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Angelville Recap

Years Ago

At the house in Angelville, Madame Marie L'Angelle watches as a councilman stands before her and contorts. She finally raps on the table and the man collapses.

A woman escorts a tour group around the Angelville grounds.

The councilman man dresses and says that he doesn't know it works. Marie offers him a drink, and he throws up. She offers him a Kleenex and then rings a bell to summon her niece. Christina comes in and says that the sober spell worked, and leads the councilman out. In the hallway, the councilman thanks Christina for suggesting Marie. She tells him to see herself out, and goes into a waiting room to tell an elderly couple that Marie will see them next to provide a libido spell. Christina goes to the kitchen and tosses out Marie sandwich. An elderly man comes in and says that he wants it back, and begs her to help him. Christina says that she can't, and TC knocks him out from behind. Angry, Christina tells him to put the man back and goes out. A mother and child say that they're looking for the plantation tour, and Christina escorts them out. The boy worries that he'll be sold off and taken away, and Christina assures him that as long as he has his mother, he'll be fine.

Christina goes to her room and looks at a photo. She quickly puts it away as Jody comes in and says that Marie wants her. Christina says that she has a headache and took some aspirin. Jody asks what she's looking at, and Christina angrily dismisses it as nothing and orders him out.

Marie hears dogs barking and tires screeching, and realizes that someone is coming.

The tourist bus breaks down, and TC thanks the tourists for their patient. Inside, Jody beats Christina when she says that she's not going back. He takes her back to Marie, and Christina claims that she was just going into town to see a movie. Marie says that Jody told her that Christina is hiding something, and tells the men to search Christina. Christina swallows the photo, and refuses to tell Marie what it was. Marie takes out a scalpel and says that she wants to know what it was. She yells at TC and Jody to hold Christina down, and after a moment they do. Christina yells at them to leave her alone, and Marie cuts open her stomach removes the photo and stares at it. Her daughter tells her not to touch her Jesse. Marie tells the men to strap her in the machine.


Jesse and Cassidy drive to Angelville with Tulip's corpse in the back. They go in and Jesse calls to Marie. There's no answer and the house is apparently deserted. Cassidy tells Jesse that he played God and let Tulip die rather than be like Cassidy. He tells Jesse that he's a scumbag and killed Tulip, and Jesse insists that he loved Tulip. Cassidy tells him that he and Tulip had sex, and Jesse attacks him. In an adjoining room, Marie watches, an IV going into her hand.

TC finally tells Jesse and Cassidy to stop fighting on his floor. He aims a shotgun at them, and Jesse recognizes him. TC realizes who it is and calls to Marie, and she comes out in her motorized wheelchair. Jesse tells her that he needs her help to bring Tulip back to life. Marie says that she's hungry and leaves, and Jesse knocks TC unconscious.

Jesse follows Marie into the kitchen and says that she needs to help him. He offers to pay her whatever she wants, fires a shot into the wall, and tells Marie that she needs to help him. Marie says that he's a betrayer and she doesn't need to help shit. Jesse tells her that he'll do anything, and Marie warns that "anything" is a big word. She tells Jesse that he knows what she wants, and Jesse finally cuts his hand and lets his blood drip on a napkin. Marie takes the napkin, smiling.

In Purgatory, Tulip sits in a living room set. Bored, she looks at the girl sitting next to her on the couch, toying with a gun. A car pulls up and Mr. O'Hare comes in wearing a prison suit comes in and asks if the girl remembers him. He has her come over and give him a hug, and hears her mom in the next room. The man says that he has a job interview at a diner, and the studio audience applauds. Next, Tulip watches as the diner interviews O'Hare, who says that the O'Hares are done screwing things up. The owner tells him to come down to the bistro for a job, and Young Tulip congratulates her father and he goes to get her Necco Wafers. Young Tulip waits, and Tulip tells her that she knows what's coming. Her mother comes in and says that O'Hare isn’t going to get a job. Tulip insists that he crossed his heart about coming back, and Young tulip shoots through the door after her mother goes back inside.

O'Hare comes in and gets a gun from a cabinet. He complains that they talk to him like an idiot, loads a shotgun, and goes back to the diner. Young Tulip reminds him about the candy and O'Hare says that he couldn't do one thing right. The police pull up outside, and Tulip grabs a gun and opens fire with the two of them.

Marie tells Jesse and Cassidy that Tulip is in Purgatory, and soon death will come to the door and when Tulip answers, she'll be gone for good. She tells Jesse that he knows what he needs, and he goes to get the ingredients. When he wonders where he's going to get transpoil, Marie tells him to ask Jody. Once they leave, Marie tells Tulip's corpse that it's just the two of them.

Outside, Jesse gives Cassidy a list of Tulips's favorite things to invite her back to the land of the living. Cassidy says that if Jesse doesn't save Tulip, he'll kill him. Jesse tells him to get the things and goes to talk to Jody... the man who killed his father.

Jesse finds Jody at the dock cutting open an alligator. He figures that Jody is probably still pissed, and says that he needs transpoil. Jesse asks if Jody is going to help him, and Jody advances on him with the bloody knife. He then hugs Jesse and laughs, and says that he looks like his mother and they have a lot to catch up on. Jody says that he knows just the place to get transpoil.

Jesse and Jody drive to a motel in town, and the Boyds are outside. Jody ells Jesse to save stay in the car while he goes piss the Boyds off. Jesse waits in the truck, and Jody goes over and says that he came in peace and wants to ask Madame for something. The Boyds attack him, and Jody knocks out the first two. The rest come charging forward, and Jody takes them on while Jesse drives the truck around the back.

Gunshots ring out and bodies come flying out the motel window. A Boyd comes over and asks if he knows Jesse. Jesse feigns ignorance, and the man prepares to shoot him. Jody jumps down, knocks the man out, tells Jesse that he got the transpoil, and Jesse drives off.

Cassidy returns with the things and finds Marie preparing the ritual to bring Tulip back while TC stitches up Tulip's bullet wounds. When TC comments on Tulip's tight skin, Marie tells him to do his chores, and eats a Scorpion Pepper. She figures that if Tulip's spirit senses her pain, she'll come back to ease it. She offers a pepper to Cassidy, and as he eats it Marie says that she tried to woo someone she loved but nothing worked. She just wanted to be wanted back, so he she made a draught and sprayed him with it. It worked and he only wanted Marie. Marie finally killed him, and thanks Cassidy for bringing Jesse back to them. She tells Cassidy that if there's anything he wants, all he has to do is ask.

Jesse and Jody drive back and Jody tells Jesse that they have some catching up to do. He puts the bottle of transpoil in his pocket, jumps out of the truck bed, and asks if Jesse thinks it's the day that he'll finally beat him. Jesse attacks him, and Jody slams him against the side of the truck and then knocks him down. Jesse keeps fighting and finally hits Jody with a broken rear-view mirror. Jody head-butts Jesse until he goes down, and says that Jesse doesn't have enough buck-wild to beat him. He lifts the truck and starts to drop it on Jesse, and Marie comes out and tells him that's enough. Jody says that they were just playing around, and tosses Jesse the transpoil. Jesse goes inside with Marie and Jody drives off.

In Purgatory, Tulip sits with Young Tulip and watches TV, while O'Hare lies on the floor dead. The Department of Family and Protective Services arrives outside, and Tulip tells Young Tulip that where they're taking them won't be any worse than where they area. Someone pounds on the door, and Tulip tells her younger self that it's time to go. Tulip's favorite things appear on the end table.

Marie makes a drought for Tulip.

Tulip agrees to have one bowl of her favorite cereal before she goes. She sits down and eats with Young Tulip.

Jesse gives Marie the transpoil, and Marie puts into Tulip's mouth.

IN Purgatory, Tulip pulls the vial of transpoil out of her mouth. The forces outside prepare to breach the house.

Marie tells Jesse that sometimes there's not enough reason for someone to come back. Jesse insists that she will, and tells Tulip that he needs her for everything. Cassidy puts on a record of Tulip's favorite song.

Tulip's song plays on the TV. she tells the forces breaking in to give her a moment. Young Tulip tells Tulip to go, and says in a deeper voice that she's a re-enactor and works there. The telephone rings and when Tulip breaks it up, she hears Tulip telling her to come back. Tulip yells that she needs more time, then takes the transpoil out, picks up the gun, and fires into the walls. The walls crack and Tulip finds herself on a country road. she runs down the road, and then turns to see the Dog Man--God--standing there. He says that he's counting on her for something to help him fulfill his Great Design. God says that she's been chosen, and tells her to get the Sonsabitches...

In the manor, Tulip comes back to life. Jesse thanks God and Cassidy smiles. Marie looks down on Tulip, who wonders who she is.

Later, Tulip goes to sleep in one of the beds. Jesse looks at her, and then goes to the kitchen and pours himself a drink. Marie comes in and takes the glass to drink, and tells Jesse that he's welcome. He thanks her, and Marie says that now they have a deal. Jesse agrees, but then says that he could cheat and kill her like he should have years ago. Marie isn't impressed, and invites him to push her and see what happens. She says that Gran'ma loves him more than anything, welcomes him home, and leaves.

Written by Gadfly on Jun 25, 2018

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