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Esqueleto Recap

At home, Miguel's grandmother Carmen calls him out of his room and tells him to set the table for dinner. Miguel is in his room, practicing his karate strikes, and says that he'll be right there. As they eat, Miguel's mother Rosa comes in from the hospital and says that thing are crazy, She asks Miguel what he's going to wear to the high school Halloween costume party, and says that they'll make him a costume. Carmen refuses, saying that they're not a sweatshop, and Rosa notices that Miguel's hand is bruised.

The next day at the dojo, Miguel is punching the training dummy while Johnny looks at his past-due bills. He figures that he needs to make more money by bringing in more students, and asks Miguel if he has any friends who want to learn karate. Miguel asks when he's going to learn kicking, and Johnny says that kicking is bad-ass but he's not ready. The teenager suggests that he advertisement, and Johnny covers for the fact that he hasn't.

Amanda is preparing to go to the office, and Daniel watches Samantha and Kyler outside kissing. His wife realizes that he's not listening, and says that Samantha is going to be fine. Daniel isn't convinced that Kyler isn't harmless, and Amanda wonders if he's going to trust Johnny over Samantha.

At work, Louie tells Daniel to threaten Kyler. Daniel refuses, and Louie suggests that he spy on her. His cousin says that he's going to let Samantha live her life.

At the high school, Counselor Blatt teacher is talking about cyber bullying and the students pretty much ignoring her. Miguel tells Demetri and Eli that his sensei is looking for recruits and offers to get them discounts. Demetri would rather play video games. Blatt says that their costumes should be culturally sensitive, and Samantha gets a text from Kyler saying that she looks beautiful. Aisha approaches Samantha and suggests that they go as sodium and chloride. Samantha says that they already decided to go as Lakers Girls, and Yasmine jokes at Aisha's offense.

Johnny has the homeless woman, Lynn, hold up a Cobra Kai advertising sign. He puts up flyers and hands them out, but no one is interested. When two women snicker at him, Johnny approaches two basketball players and suggests that they can pick up girls by learning karate. One of them disses him and walks off.

Daniel goes to Samantha's room and finds her in the shower. A message comes in on her computer from Kyler, saying that there's something big that he wants to give her at the dance when they sneak off. Amanda comes in and Daniel claims that he was having problems with his wi-fi and quickly leaves.

Johnny sees Lynn sitting down on the job, and Miguel outside of the dojo. The older man says that training is canceled, and Miguel shows him the web page that he created for the dojo. The teenager details a possible social media campaign, and Johnny discovers that Miguel has programmed his phone ring for 80s rock. Johnny tells him to meet him at the high school that night to learn how to kick.

At the LaRusso dinner table, Samantha says that she feels bad about blowing off Aisha for the costume party. Daniel claims that he got an email from the high school asking him to chaperone and he agreed. Samantha is less than thrilled and turns to Amanda. Amanda says that he wouldn't want his parents at a dance, and Samantha makes him promise that he won't embarrass her.

Johnny takes Miguel to the pool and says that his buddy, a night janitor, let him in. He ties Miguel's hands together and tells him to think with his legs, and shoves him into the pool. When Miguel doesn't come to the surface, Johnny pulls him up by his hair, tells him to use his legs, and lets go. Miguel still doesn't kick, and Johnny pulls him up and makes him say that "Cobra Kai never dies." He says that he's not going to help him again and lets go, and Miguel manages to kick himself to the surface.

Over the next days, Johnny continues his training regiment, showing Miguel how to kick. Miguel improves, and they're forced to leave the pool when the janitor catches them. Back at the dojo, Miguel says that Carmen would kill him if she learned where he was. Johnny looks at his unpaid bills, and tells him to put on his costume because he's going to drive him to the dance so he can recruit some more students. Miguel puts on his homemade costume, and Johnny says that they have a reputation to uphold.

At the dance, Miguel comes in wearing a skeleton costume like the one Johnny wore in high school. Demetri and Eli congratulate him. Blatt thanks Daniel for reaching out to chaperone, and he watches Samantha as she texts him to complain that he's watching.

Johnny is taping up fliers for the website on the lockers.

Samantha goes over to talk to Aisha, who is standing by herself in her sodium costume. She starts to apologize to her friend, and Aisha says that she understands. Yasmine and Moon call Samantha over, and before she goes she asks Aisha to hang out with her soon.

Blatt brings Daniel punch, and says that she hoped he would show up in a karate gi. She talks about how Daniel and Ally broke up after high school, and he sees Miguel walk by in the skeleton costume. Daniel sees the Cobra Kai flyer that they put up, and goes out into the hallway. He finds Johnny putting up more flyers, and Johnny tells him to mind his own business. Daniel says that they can both be adults and wonders why he wants to bring Cobra Kai back after what Kreese did to Johnny. Johnny insists that he's not Kreese and the lessons worked. Daniel says that he's not going to let Johnny fill the kids with the garbage, and sees Samantha and Kyler run off. He tells Johnny to get off school property and goes after them.

Miguel tells Demetri and Eli that it's time to ask the rich girls to dance. His two friends quickly leave.

Samantha watches Aisha eat and says that she's pathetic.

Samantha and Kyler duck into a classroom, and Kyler asks her to help him get at what he has for her in his pocket. Daniel sees Samantha fumbling with Kyler's belt and storms in, telling them that it's enough. Samantha complains that Daniel is embarrassing her, and Kyler shows him the bracelet he wanted to give her. Realizing that he misunderstood, Daniel tries to apologize but Samantha goes back to the gym and say that they should leave. Yasmine sends out a video of Aisha eating at the buffet table with a pig face added. Everyone laughs, and Aisha looks over at Samantha,. She walks off, furious.

In the restroom, Miguel complains that they didn't even try to approach the girls. Kyler comes in with his friends and says that he was going to give Samantha the same cheap bracelet he gave to another girl. Miguel and his friends listen as Kyler says that Daniel interrupted him. When the nerds knock over some equipment, Kyler hears them and comes over. Demetri and Eli run off, and Miguel says that the "bum" is his sensei. He remembers what Johnny taught him and kicks Kyler and Brucks. The other grab Miguel and drag him into the locker room to beat him with a lacrosse stick.

Johnny is in the hallway and looks at the high school trophy case with a photo of Ally. Kyler and his friends walk out, and Johnny goes into the locker room and finds Miguel laid out in agony.

Written by Gadfly on Jul 22, 2018

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