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Cobra Kai Never Dies Recap

A customer brings his laptop drive to the computer store and complains to Robby--posing as "Eduardo"--that it crashed. Robby says that he'll take care of it but it will take some time, but the customer doesn't want to hear it. The man gives his password to Robby so he can access it. One the man leaves, Robby takes the laptop out to his friends, removes the t-shirt he borrowed from an employee, and assures him that he'll get his cut.

The three men go to a parking garage and check the computer. Robby sees a flyer for the Cobra Kai dojo, and tells the others that the man running it is his father. Disgusted, he drops the flyer and leaves with the others.

Johnny walks down the street drinking, and remembers how he took the beaten Miguel home. Rosa told Johnny to never come there again, and he walked out even though Miguel begs him to come back. Johnny sees someone tagging a wall, and notices a billboard with Daniel on it, smiling. Angry, Johnny offers the tagger his beer in return for his spray paint.

Daniel calls Samantha down for breakfast, but she ignores him. She walks out the door and Daniel drives to the auto group. Amanda calls from her office and asks if he's close to the auto group. She explains that she wanted to brace him for the billboard, just as Daniel sees a billboard for a competitor. Amanda says that it's their billboard, just as Daniel sees it. It has a dick spray-painted on it, going into his mouth.

Soon, a frustrated Daniel files a complaint with the police. Amanda interrupts and tells Daniel that they can't arrest every tagger, and tries to put a good face on it. Her husband isn't convinced, just as Louie and the other salesman laugh about it.

Carmen gives Miguel ice to hold on his ribs. He refuses to say who did it, and insists that it isn't Johnny's fault. Rosa figures that Miguel needs to protect himself, but Rosa says that Johnny is a loser. Miguel insists that Johnny is a great man.

Johnny is passed out drunk on his floor when his ring breaks. Carla calls and says that she thought Robby was on a canoe trip with Johnny for the last month. She warns that if Robby isn't back in school then they'll have to hold him back, and Johnny says that Robby will be there. He goes and Miguel approaches him and says that they can still train even though his mother has forbid it. Johnny tells him that he's closing the dojo and leaves.

At the school, Samantha sees the students taunting Aisha over the video from the dance. She asks how her friend is feeling, but Aisha isn't impressed and says that she won't forget what Samantha's friends did to her. After Aisha leaves, Kyler comes over and hugs Samantha. He says that he has the movie tickets, while Brucks makes blowjob gestures in the back. Samantha kisses Kyler and heads to class, ignoring Daniel's texts.

Daniel tries to txt Samantha so he can apologize. Sheila comes in and asks if Daniel orders a hundred sausages. Daniel checks the payment slip and discovers that his rival, Tom Cole, sent the sausages. He wonders if Tom is responsible for the graffiti and calls Louise and Anoush. They're trying to paint over the graffiti, and he discovers that they've started from the ends and have painted over the graffiti yet. Once the salesmen hang up, they go back to work.

Robby's friends are watching porn, and Johnny comes in and tells Robby about the call. Robby readily admits that he made up the vacation story, and Johnny asks if his mother is around. When he says that his ex-wife is drunk, Robby tells him not to talk about her like that. Johnny says that Robby should go to school and have his whole future ahead of him, and Robby brings up the dojo. He taunts Johnny over Daniel, and Johnny says that he doesn't care. His son says that he's done going to school and tells Johnny to go, and Johnny leaves.

In the library, Miguel tells Eli and Demetri about how the dojo is shutting down. Demetri figures that confidence has never gotten them anything, but Eli says that it was cool how Miguel stood up to Kyler. Kyler and Brucks come over and grabs Kyler, calling him a freak over his facial disfigurement. Miguel tells him to leave Kyler alone, and Kyler shoves him and tells him to go. He throws Demetri's backpack in the trash and Demetri has no choice but to fish it out. Kyler and Brucks leave, as Samantha secretly watches through the shelves.

As Miguel gets on the school bus, he finds Rosa waiting for him. She says that she changed her shift so they can go to the movies, and he figures that she's making sure that he isn't training. Miguel says that he just wants to go home and Rosa agrees.

Daniel arrives for a meeting with Amanda and the marketing agents, after she's instructed them not to mention the billboard. The agent says that Daniel uses karate as a gimmick, and Daniel insists that it's not a gimmick. They show him Tom's new super-patriot ad, and he's giving every customer a cactus and saying that it's all-American. Daniel storms out, and Amanda tells the marketing agents that he'll let them know.

Johnny's ex-wife Shannon is in a bar letting a tax auditor, P.J., chat her up. Johnny comes in looking for her, and Shannon sends P.J. to get them some food. Once they're alone, Johnny complains that she's not at home with their son. Shannon says that she came there looking for a bartending position, and Johnny tells her Robby that is at her apartment skipping school. She sarcastically congratulates Johnny on knowing where there son is for the first time. P.J. comes over and Johnny tells him that she won't give him a blowjob without dessert. Shannon says that she can't make Robby do anything anymore, and figures that Johnny can't take care of Robby. She says that Robby gave up on Robby from day one, and it's too late for Johnny to get involved with their son.

Daniel goes to Tom's dealership and tells his customer to read the fine print. Tom laughs it off and Daniel accuse him of stealing his plant giveaway and accusing him of being unpatriotic. Tom says that he's not a Revolutionary soldier and Daniel isn't a karate champ. Daniel insists that he is but Tom mocks him and his sales staff join in. When Daniel tells him to back off, Tom apologizes and says that Encino is big enough for two auto kings. He then insults him over the billboard, and Daniel kicks his boba tea out of his hand walks away.

At the movie, Kyler puts his arm around Samantha. She tells him to watch the movie and refuses to let him kiss her. Samantha finally says that she saw what he did to Miguel and his friends, and Kyler claims that he was just messing with them and they're friends. When he tries to feel her up, Samantha shoves his hand away and tells him to stop. Kyler grabs her, and Samantha easily breaks his grip using her martial arts training and walks away.

Johnny is eating at a diner when he sees a boy with his father. The father and son share a sundae and Johnny smiles. He goes to Rosa's apartment and says that he messed up but if she lets Miguel come back, he won't fail him again. Rosa says nothing, and Johnny asks her to think about it and walks away. Once Rosa closes the door, Carmen says that she likes him.

The next day, a depressed Daniel serves breakfast. He tells Amanda that he wishes he could take care of his relationship with Samantha. Samantha comes in and asks Daniel to make her favorite pancakes. He suggests that she invite Kyler back over, and Samantha says that Kyler won't be around anymore. Daniel unconvincingly says that he's not happy about her decision.

Johnny is packing up his things when Miguel comes in and says that Rosa told him he could train again. He asks if they still have the dojo, and Johnny says that they do for now and asks if Miguel is ready for the next level. When Miguel agrees, Johnny tells him that he didn't have any defense and is going to teach him that the best defense is more offense.

Daniel drives to work in a better mood, and gives the finger to Tom's billboard. He sees his own billboard, cleaned up, and goes into his office. He congratulates Louie and Anoush, and they show him flyers that were up on the billboard... of the Cobra Kai dojo.

Written by Gadfly on Jul 22, 2018

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