-suited John and Don discuss how much oxygen they have less. Don complains that they had a 50/50 shot of choosing which direction to go after they lost contact with Maureen.

Will and Penny are moving supplies when the ground trembles nearby. They watch the last Jupiter departs, and Will figures that Hiroki will be upset when he realizes that they snuck off his ship before it departed. Penny worries that Judy and Maureen haven't called in, just as Will's radio goes off again.

John gets a Morse code response back from Will via the radio. Will sends that they have fuel, and the men realize that their mission was unnecessary.

Maureen and Judy return in the Chariot, and stop Will from saying anything. Smith and the Robot step out, and the Robot ignores Will's orders. Smith orders the Robot forward and it ignores Will's orders to stop. She says that friends don't make friends walk off of cliffs, and says that she wants to fly up to the Resolute with the others. The radio goes off and Will tells the others that it's John. John signals "MUGU", and Will remembers that it's a state park. The family remembers building bonfires on the beach there, and Maureen suggests that they search the atmosphere. Smith doesn't want them to waste time, but Maureen reminds her that she said she didn't want to hurt John and Smith gives them until the Resolute leaves orbit to find the two men.

Don rigs the fuel lines to discharge burning fuel to send a signal to the thermal sensors on the Jupiter. The pilot suddenly moans in pain and John confirms that he has anti-fogging agent in his eye. Don tries to finish his work blind, and John tells him that he'll have to talk him through it.

Inside the Jupiter, Will approaches the Robot as it stands guard. It turns to face him, and Will offers it a baseball. The Robot takes it and stares at it, and then drops it to the floor. Smith comes out and says that she and Will are still friends, so Will and the Robot can be friends. Penny watches as Will says that the Robot isn't his friend. As he walks off with Penny, Penny says that they'll get the Robot back to the way it was. Will tells her that the Robot he knew isn't coming back.

Maureen and Judy prepare for launch, and Judy suggests that they leave Smith there. Maureen refuses, but Judy says that they can't let the Robot get back to the Resolute. A volcano erupts in the distance, and Smith orders everyone to strap in. Maureen warns that the winds from the volcano will make takeoff difficult. Smith insists on staying with them on the bridge, The kids strap in at the hub, and the Robot stops Maureen from performing the pre-launch checks. Smith tells it to let her past, and asks if they need to stop by to pick up John. She insists that she's looking out for herself, and says that Maureen is just the same and even Will isn't selfless.

The Jupiter ascends through the atmosphere and Maureen tells the children that they're clear. They realize that there's gravity when there shouldn't be. An alien module glows on the bottom of the Chariot.

Victor calls from the Resolute and says that all of the Jupiters made it there. However, he warns that they only have 63 minutes to join them before they have to leave due to the black hole. Maureen tells Smith that it's plenty of time to get John. The computer warns that there's insufficient fuel, and Maureen dismisses it. Smith doesn't believe her and tells Maureen to get her priorities straight. Maureen refuses to set course for the Resolute, and sends the ship plummeting toward the surface. She tells Smith that their Robinsons and they live or die together. The Robot pushes Smith into the hub, warning that there's danger, and Maureen orders the kids out of the hub.

Maureen closes the hub doors and pulls the Jupiter out of its descent. She locks the doors, and smith Orders the Robot to get her out. Maureen taps on the window and says that the hub was designed to survive an asteroid collision and there's no escape. Smith orders the Robot to break the window glass, and as it pounds Maureen says that it will last long enough to find John, finds her kids, and tells them to get the harpoon.

John and Don discover that the wires don't match the colors that Don are expecting, and John tells Don that he'll have to cry to clear his eyes. Don says that he doesn't have any loved ones, and John describes how they must have thought Don was worthless. When Don still doesn't cry, John goes back to work.

Judy and Penny find the harpoon in the garage. Maureen conducts infrared sweeps to try and spot the two men. The Robot continues pounding on the window, and Will says that he should have let the Robot die. Maureen tells him that the Robot is only as good as its master, and reminds Will that the Robot saved Judy. Will blames himself for not swimming down, and Maureen tells him to focus on the present. He realizes that he didn't pass the stress test to get accepted into the colony test, and wonders how he got there. Maureen tells him that he deserves to be at the colony, and admits that she pulled some strings. Will accuses her of doing something wrong, and says that they would have been better off if he stayed behind.

Smith figures that Maureen designed the hub to protect her children and there must be a way to get out. She starts reading through the operations manual.

John tells Don that there isn't enough time for him to try every combination of wires, and says that Don has to cry. He talks about all of his regrets with his family and all of the day-to-day things that he missed. John figures that crashing on the planet helped him refind his family, and talks about his three children. Don cries and recovers his sight, and tells John that he wishes he had a father like John. He tells John to hang on and ignites the fuel.

Maureen picks u the heat flare and heads for the debris. She radios John and says that they'll get him out of the cold.

Smith closes the manual in satisfaction. The Robot stops pounding, and Smith activates lock the override. Maureen fires the harpoon just short of range and tells Will that they have to run, and the harpoon comes to a halt a few feet from the wreckage.

Smith yells for Maureen, saying that the Resolute is gone, and hears John calling over the radio. She sends the Robot to find Wil and Maureen, and it walks down the hallway after them. They hide in a ladder shaft and get to the garage, and tells everyone to get into the Chariot and hands out helmets. She stays outside and closes the doors, and Will stays outside to face the Robot as it arrives. Will tries to get through to it, saying that they're friends. The Robot raises its hand to strike... and Maureen smashes the grappler arm into it. She then tells Will to tie himself onto the bulkhead, puts a helmet on him and herself. The Robot recovers and advances on Will, and Maureen opens the cargo hatch. A cargo container slams into the Robot, knocking it into space, and Maureen seals the door.

Don is preparing to jump for the harpoon when it retracts back on its cable to the Jupiter. Smith is at the controls, and John and Don hear something approaching them.

The cargo door opens as a Jupiter flies by. The Robot climbs back through the cargo hatch along with a second robot in non-human form. The Robot points at the Chariot, and the robot advances on the Chariot. When Maureen tries to order it away, it slams her to the floor, cracking her helmet.

The robot blasts the Chariot, knocking across the garage and knocking loose the module. It picks it up, while the Robot sees Will's suit leaking. The robot advances on Will, and the Robot attacks it. It knocks the other robot and then repairs Will's suit, and tells Will that they're friends.

The other robot opens fire on the Robot, and the two of them fight at the cargo door. The Robot looks at Will, and then tackles the robot, knocking both of them into space. Will watches as they drift away, and then Will goes to Maureen. She realizes that her helmet is leaking, and Penny tells them that there's a crack in the Chariot glass and it won't hold.

Will goes to get the manual crank on the outer hull to close the cargo door, and tells Maureen that he has to do it to protect her and the others. Maureen tells him to be careful, and Will triggers the crank. He tells his family over the radio that he'll climb to the rear airlock after he closes the cargo door, Maureen comes to the door and watches him as it closes.

Climbing across the hull, Will goes to the rear airlock. He loses his grip and drifts away from the Jupiter, but John grabs him while riding the harpoon. He pulls them back to the Jupiter. Once John and Don are back aboard, John tells Maureen that there's no sign of the Resolute but they're all together. He describes how the harpoon was fired a second time, and Maureen goes to find Smith. Smith is locked up and Maureen asks over the intercom why she saved John. The woman says that she's sorry about everything and still is, and then admits that she said it because it was the right thing to say. Maureen says that there's no way she's going to let her out, and Smith says that they'll see.

Back on the bridge, Maureen tells John that if they ration their supplies they could survive long enough for the heat to subside and then reland. before John can respond, he sees the Resolute approaching. Victor calls and says that he represents the entire colony, even them. John thanks him and Victor has the Resolute fly to pick them up.

The Jupiter lights flicker and the family hears the same noise that the alien ship was making. In the garage, the module emits tendrils, bonding itself with the ship. The Jupiter turns around and Maureen tells Victor that they've lost control of the ship. A wormhole opens and the Jupiter flies into it and then it closes.

Don and the Robinsons find themselves orbiting a binary system, and Will recognizes the twin suns as the drawing that the Robot made.

Written by Gadfly on Jun 23, 2018

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