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Sonsabitches Recap

Angelville High

Hal meets with a young Jesse and says that there's a junior in high school that won't leave him alone. He explains that the girl is obsessed with him now, and if it gets out his vice-principal dreams are gone. Hal asks if Jesse can make it go away, and Young Jesse says that Marie has spells to fix everything but she's no cheap. The man wonders if he should come clean to his wife Jeannie, and Young Jesse says that the wife might leave and the girl will want to marry Hal. He points out that having sex with a junior is illegal, and Hal agrees and says that he'll make the payments.

One Week Later

Hal walks by the girl, Deanna, and she barely notices him. He pays Young Jesse but is short, and Hal insists that he'll make it up the next week. Later, Hal misses his next payment and soon he's running down the road as Young Jesse, T.C., and Jody chase him down. They toss him into the back of their truck and Young Jesse beats Hal. Jody looks at Young Jesse, and they take him to Angelville and strap him to a chair. Young Jesse assures Hal that it will hurt, and Jody tells Young Jesse that Marie will pull out Hal's soul rather than his fingernails. Marie comes in and tells them to keep Young Hesse there so he can learn what she does, and then inserts the needle into Hal's arm as the machine starts up.


In India at Krishna Headquarters, Starr arrives and says that he has an appointment.

Jesse looks at the machine.

Cassidy watches as Tulip eats consommé to regain her strength. She doesn't remember what happened to her in Purgatory. Jesse comes in and he says that she missed a couple of fights while she was out. He asks Tulip what it was like, and Cassidy tells him that she doesn't remember. They promise to be with each other until the end of the world, and Cassidy suggests that Jesse tell Tulip that the Grail killed Tulip. Tulip remembers that Lara killed her, and says that the Grail was screwing with them the entire time. Cassidy is ready to go after them, and Jesse tells them that he needs to work things out. When Cassidy insists, Tulip asks what's up with them and they claim that they're fine. She says that she'll be fine once that she beats Lara, and Jesse says that they'll need to convince Marie that they can leave.

Jesse goes out on the road and steps out in front of a truck. He tries to use the Voice to make the driver stop, but the driver keeps going. Jesse calls Starr and has to leave a message that he's ready and to bring his soul.

At the Krishna Headquarters, Starr and his men arrive in the main chamber. As the Swami chants, the Grail opens fire and kills all of the Swami's worshippers. Starr goes to the waiting Swami and aims his gun at him, and the Swami makes martial arts gestures. Exasperated, Starr kicks him in the groin and then gets a call that Jesse said he was ready. He tells his people that he's on the way and asks the Swami if he'll join them. The Swami swears at him, and Starr shoots him dead.

Cassidy looks at the Angelville family pictures, and finds one of a corpse hanging from a tree. Jesse asks him how Tulip is doing, and apologizes for how things ended up. He says that it's time for Cassidy to go, and Cassidy tells him that he's not leaving without Tulip. Marie comes out and calls for Jesse.

In the kitchen, Cassidy is drinking blood when T.C. asks if he's having one of those days. He asks if Cassidy likes drugs, and Cassidy looks at him, intrigued.

After her shower, Tulip finds her favorite things on her makeup table. She finds her stuffed dog and briefly remembers seeing God as she came back, and tosses the stuffed dog away.

Jesse thanks Marie for bringing back Tulip. Marie says that she doesn't care about Tulip, and coughs to indicate Jesse should get her a wrap. He does, and Marie tells her that it's best if the Boyds don't know that Jesse is back and they have a lot of work to do. She suggests that they get the Tombs back up, and reminds Jesse that he owes her a lot of souls. Jesse suggests that she let him go, and says that no one knows what a person says until they ask them right.

Tulip goes out behind the manor, drinks, and takes aim at a beer can. Jody arrives and blasts the can with a combat rifle, and introduces himself. He asks what death was like, and Tulip says that she doesn't remember. Jody asks if she likes his DDM41SR rifle, and invites her to take it. She takes it and prepares to shoot the last can, but sees something moving in the woods and tells Jody that she's going hunting. She runs into the woods and grabs Lara, and the two of them fight until Lara goes down.

Cassidy and T.C. sniff nitrous and talk about their dreams. Jesse comes in and asks Cassidy if she's seen Tulip. They go outside and find Tulip choking Lara. Jody has captured FJ, and Jesse asks her if Starr knows that Tulip is alive. When she refuses to talk, Tulip punches her and Jesse starts to question FJ. Marie arrives and asks who Lara and FJ are. When Jesse says that they shot Tulip and they're going to kill them, Marie readily agrees and tells them to take Jody with them.

The group takes Lara and FJ to the swamps, and Tulip tells Lara that he knew there was something wrong with her. They banter back and forth, and Tulip finally says to kill them there. Jesse asks if she wants to let them off with just a bullet, and asks Jody if he still has the organ grinder. They go the docks and Jody demonstrates the organ grinder by tossing dead animals in. Lara starts singing a hymn and FJ throws up. Jody explains that he uses the blood to make swamp consommé like what Tulip was eating earlier. FJ runs off, and sends Jody and Cassidy to find them.

Jesse leads Lara off into the swamps and tells her that he untied FJ and let her go, and wants Starr to know that he's not mad at him for trying to kill Tulip. He says that he needs her to tell Starr that nothing has changed and the Messiah needs him there. After Lara crawls off through a tunnel, Tulip arrives and asks Jesse what he did.

That night, T.C. and Jody check Marie's colostomy bag. Marie is more concerned about FJ and Lara escaping, and Jody figures that Jesse is up to something. She says that it doesn't matter if he is because Jesse is hers.

In their room, Jesse tells Tulip that he needs his soul back to get Genesis back, and he needs Starr to trust him. Tulip asks if they'll kill them all once Jesse has his soul back, and Jesse agrees but says that he needs her help. Cassidy is listening and agrees to go kill some people.

At the Boyds' motel, a toy car drives up and Bruneau finds a photo on it of Jesse giving them the finger on behalf of Marie. The Boyds immediately drive to Angelville, and the toy car blows up. Tulip and Cassidy drive away after detonating the bomb, and Cassidy suggests that they just keep driving. She says that they're on Jesse's job, and they're supposed to keep T.C. and Jody busy while Jesse meets with Starr. Cassidy admits that he's leery of Jesse's plans, and Tulip reminds him that Jesse gave up his soul to save them from the Cowboy so they're doing it together.

Jesse and Marie go to the cemetery, and Marie insists that she loved Christina. She says that family is everything and Jesse will understand. They hear the Boyds coming and Marie tells Jesse to go help T.C. and Jody get rid of them.

Jody and the others are arming up, and Jody figures that the Boyds are just blowing off steam. The Boyds bull up and Bruneau says over the loudspeakers that Madame Boyd has a message for Jesse. They fire a goat in using a cannon, and Jody explains that it's a voodoo telegram. T.C. and Jody can't agree on whether Jesse did sex or murder to the Boyds. The Boyds drive away as Jesse arrives, and Cassidy fires a grenade to cut off their departure and bring them back.

Jesse walks into the manor kitchen and waits. Starr comes in a minute later and sits down, and says that he got Jesse's waiting.

The Boyds open fire and Jody, T.C., Tulip, and Cassidy return fire.

Starr asks if Jesse wants to share his feelings about what happened between them. Jesse isn't interested, and Starr wonders if Jesse is murderously angry at him. When Jesse says that he isn't, Starr hands over the piece of Jesse's soul. Jesse drinks it and Starr calls him the Messiah. Standing up, Jesse tells him not to call him that and uses the Voice to order him down on his knees and kiss his rings. Starr does so, and Jesse tells him to eat his deck. The man tells him that he can't and sits back down, and explains that he gave Jesse a placebo and they need to talk.

Cassidy takes a hit and T.C. promises that he won't him. The Boyds drive off and T.C. leaves Cassidy, and Cassidy tells Tulip that at least bullets don't kill him. He jokingly says that she smelled when she was dead. Tulip says that she loves him and then tells him to drink from his blood bags to heal his wound. She goes to get them and Cassidy suggests that she check on Jesse.

Starr figures that Jesse must be desperate, and Jesse points out that he didn't have much choice when the Grail shot Tulip. The Grail leader says that he just needs Jesse to be the Messiah, and says that Jesse's real soul is waiting in the car.

Tulip comes down with the blood bags and hears a door close in the kitchen. She goes there and finds the empty vial on the table. Looking outside, Tulip sees Jesse and Starr walking away and remembers God telling her to get the sonsabitches. She drops the blood bag and gets her gun.

T.C. tells Marie that they chased the Boyds away, and he thought Jesse was with her.

At the Grail cars, Starr says that he is keeping his Allfather in the dark about Jesse's role as the new Messiah. The Grail agents, including FJ and Lara, all put on headphones and Starr gives Jesse the vial with his soul. As Jesse takes the vial, Tulip arrives and opens fire. Starr gets into his car with the soul and drives away, and Jesse collapses choking as Marie twists her voodoo doll of him. She stops and Jesse recovers.

In the car, Starr tells FJ that it's going to make things difficult. He says that he'll let Jesse marinate in his own hell.

Tulip apologizes for messing up Jesse's plan. He says that it's okay and they haul the agents' bodies to the swamp.

That night, Jesse meets with Marie and says that he's going to get out. She says that he's going to try and tells him to give her a kiss on the cheek. Jesse does so and Marie tells him to get to work.

In her room, Tulip looks at the Grail's card and tells Cassidy hat she screwed up and is going to fix it. Cassidy reminds her that she said Jesse has a dark side, but Tulip doesn't believe it.

Jesse goes to a cabin, unlocks a trapdoor, and goes down. He starts mopping, and a manacled one-eyed Hal staggers out of the darkness and looks at him. Hal asks Jesse to help him, and Jesse says that he can't and goes back to mopping.

Written by Gadfly on Jul 2, 2018

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