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When You Call My Name Recap

The man drags the injured Waverly away from the crash.

Wynonna wakes up halfway down a nearby cliff. She yells for Waverly but gets no answer. In shock, Wynonna hallucinates Michelle at the top of the cliff yelling at her not to doze off. When Wynonna figures that Michelle isn't really there, Michelle dismisses her concern and congratulates Wynonna on her dress. She tells her not to waste her time yelling for Waverly, and reminds her that she has to survive by staying smart and not losing her head. Michelle makes Wynonna recites the rules: don't panic, assess the situation calmly. Wynonna works out how far down she is the cliff, and moans in pain at her dislocated shoulder. She snaps it back into place, screaming in agony.

Waverly finds herself in a cabin. Her captor, a revenant named Deadfall, comes in and jumps around, sniffing at Waverly. He talks to himself about how Waverly is smaller than the last one, and says that the car accident was a trap. Deadfall says that the forest is changing and the trees are on the move, and he's getting lost in his forest. Waverly asks where the other one is, and Deadfall mimics the woman's voice saying that parts of her are still there. Looking around, Waverly sees the last prisoner's severed body parts.

Wynonna tries to reach Peacemaker, and Michelle tells her to climb or die. She talks about how Wynonna was scared of climbing a rope in gym class and wanted a note excusing her, and Michelle told her that she had to set an example for other girls. Wynonna insists that she's not a Gibson, abandons Peacemaker, and starts climbing.

Nicole texts Waverly and asks where she is. Waverly tells Deadfall that search parties will come for her, and asks him to let her go in return for her promise she won' tell anyone. The phone rings, and Deadfall answers it and mimics Waverly's voice, saying that she's busy and can't talk to her. Meanwhile, Waverly discovers that her own voice is gone.

Wynonna reaches the top of the cliff and searches the crash site for Waverly. She realizes that Waverly has been abducted, and Michelle tells her that Wynonna doesn't know the forest and can't waste time looking for her. The older woman says that if Wynonna passes out from her injuries then she'll freeze to death. Wynonna gets her jacket from the wreck to keep herself warm, then takes a drink of whiskey to keep herself warm. A car sounds in the distance, and Michelle echoes Wynonna's concerns that it's Bulshar.

In the basement, Nicole tells Xavier and Jeremy that Waverly hung up on her. Xavier advises her not to take it personally, and Jeremy says that he ran a simulation and the victims at Pussy Willows died within seconds of each other. They figure the killer is a demon who has been offering its own sacrifices to Bulshar. Jeremy warns that they don't know if the massacres will stop. Nicole goes to call Waverly again and tell her what's going on, and suggests that she take a peace offering in case Waverly is mad with her. Once they're alone, Jeremy asks how Xavier's night sweats are all. Xavier doesn't wat to talk about it, and Jeremy says that he's fighting for him. The former agent hesitates for a moment and then says that he's going to find Doc. Once Xavier leaves, Jeremy takes out a sample of the drug from a case.

Wynonna and Michelle walk through the forest, and Wynonna wonders why Michelle keeps looking behind her. Michelle dismisses her concern, and Wynonna reminds her mother of how she trained her in forest survival rather than let her go to a concern. She wonders why her mother trained her rather than Willa and Waverly, and Michelle says that Wynonna was hers so she wanted to make sure she could survive by herself. The woman says that being the Heir has made Wynonna soft, and her allies aren't there. Michelle tells Wynonna that the moment she relies on someone else to trust, she's dead. Wynonna says that Michelle was insane when she was a girl, and she and Waverly needed a mother. Michelle brings up Alice, and says that they're the same and that's what scares Wynonna. Her daughter says that Michelle abandoned her, and hears music in the distance. When she turns back, she discovers that Michelle is gone.

Doc is practicing knife throwing, and Xavier tells him that they're regrouping in an hour. He asks if Doc is upset that Alice is gone, and Doc tells him that he's angry because the fight between the living and dying has been fixed. He explains that when they were in the Iron Witch's demon reality, the two of them fought and when Xavier killed him, he went to Hell. Doc wonders if that's his reward, and figures that they are both murderers no matter what good deeds that they do: destined for the dark. Xavier tells him that he doesn't need the threat of damnation to fight for the right side, says that it's going to be all right, and leaves.

Nicole is on the road and runs into a hunter who says that he and his son were out, and they got separated and lost. The hunter says the wreck and followed the tracks to the road, and Nicole has him take her to it.

Once she's alone, Waverly hears a woman yelling for help. She pounds on the floor until the hunter's son hears the noise and comes in. He hits a tripwire that cuts through his throat, killing him. Deadfall comes in and puts Waverly in an iron cage, and says that it bought Wynonna some time. He wants to see her dead, and drags the corpse out.

Doc finds Jeremy and his notes, and realizes that there's something wrong with Xavier's drugs. He demands an explanation, and Jeremy asks why Doc assumes the worst about people. Jeremy tells Doc that he has many years to look forward to even though he's lost his immortality. Nicole texts to say that Waverly and Wynonna have disappeared, and Jeremy gives him an earbud to stay in contact and track him before he leaves.

Wynonna finds Deadfall's cabin and goes inside. She sees Waverly, who mimes that she can't talk and warns her about the tripwires. Wynonna says that she doesn't have Peacemaker, and feels her way past the wires following Waverly's directions. They hear Deadfall coming, and Wynonna hides on the stairs. Deadfall comes in and says that he can smell Waverly's fear. He realizes that someone else is there and looks upstairs, then goes to his check his trap line in the forest.

Doc joins Nicole at the wreck and confirms that it was no accident. He finds the marks indicating that Waverly was dragged away and Wynonna walked. Jeremy calls Doc and says that he can't ping the women's phones, but he's spotted two outbuildings. Doc says that they should head to the north building where Wynonna went according to her tracks, and Nicole agrees.

Wynonna tries to break open Waverly's cage with a tire iron that she took from the wreck. She fails, and Waverly shows her the prison pass and mouths why Wynonna didn't tell her that Michelle was locked up. Wynonna admits that Waverly was young when Michelle went into prison, and Wynonna says that she wanted to be sure before she brought Waverly into the situation. Wynonna goes outside to get a jump on Deadfall, and promises Waverly that she'll kill Deadfall and then come back for her.

Xavier returns to the office and realizes that the Earps have been MIA. Jeremy admits that he didn't tell Xavier because he's go in, and tells him to think about himself as Xavier checks his drug supply.

Waverly finds Deadfall outside and introduces herself. He says that she's a trespasser and no one knows about him. She disarms him with the tire irons and mention Bulshar. Deadfall nervously says that Bulshar is buried and gone, never to find him again, and Wynonna tells him that Bulshar has risen and runs off into the forest. She apparently falls into a pit, and Deadfall goes to check on her. It's a trap, and Wynonna kicks him into his own spike-filled pit. His essence leaves his body and Waverly discovers that she has her voice back.

Wynonna steps into a trap line and is yanked up. Doc and Nicole arrive, and Waverly tells them what happened. While Doc cuts her down, Bondicus and the Commander secretly watch.

Once they find Waverly and free her, the group goes back to the truck. Xavier arrives and Wynonna tells him that she's fine. Nicole promises Waverly that she'll fix her, and Waverly tells Wynonna that she meant what she said about being sorry. She explains that she went to see Michelle because she knows things about Bulshar, and Michelle asked her not to tell Waverly where she was. Shocked, Waverly tells Xavier that she can't be there right now and he leads her away. He tells her that it's hard to tell people the truth when you know it will devastate them.

As Nicole fastens a rope to the wreck to climb down to get Peacemaker, she tells Wynonna that they can get through her keeping secrets. She points out that she's the only one with climbing experience. Meanwhile, Xavier moans in pain and tells Waverly that he's running on fumes. His eye glow red as he takes out a vial of the drug, and tells Waverly that Wynonna is going to need her more than ever.

The Commander comes up behind Wynonna and Doc, and cuts the rope. Wynonna grabs it and manages to brake herself before Nicole falls to her death. Doc jumps at the Commander, who teleports away. Nicole manages to grab Peacemaker, while the Commander reappears and then disappears again as Doc jumps at him. Xavier tells Waverly to stay in the car and runs over.

Reappearing, the Commander knocks Doc out. Xavier shoos at him and the bullets have no effect. The Commander says that mortal weapons can't kill him, and Xavier tosses his gun away. Jeremy calls Wynonna and says that Xavier is unstable.

Xavier and the Commander fight, while Wynonna is dragged closer to the edge. Nicole tells her to let go or they're both going down. The Commander says that someone must die, and Waverly walks runs over to help Wynonna. Xavier breathes fire on the Commander, incinerating both of them. Wynonna and Waverly pull Nicole up, while Bondicus appears on the nearby hill and sarcastically applauds. Doc yells to her and when she turns back, Bondicus has disappeared. The others have discovered that Xavier has collapsed and isn't breathing, and Nicole calls for help. They try to revive him, and Waverly says that Xavier is gone.

Wynonna refuses to abandon Xavier's body, and tells Waverly that they were going to die and then Xavier saved them all at the cost of his life. She breaks into tears and hopes that Xavier will wake up. Wynonna hallucinates Michelle being there, and she tells Wynonna that Xavier is at peace now and Wynonna has to let him go.

Written by Gadfly on Jul 28, 2018

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