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Episode Four Recap

Renee tells Asa that Alex used Astra as a focal point as a human channel to draw the dark magic into the physical world. Constantine fancied himself a sorcerer and Alex was his mentor. When he found out what Alex was doing to Astra, Constantine and Chas confronted Alex and his cultists. Chas held them off while Constantine summoned a demon, Nergal, to deal with Alex. The demon killed the cultists and Constantine didn't cast a binding spell.

Constantine and Chas run upstairs, and Nergal enters the club and slaughter the clubgoers. The demon then immobilizes Constantine and Chas with a spell, and takes Astra with him back to Hell. Constantine manages to break the spell and charge Nergal, but the demon throws Astra into the portal that it's crafted and then disappears through it. Chas soldiers on while Constantine ended up in an insane asylum, Ravenscar.

In the present, Renee wonders if things can ever be normal after that. Asa wipes away her tears and memories, and Renee says that she can't say anything about Newcastle.

Written by Gadfly on Jul 15, 2018

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