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Episode Five Recap

Constantine and Chandler arrive at the address, and realizes that the street address "Enstrom" is an anagram for "Monster". They knock at the door, and a pig-headed butler greets them. Constantine says that they're expected, and the butler leads them in. The house is in disarray and the walls filled with Satanic paintings. The butler says that Master Beroul will be down briefly and they should wait. Once he leaves, Constantine tells Chas to wait there while he looks around.

Scouting the house, Constantine finds a pool filled with viscera. Beroul steps out of the shadows, revealing that he's the demon that manifested through Asa, and says that the pool isn't ready because the bodies haven't liquefied yet. He threatens to toss Constantine into the pool, saying that Constantine's reputation precedes him and he's used Trish as a lure to bring him there. Beroul figured that Constantine wouldn't refuse Chas's request for help.

Beroul explains that he decided to open a branch office of Hell in LA, absorbing the power from all the souls that waited to be corrupted. However, there are five other demons with similar aspirations, and Beroul wants Constantine to eliminate them. Constantine demands to see Trish, and Beroul says that he's safe within his heart. Chas has followed Constantine and hears Beroul, and charges the demon with a knife. Constantine stops him, warning that any attack on him is an attack on Trish. When Chaz attacks, Beroul teleports him to the roof of the Griffith Observatory.

The demon asks if Constantine will take the job, and Constantine demands a fat salary and a hotel suite. Beroul immediately agrees and tells him to get out.

Written by Gadfly on Jul 15, 2018

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