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Princeton Offense Recap

At the church, Tandy watches a video ad for Roxxon Gulf, and then goes through the papers she took from Greg's safe. There are plans for the oil rig among the files, and Tandy lays everything out on the floor.

In a police car parked in the countryside, Brigid and Fuchs finish having sex. Brigid's phone rings and she says that she's on her way. She arrives at the station and talks to Tyrone about the bicycle he reported stolen. When he notices officers staring, Tyrone asks to talk somewhere privately about Connors, the man who killed Billy. Brigid warns that the crime doesn't officially exist, and Tyrone asks if she could get Connors on dealing drugs. He describes what he overheard but can't didn't see the buyer, but does say where it happened. Tyrone offers to check it out, but Brigid tells him to leave the police work to her.

Later at school, Tyrone goes to his locker and discovers that someone has decorated it. Tandy comes up and says that she didn't do the decorating, and Tyrone wonders why she's there. She apologizes for snapping at him earlier, and says that she made her power happened. Tandy concentrates and shows Tyrone a light dagger, and he quickly covers it up so no one else will see it. She's interested to see Tyrone in his "natural habitat", and asks to see the computer lab.

Tyrone takes her to the lab, and as she brings up the Roxxon website, she asks Tyrone about his upcoming basketball game. He talks about how he and his brother used to pay pick-up games, and Tandy explains that she hasn't found everything on Roxxon relating to the oil rig explosion. Tyrone wonder show she summoned her light dagger, and Tandy says that it was scary. She suggests that they use her power to see people's hopes and find out what happened at Roxxon. Tandy prints out the web site pages and goes.

In the hallway, Benny congratulates Tyrone on shooting and says that beating him in the equipment room probably helped him concentrate. The cheerleaders, including Evita, run up and cheer on the team. One player gives a cheerleader his jacket, and Evita looks suggestively at Tyrone. The players walk out of the school and everyone applauds, while Tandy looks through the pages that she printed out and watches Tyrone's half-hearted response to the applause.

That night, Tandy sneaks into the school and cuts open a cheerleader's locker, and takes her school uniform.

The next day, Brigid is looking at the police reports about Billy's death. Fuchs comes over and asks what she's doing, and Brigid says that she's looking to move up the food chain. She points out that drug busts around the 12th went down, and Fuchs says that the 12th used to be a disaster but then the drug crimes decreased. Brigid points out that Connors was the intel source in a lot of the arrests, and Fuchs remembers that Connors moved to Vice then. She suggests that Connors cleared the area for one big source.

Tyrone returns home and looks at the photo of Billy playing basketball. He hears Adina talking on the phone, arranging an upcoming Roxxon charity gala. Adina tells her assistant that she won't be there because she needs to be at the state championship game. He shows her the photo of Billy, and she says that they moved on and left Billy's basketball players and friends as well. Tyrone talks about how Billy isn't there for the good stuff, and Adina assures him that Tyrone winning the championship would have made Billy prouder.

Tyrone hangs the photo back up… and teleports to a workshop. Duane is there and greets Tyrone, and says that he and his friends are rooting for Tyrone in the championship. As Duane signs some paperwork, Tyrone notices that he's wearing an expensive wristwatch. Duane says that he has a lot of house-building business, and tells Tyrone that Billy would love to see Tyrone in the championship. He figures that if Billy was alive, he'd be working there with him, and he got there by looking ahead.

At the church, Tandy adds the printouts to the papers she's laid out, trying to figure out who fits in where. Tandy then brings up news on the gala, and spots one of the men--Vince Carruthers--with an expensive call girl.

Later, Tandy goes to the escort business wearing the stolen clothing. The woman in charge, Judy, interviews her about her Internet history and says that some of the men that pay for their girls expect something in return. Judy makes it clear that the company can't be implicated or the client blamed, and Tandy says that she doesn't care. Impressed, Judy agrees to hire her and Tandy asks if anything is going on that night.

Evita meets Tyrone in the priest's office, and Tyrone says that he wasn't ready before but is now. He gives her his jacket, and Evita tells him that he doesn't have to do it for her if he doesn't want to. Tyrone insists and Evita gladly accepts it. He says that he hopes the jacket will remind him that things aren't always so bad, and Evita kisses him. Evita says that she understands and pays attention to him, and the intros start in the gym.

Tandy goes to the gala.

Tyrone starts playing in the championship game. Tyrone makes a shot and the ref calls a foul on a player that bumped into Tyrone. After making the foul shot, Tyrone and the others move back into play.

Brigid talks to Liam in the interrogation room, and he claims that he doesn't have enough money to make bail. He's surprised when Brigid says that Tandy is still in town, and Brigid figures that he knows about someone who sells drugs at the high-quality club he attends.

Tyrone misses a pass,

Tandy looks around the gala and spots Caruthers.

Both teams fight over a missed ball. Tyrone ends up holding onto it, and the referee touches him on the shoulder. As he sits on the floor, Tyrone has a vision of the referee in the forest, and two men grabbing him as an older man looks on. The vision ends and Tyrone discovers that the basketball he was holding has disappeared.

At the gala, the basketball drops down out of thin air. Caruthers grabs it and goes to find the interns.

Everyone wonders what happened to the ball. The half ends with San Sebastian three points ahead.

Tandy approaches Caruthers and touches his hand. She gets a vision of Caruthers in the conference room meeting with Peter Scarborough. Satisfied with what she's seen, Tandy walks away.

Tyrone looks at his hands.

Tandy touches another CEO and gets a vision of him in the boardroom, with Peter outside trapped in the bark of a tree. She touches the third CEO and sees him sitting with Peter crawling under the table to him. As Tandy walks away, she sees Tyrone at the gala, wearing his basketball uniform. They find a private spot and talk, and Tandy explains that she's trying to find the man responsible. Tyrone figures that because she's using her powers, his have been going haywire. Tandy spots a poster with a photo of Peter and recognizes him from the visions. Tyrone says that he saw him in Tandy's fears, leading the charge against Nathan, and Tandy explains that after the accident, Peter came to her house and took everything claiming that it belonged to Roxxon. Tandy suggests that Tyrone put himself at risk to trigger his powers, and shoves him off the balcony. He falls into the fountain below… and disappears.

Soaking wet, Tyrone appears back in the locker room. His teammates charge out and Tyrone joins them.

Tandy sees a woman, Mina Hess, sitting by herself and crying. She tells Tandy that she's not drunk, and Tandy wishes her luck. Mina goes up and starts her speech.

Brigid searches a woman, Laurel, for drugs. When she finds them, she says that one of the Club Ampersand bouncers told her that Laurel is their main supplier and threatens to call it in if Laurel doesn't talk. Laurel says that a runner shows up, takes her cash, and gives her the drugs. She figures that Brigid is bluffing about taking her in and says that she figures all cops break the laws.

At the church, Tandy looks up information on Peter and goes through the files. Peter has signed off on a number of them.

At the game, there are 10 seconds left with Tyrone's team down 1 point. Tyrone takes the ball in and one opposing player talks to him. As the opposing players keep touching Tyrone, he has visions of their fears: being beaten by gangs and their fathers, and in the middle of a war zone. Concentrating, Tyrone manages to ignore them despite the racism he saw against them, remembers Billy, and realizes that the white referee has deliberately been making calls against the opposing black team. He then takes the shot as the clock runs out. Tyrone deliberately misses the shot to let the other team win, and he walks off, smiling.

Later, Tandy goes to Peter's house and claims that her tire went flat. She asks to borrow Peter's phone, and he tells her that he'll fix it. as he works, Peter notices the school uniform Tandy is wearing and say that the team lost. As he works, Tandy summons a light dagger to kill him, but after a moment lets it fade and touches Peter on the neck. She sees him in the ocean, collecting wads of money and putting them in a cooler. He then pours oil into the water and starts taking money from the corpses of workers floating to the surface. One man isn't dead, and Peter holds him underwater. Tandy finds a worker's helmet and sees the name on it: Ivan Hess. Tandy backs away from Peter, shocked, and Peter asks what colleges she's looking at.

Tyrone goes home and finds Evita in his bedroom. She admits that she sneaked in via the window and Tyrone admits that he walked home alone. Tyrone figures that she wants to give his jacket back, and Evita tells him that she knows that he missed the shot on purpose because the referee was a racist. She undresses and says that she knows who Tyrone is.

Brigid snorts cocaine and makes sure that Connors finds her. He asks if she can share and Brigid obliges. Connors says that it's top-shelf coke, and Brigid says that she got it from a club dealer. He says that he wasn't sure about Brigid and suggests that they ride together sometime, and Brigid agrees before walking out.

After they have sex, Evita prepares to go. They kiss and then Evita puts on Tyrone's jacket, chuckles, and leaves via the window. Tyrone lies back and teleports back to the workshop. He hears Duane arguing with Connors about how Connors isn't looking after his dealers. Duane says that one of his main girls left town, and Connors says that he'll make it up but warns that they're partners. Duane tells him that they haven't been partners since the night that Connors shot Billy.

Tandy looks at the blueprint of the oil rig and finds the signature of Nathan and Ivan on it. She goes through the files and finds a photo of a Roxxon engineer: Mina. Tandy goes to a studio where Mina is filming a commercial about how her father died in an accident and Roxxon helped put her through college to become an engineer and find new sources of energy.

Written by Gadfly on Jun 29, 2018

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