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Ghost Stories Recap

Eight Years Ago

Young Tandy is practicing ballet while watching TV.

Young Tyrone and Billy are in front of a restaurant fighting a thumb war.

Nathan tells Tandy to keep the TV on and learn how to overcome distractions.

Tyrone loses and complains that Billy always beats him. Billy says that one day Tyrone will grow up and be better, while Adina looks on.

Nathan tells Tandy that if she falls down, she'll never do ballet again. She says that she wants to be a dancer more than anything, and Nathan tells her to hold herself up.

Billy assures Tyrone that he'll be bigger, stronger, and better.

Nathan tells Tandy that she'll hold up because she's his little girl.

Otis comes out with food for his family.


Fuchs makes pancakes for Brigid, who says that she passed the psych eval after shooting Duane in self-defense. She suspects that Connors set it up and tells Fuchs that she's going to take him down. Fuchs says that they are, and asks how.

Tandy goes to the hospital and sees Peer coming out of Ivan's room. They look at each other for a moment, and then Tandy goes in. Ivan says that Peter was having him sign non-liability papers, and admits that he doesn't remember anything since the explosion eight years ago. He explains that they didn't know what they were drilling for, and Nathan had a theory about the energy being ancient and special. Ivan does confirm that Nathan wrote a memo and didn't tell Peter about it, and Tandy asks what happened to the memo. Nathan saw Roxxon cutting corners, and put the memo in a safe deposit box at Metrolake Bank. Ivan warns Tandy that Roxxon can be dangerous and nothing can come back to him or Mina.

Tandy returns home with coffee and tells Melissa that she looks really nice. Melissa refuses to put any alcohol in her coffee, and Tandy says that she wants to be there for their annual memorial tradition that she's missed the last few years. They discuss which balloon to get to honor Nathan's memory, and Tandy says that she'll get it. She asks Melissa about the safe deposit box, and Melissa says that there's no record of it in the city. Tandy says that she might know where to find it but doesn't explain how.

The Johnsons have breakfast, and Otis asks Tyrone how his dad went. Tyrone is surprised at his father's question.

Melissa finds the key for the box among her things. There is a photo of Nathan and his watch, and a flower that Nathan got her. Melissa talks about how the two of them went to movies during Tandy's ballet performance, and describes how Nathan took her hand.

Adina cleans up the plates, and Otis says that he was thinking of have the guys over. Adina realizes that he's talking about the Red Hawks, just as Tandy arrives at the front door. Tyrone says that he's never had a girl over that his parents knew about it, but Tandy assures him that his parents will let her in. As Tyrone wonders why Tandy is there, Otis and Adina come out and Tandy says that her father died the same time that Billy did. She asks if they're doing anything special for Billy, and Tyrone says that they aren't. Once the parents leave, Tandy invites Tyrone over for her and Melissa's memorial, and Tyrone says that he might come. Tandy leaves after secretly taking Adina's Roxxon badge.

After waking up on the beach, Tandy walks into New Orleans and steals a woman's phone. She calls her home phone and gets the answering machine.

At the station, everyone looks at Brigid. Connors calls her over to check a sketch that he's having made of Tyrone. Brigid claims that she doesn't know what Tyrone looks like, and Connors insists that Tyrone has to be found and dealt with.

Big Chief and the other Red Hawks arrive at the Johnson home with their parade cloth. They joke about Otis' upscale house, and Big Chief sees Tyrone and figures that it's a hard day. They look at the cloak that Billy was working on before he died. Otis walks away, holding it, and cries as he clutches it to his chest. Tyrone joins him and then apologizes, and Otis says that he needs a minute. Brigid texts Tyrone and says that she's outside. When he goes out, Brigid tells him to lie low to avoid Connors. Tyrone insists on going after Connors and putting him away for killing Billy, and says that Brigid hasn't done anything. She realizes that it's the anniversary of Billy's death, and figures that Connors is on edge because of it. Tyrone says that he's going to make sure Connors will never forget.

Tyrone walks down the street and sees Chantelle on the tour talking about Jack Parker saving a dozen patients from an outbreak of Spanish flu. The boy walks up and Chantelle explains that a blood transfusion is giving everything for another. She talks about Parker's ghost in a nearby church and says that ghosts are about justice, not fear. Chantelle asks where Tyrone's mother is, and Tyrone runs off.

Tyrone looks at Billy's cloak.

Tandy goes over the blueprints of the Roxxon building.

Tyrone makes a ghost costume with blood on it. He then shows it to Brigid and Fuchs, and says that he's going to pretend to be Billy to get Connors. Tyrone figures that he can haunt Connors and psych him out so that the boy he shot at it and disappeared is Billy, not Tyrone. Brigid warns that it isn't a good plan, but admits that she doesn't have a better one. Tyrone wants to use Connor's fear against him to get him to confess to Billy's murder. Brigid insists that Tyrone is a minor and not fast enough, and Tyrone asks Brigid if she can trust Fuchs. When she says that she can, Tyrone puts on Billy's cloak and says that with it he can control his power.

Tandy goes home and lets herself in with the key. Inside, she finds Melissa passed out on the couch and a bottle of alcohol nearby. Tandy calls 911 and says that she needs help.

Tandy uses Adina's key to let herself into the Roxxon building and avoids the guards.

Tyrone teleports near Connors as he goes to his car. He takes Connor's gun and teleports away when the detective turns.

Tandy cuts the power lines with her light dagger. Peter arrives in the building as the lights go out.

Tyrone touches Connors, giving him a vision of the night he shot Billy. The teenager whispers that Connors killed him, and then teleports away. Connors turns but finds no one there, and discovers that his gun is back.

Tandy gets behind Peter and puts her light dagger to his throat

Brigid texts Connors for a meeting and says that Fuchs saw Tyrone on his beat. She shows him the sketch and substitutes a sketch of Billy, and says that it looks like Connors wasn't chasing anyone after Duane's death. Connors sees Tyrone but Brigid claims to see no one. Tyrone teleports off and then runs away, and Connor goes after him while Brigid says that she doesn't see anyone. The detective chases Tyrone to the docks and hunts for him among the cargo containers. Tyrone teleports, avoiding Connors' shots, and then confronts him when he runs out of bullets. Connors wonders who he is, and Tyrone says that Connors can't kill him because he already did. Tyrone claims that his name is Billy Johnson and Connors took his life eight years ago. The teenager says that he's never going to let Connors be until Connors confesses. Connors claims that he fired when the oil rig exploded, and finally admits that he shot Billy and then cleared the whole thing up. He says that he couldn't undo the shooting, and Fuchs steps out with a video camera. Brigid arrives and arrests Connors for Billy's murder.

Tandy tapes up Peter and takes him to a floor under construction, and demands the truth about the explosion. She says that the people on the rig were infected with fear, and when they salved the rig they found Ivan alive and the others dead. Peter says that he has no evidence of the infection, and Tandy shows him Nathan's memo warning that direct human contact could be dangerous without the shielding he recommended. Next, Tandy shows him a piece of the rig without the heat shielding, and explains that Greg had some evidence that Peter's killer didn't find. Peter tells Tandy that blowing the whistle won't get Melissa out of the trailer park, and offers to pay Tandy whatever she wants in return for the evidence. Tandy grabs her things, cuts through a support beam with her dagger, and walks away. As the ceiling starts to come down, Peter works at the tape on his hands.

Brigid and Fuchs take Connors to the station in handcuffs, and they kiss. Connors looks over at Brigid, who glares at him and then walks away.

Tyrone and Tandy meet on the shore, and Tyrone says that Connors' confession was like music to him. Tandy admits that she scared Peter even if she didn't get a confession, and figures that they might have a future. As Tyrone agrees, Melissa arrives and Tandy introduces her to Tyrone. Tandy reveals that she bought a lantern instead of a balloon. Melissa goes to get a lighter, and Tandy says that Melissa will find out Nathan's name was cleared when the papers come out.

Melissa comes back and they decide on a moment of silence for the people they lost. Melissa takes both their hands, and Tandy and Tyrone find themselves in a vision. They're in front of Tandy's old front door, and she opens it with the key under the mat. Inside they find a movie theater, and Melissa seated in one of the chairs watching the screen. The screen shows images of Melissa and Nathan at home. When the projector stops momentarily, Melissa disappears. The screen goes white, and Tandy cuts it open revealing the family dining room on the other side. Melissa spills coffee on Nathan's papers, and he slaps her.

The vision ends, and Tandy backs away from Melissa. They light the lantern and watch it float into the sky.

Tandy walks home and Tyrone follows her.

A young Tandy lies on the couch, and remembers Melissa telling her not to rely on anyone because they're all on their own.

As the sun rises, Tandy calls Peter and says that she'll take the money.

Billy watches as Adina tells Otis that she doesn't feel safe there anymore.

At home, Tyrone looks at Billy's cloak.

Billy lies in bed, crying.

Tandy lies on the couch.

At the church, Tandy hides the money inside of a statue.

Brigid returns to Fuchs' home and finds him dead in the refrigerator, shot in the head.

Written by Gadfly on Jul 20, 2018

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