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Straighten It Out Recap

Claire checks Luke's wound and he admits that he doesn't know how he survived the Judas bullet. She suggests that the second bath toughened his skin further, and says that they need to test him. Soon, Luke and Claire meet Bobby at the Harlem Jets' ball field. D.W. is filming and the press have learned about the event as well. Todd Bowles arrives and greets Luke, and they test him with a broad jump as a crowd gathers to watch. Everyone cheers as Luke breaks world records, and Nike talent scout John Epps shows up. Bobby negotiates with him while Luke takes selfies with the kids.

Back at Claire's apartment, Claire worries if there's something worse than a Judas bullet. Luke assures her that nothing can hurt him and kisses her.

At Harlem's Paradise, Mariah and Shades meet with Comanche and Mariah demands to know what can hurt Luke. Once Comanche leaves, Shades points out that she's drinking in 9:30 in the morning. Mariah says that they can't go legitimate without Arturo's $20 million, and refuses to sell her family painting. She worries that Arturo has already talked to the cops, and Shades assures her that the cop can't prove anything. He promises that they'll get Arturo's money, and he'll carry the weight for her.

At the station, Tom reminds Misty that she's on light duty. She meets her former academy classmate, Nandi Tyler, and Nandi jokingly complains that Misty took her spot at the police academy when she twisted her ankle. Misty insists on getting her old desk back from Nandi. Nandi's partner Mark Bailey comes in and greets Misty, and the two of them go to interrogate Arturo. Tom refuses to let Misty get involved in the interrogation despite her objections.

Bushmaster pulls the bullets out of his chest, wincing in pain. He then walks down the streets and hears two kids playing "Luke Cage". He asks to see their video of Luke after the truck explosion, daring people to test hm. Bushmaster says that he'll test Luke and goes to a Jamaican restaurant. He sees a man, Anansi, and smiles at him. Anansi looks nervous and goes inside.

James arrives at the barber shop to get his head shaved. Bobby says that they're moving, and James tells Luke to come by and see him sometime. Once James leaves, Bobby figure that Luke and James have the same swagger and notes that Luke is trending on Twitter. Claire comes in and Luke tells her that his father is in town. He says that they have nothing to talk about even though their family, and Claire says that she thought they were family. Luke insists that they're different and James lost him a long time ago, and wonders why she keeps questioning his bravery. Bobby realizes that they're fighting and leaves, and Luke tells Claire that he'll deal with James when he's ready. Claire describes how her father died before she could make amends with him, and doesn't want to see the same thing happen to Luke.

Misty checks in with Nandi to see how the interrogation went. Nandi complains that Misty is messing up her investigation, and says that everyone knows Misty is a legend and Misty is just trying to get people to feel sorry for her. Once Nandi walks off, Mark says that Misty's injury makes people uncomfortable and there's still officers ticked off about what Scarfe did. She asks if Mark is one of them, and Mark says that he isn't and figures she's going to talk to Arturo. Misty claims that she isn't going to talk to Arturo, but Mark knows better and walks off.

In the interrogation room, Misty tells Arturo that they have him dead to rights on a Judas bullet charge. She wonders why he's protecting Mariah and advises him to make a deal. Tom comes in with Arturo's lawyer Ben Donovan, and Ben says that the interrogation stops now. He points out that Luke is a known vigilante who didn't read Arturo his rights, and Arturo made bail and is walking. Once Ben and Arturo leave, Tom warns that Misty is close to being suspended before going. Misty calls Luke and tells him that Ben sprung Arturo.

Bobby tells Luke that Arturo will eventually go down, and Claire figures that she can't sell to Arturo because he's too hot. They figure Mariah will sell to either Nigel or Cockroach, and they need one of them to talk. Luke goes to see Cockroach.

Luke is soon beating up goons for information, demanding to know where he can find Cockroach. One man tells him that Cockroach is at the club with his girlfriend, Drea Powell.

Bushmaster goes into the restaurant and tells Anansi that he came back to thank the man who saved his life and gave him power. They share a drink to their mother, and Anansi says that Mariah is walking away and Bushmaster should do the same. Anansi notices the bullet wounds in Bushmaster's check, and Bushmaster says that he needs more nightshade. As Anansi says that he knows a place, the TV news runs a piece on Luke's exhibition. Anansi tells Bushmaster that Luke doesn't work for Mariah, and Bushmaster says that he needs Luke and Mariah. When Anansi warns that no bullet will kill Luke, Bushmaster says that he doesn't need a bullet.

Mariah's aide Wendy Dunnavant tells her that money is down for the Family First Initiative fundraiser after the Scanlon scandal has affected Mariah. Wendy aide suggests that Mariah reach out to her daughter Tilda and be seen publicly with her. Mariah claims that she has no idea where Tilda is, but Wendy aide says that Tilda just ordered a holistic clinic and they can play it up as a family reunion and that will make Mariah look powerful but warm.

Shades and Comanche arrive at Arturo's office street, and Comanche complains that Shades is playing lapdog to Mariah. He accuses Shades of playing the gigolo to Mariah. Shades tells him to shut up and they meet with Arturo. They remind Arturo that their lawyer got him out and a judge they control gave him Arturo bail. Arturo figures that they set him up, and says that he'll complete his end of the deal when they get him off completely. He threatens to tell Misty everything he knows, and says that Shades is lapdog to Mariah. Shades shoots him in the head, and Comanche takes out Arturo's bodyguards. Comanche then asks Shades how they're going to get the money, and Shades tells him to grab the surveillance tapes before they go.

Misty is working on paperwork and the other officers look at her. One detective jokes about her messing arm, and Misty finally stands up and says that they don't need her pity or their jokes. She tells them to take a look, asks if they're good, and tells them to go back to work. Tom tells Nandi and Mark that Arturo is dead and the partners go to the store.

When Misty arrives at the store and checks out the crime scene, she works out what happened from the evidence and "sees" the killer. Nandi and Mark tell her that she can't be there and should go home. Outside, Misty meets with Luke and they both figure that Shades was responsible. There's no evidence, and Luke suggests that Cockroach is linked to Mariah and he's learned that he's involved with Drea. Misty gets Drea's address and Luke asks how she's doing. She says that she'd be better if people stopped asking her the question, and confirms that Drea's address is the last place they arrested Cockroach at.

An older woman is buying medicine from Tilda, and leaves as Mariah comes in. Tilda stares at her mother in surprise, and then says that she's waiting for the speech about how she threw her life away. Mariah knows all about Tilda's holistic medicine and says that it suits her, and Tilda points out that Mariah never cared about her. She wonders why Mariah is there, and Mariah says that she needs her and wants a second chance. Mariah offers to be the mother that Tilda always wanted her to be, but Tilda isn't convinced and tells her to go. Her mother says that Tilda knows where she'll be, and says that she does love her as she goes.

Luke knocks at Drea's door and her son C.J. answers. C.J. is impressed to see Luke, and Luke notices a bruise on his arm. The boy admits that Cockroach was beating on Drea and he couldn't stop him because he wasn't strong enough. Luke assures him that he was strong enough. Drea tells C.J. to go to his room, and Luke asks where Cockroach is. She slams the door in Luke's face, and an elderly woman comes out of the next apartment, calls Luke over, and tells him where Cockroach is running a dice game. Before Luke goes, the woman gets Luke's number so she can call him if she sees Cockroach. She invites Luke in for coffee, and Luke jokingly declines.

Shades and Comanche come back and tells Mariah that they had to kill Arturo. Mariah is furious that they didn't get the money, and Comanche tells her that she's got two buyers and the painting. She orders Comanche out, and Shades tells Mariah that Comanche is still right. He admits that he messed up but wasn't going to let Arturo bring her down. Shades promises that he'll get her the money for Piranha.

Luke enters the club where the dice game is going down, and one of Comanche's men tries to taser him. The taser has no effect, and Luke tosses him across the room. Everyone else runs, and Luke stops Cockroach. He fires a shotgun at Luke, blasting him out the window and onto a car two stories below. Luke clutches at his wounded arm and staggers off.

Bobby is talking with Epps on the phone, and tells him that he'll have Luke's lawyer get back to him. As he hangs up, Claire comes in and Bobby says that he's managing Luke's "career". Claire wonders how she can protect Luke when he won't reconcile his past with James. Bobby says that she has to let Luke handle matters on his own. Luke calls Claire and tells her what happened, and she leaves.

At the apartment, Luke tells Claire what happened and how the blast took out his shoulder. She twists it back into position, and says that he's not invulnerable. Luke angrily points out that she's always falling in with people who have powers, but Claire figures that he's obsessed with James. He blames himself for what happened, and Claire tells him that he needs to resolve matters with James or it'll kill him from the inside. Luke tells her to stay out of his head and leaves.

Bushmaster enters Tilda's shop and gives her a list of the items he needs. She recognizes them as ingredients in an obeah ritual, and Bushmaster tells her to just give her the items and not ask questions. She does so and Bushmaster overpays her.

At Harlem Paradise, Mariah is watching Gary Clark play. Shades joins her and says that another Jamaican reached out and offered the cash. It isn't what Arturo was going to pay, but Shades figures that they can make up the rest to get them clear.

Tilda is at the bar and watches Shades and Mariah together.

At the station, Misty looks at a surveillance photo of Shades and Mariah together.

Tilda comes to the Paradise and tells Mariah that she has one chance. Mariah says that's all she needs, and introduces Shades and Comanche to her daughter. She asks them to give her and Tilda a moment, and Shades leaves with Comanche. They wait at the bar, and Comanche tells Shades that Tilda took his slot.

James is preaching against wrath when Claire comes in the back.

Bushmaster mixes up the ingredients and doses himself with it. The wounds on his chest fully heal as he moans in pain.

Cockroach beats Drea, accusing her of selling him out to Luke.

James talks about how a grandson wanted vengeance, and his grandfather told him that hate only wears them down and doesn't hurt their enemy. Claire remembers her and Luke together.

The neighbor hears Cockroach in Drea's apartment and calls Luke. Luke busts in as Cockroach prepares to beat C.J. for interfering, and beats the man in front of Drea and C.JH. As he chokes Cockroach, Luke sees a terrified mother and son staring at him, C.J. crying. Staring at the boy, Luke lets Cockroach go.

Written by Gadfly on Jun 24, 2018

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