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Episode Two Recap

Trish lies comatose in her bed, and Constantine briefly remembers what happened in Newcastle. He then checks her aura and discovers that it's tainted. Constantine tries to penetrate her soul to determine what's responsible, and his spell rebounds. A demon manifests through Trish, chanting and vomiting out flies that quickly disappear in bursts of light.

Constantine tells the waiting Renee and Chas in the hallway that he'll need more time, and he's calling in a specialist. Renee objects but Constantine closes the door and locks it. A shadow falls across the hospital, and everyone freezes momentarily. Light bursts through the door cracks as Constantine casts a spell to summon the Nightmare Nurse, Asa the Healer. She complains that his timing sucks, but admits that she's sworn to preserve life. Asa checks Trish and says that there's nothing there to possess. Trish's soul is gone, and she summons a staff to identify who was in Trish's body. Trivia speaks through Asa, saying that she's in a cage and it's cold. She talks about the "nasty man" coming occasionally. Before she can give his name, the Nasty Man manifests through Asa and says that he has multiple names. He tells Constantine that if he wants answers, he'll have to come by for a visit. The demon disappears, leaving an address in LA glowing in letters in the air.

Asa drops to the floor, her human image stripped from her to reveal her demonic body. She conjures her human illusion, and outside the shadow disappears and everyone revert to normal. Constantine and Asa come out and Constantine says that Asa will watch over Trish while he goes to Los Angeles.

Written by Gadfly on Jul 15, 2018

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