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June 13th Part One Recap

Hiro and Noah arrive in Odessa on June 13, one year earlier, and Noah says that Claire never made it there. He doesn't know how long he has until Claire died, and tells Hiro that there were at least six separate bombs, detonated simultaneously in three hours. Noah suggests that they call in a warning, but Hiro warns that they have to make the smallest possible change or risk unleashing chaos. As Noah prepares to head to St. Jude's Hospital, Primatech agent Stevens comes over and asks if Noah has seen Claire. Stevens says that Claire got in early at the east gate, and Noah and Hiro take off to find her... just as the past-Noah arrives.

On the outskirts of Odessa, Angela Petrelli meets with Mohinder Suresh. He gets into her car and warns him that they've made a terrible mistake allying with Erica and Renautas. Mohinder points out that Renautas has been funding his research for four years, and Angela explains that Renautas is Primatech. She sold Primatech to Erica because Erica had a vision to save the world from a catastrophic A solar flare will wipe out the Earth's population, and Angela warns that Erica plans to let it happen. Erica believes that they are still partners, but Angela has copied her research and gives one copy to Mohinder. Angela told Erica about her visions of the planetwide destruction and how Evos could stop it, but Erica plans to choose who will survive using the Evos that Angela saw restoring the world after the devastation.

Mohinder insists that it's impossible, but Angela warns him that his team in the Arctic has been gunned down and the bodies buried in the snow. When he wonders what they can do, Angela asks him to come to the press with her. Mohinder says that he plans to give his presentations at the summit, but Angela warns him that Erica will have him led away claiming a change in schedule, and secretly have him shot before he can speak. When he starts to walk away, Angela warns that if Erica finds the Evos first then she will kill them. A woman calls Angela using Claire's cellphone and Angela listens in shock.

In the Odessa suburbs, Harris drives Erica to a quiet home. She has Harris wait outside and goes in to find Richard working at his computers. He's monitoring Phoebe's life signs, and warns Erica that the girl is nervous. Richard suggests that they take a gentler approach with Phoebe, but Erica disagrees and goes into the girl's basement cell. Phoebe is trying to focus the darkness, and Erica tells her that it has to cover the entire summit. If Phoebe doesn't succeed then Erica promises that she won't save Quentin when the world ends. Phoebe goes back to work and creates an expanding cloud of shadow.

At an Odessa motel, Dennis is playing and accidentally burns his hand due to solar urticaria. As Joanne treats his burn, Luke comes back with takeout and Dennis says that he just wants to be normal. As Joanne goes to get her son's medicine, Luke reminds Dennis that he has to be careful. They bandage the boy's burn and Luke suggests that they see all of the Evos at the summit. He says that some of them can heal and Dennis goes off. Joanne asks what they're going to do, and Luke insists that one of the Evos must be able to help their son. He figures that some hope is better than none, and he hopes one of them can help Dennis.

At the summit, past-Noah is patrolling the crowd when Stevens tells him that Claire is already there. Past-Noah has no idea that Stevens told his future self earlier, and Stevens reminds him that Hiro is there as well. When past-Noah discovers that there's no security detail in the garage, Stevens tells him that they were withdrawn on Erica's orders.

At Yamagato Industries in Tokyo, Hachiro meets with Hiro. Hiro congratulates him on his work on Evernow, and Hachiro says that he hopes to build salvation into his game. He says that they've designed a world that can save the human race, and only Hiro can bring it to them. Hiro has no idea what he's talking about, and Hachiro explains that Erica has a plan to save everyone from destruction. He begs Hiro to agree, and Hiro reminds him that he's equal partners with Erica. He admits that he hasn't time-traveled in a long time, and Hachiro transfers him into the Fortress in Evernow The programmer then takes Hiro's katana and leaves as Noah calls Hiro on his cellphone.

At Primatech, Noah and Hiro check Noah's office to see if Claire is there. She isn't, and Noah uses his security briefing to determine where the bombs must have been planted in the underground garage. They hear footsteps approaching and hide in the secret file room just as past-Noah and Erica come in. He asks why Erica rearranged security, and Erica insists that they have everything covered. She tells him to celebrate with Claire, and past-Noah wonders why she's so interested in his daughter. Erica says that evolution is great when it's controlled, and says that she hoped that Noah would help her because Renautas has big plans that will change the world. When he refuses, Erica calls in her guards and has them take past-Noah away. Noah is ready to shoot the guards, but Hiro warns him not to.

Once everyone leaves, Noah and Hiro come out. Noah wants to rescue his past self, but Hiro points out that he'll be okay in the past because Noah is okay now. Angela arrives and mistakes Noah and Hiro for their past selves, and says that Claire was rushed from the summit to the St. Jude's ER and is in surgery. Hiro tells Noah to save his daughter while he stops the bomb, and Noah heads for the hospital with Angela.

At the hospital, Anne Clarke tells Noah and Angela that Claire died despite their best efforts... but they saved her children. Claire died in childbirth.

Mohinder arrives at the summit and tries to call his Arctic research team without success. Molly greets him and he gives her the first copy of his book, Escalating Evolution. Harris arrives and escorts Mohinder to Erica, and she tells him that there will be a change in schedule and he won't be speaking... just as Angela saw in her vision. Mohinder realizes that Angela was right and accuses Erica of planning to kill him and then let the solar flares wipe out humanity. She insists that she has a plan but Mohinder isn't a part of it, and Harris shoots him with a tranq dart. Erica tells Harris to take Mohinder to the garage.

At the hospital, Angela tells Noah that the babies are important. The attending surgeon, Dr. Roberts, comes in and says that Claire died of cardiac arrest. Anne comes in with the twins and Noah takes the girl while Angela takes the boy. Noah says that they're perfect and kisses his granddaughter, and then tells Angela that he has to see Claire.

In the garage, Harris puts a neutralizer on Mohinder. Hiro steps out and draws his swords, and Hiro wonders why he isn't locked in the Fortress. They fight and Harris reveals that he has a bomb strapped to his chest. Hiro manages to cut off his hands and then runs Harris through. The original clone dies but the severed hands grow into two new clones, both wearing bombs. Another one closes in and Mohinder punches him with superhuman strength, but the clone recovers and keeps running.

The other two Harris clones warn that Hiro can't stop them on his own. Hiro freezes them in time and then travels forward in time enough to see what happens if he stops them. There are too many random elements to predict, and Hiro teleports away.

Luke and Dennis arrive at the summit and watch a freezer Evo, Mick, doing tricks. Joanne joins them and pointsout the protestors, and suggests that they should go. Luke says that everything is fine as Mick generates a snowstorm.

Past-Noah paces his cell until Casper--his former partner--comes in. He says that he liked Noah and still does, so offers to wipe his memories rather than kill him. Past-Noah reminds Casper that he saved his life and was there when his wife Gladys left him. Casper doesn't want to hear him beg and tells him to remember what happened in San Francisco. Past-Noah realizes what he's trying to say and the Evo takes a penny out of his case. Casper drops it and it rolls over to the guard. He picks it up and Casper uses his power on him.

Noah goes to the morgue and tells his dead daughter that he wishes they had more time. As he tells her that her children are perfect, Hiro teleports in and says that he can't save the summit without unleashing something far worse. He tells Noah that it's time to go home and tries to teleport them back to their time... but his power fails as the lights go out.

In her cell, Phoebe gains control of the darkness and tells Erica that it doesn't hurt anymore. The darkness spreads out from the house and covers the sky above the summit.

Mohinder captures the fleeing Harris and punches him, only to realize that he's lost his superhuman strength. Hiro says that there are dozens of him all wearing the same vest,

Luke and Joanne watch as Dennis has Mick freeze a balloon for him. The sky grows dark and Mick discovers that his power is gone. He releases the balloon and Dennis chases after it, as his parents and the crowd stare at the sky. Past-Noah and Casper come out and realize that something is wrong. When he realizes what is going on, past-Noah grabs Casper's gun, fires shots into the air to get everyone's attention, and tells them to get out.

Luke and Joanne call to Dennis. The bombs go off and the summit stadium collapses.

At the hospital, Noah and Hiro run to the window to stare at the explosion.

After the dust settles, Molly searches the wreckage for Mohinder. She finds past-Noah and Casper, and Casper says that they need to get a concussed Noah to the hospital.

Noah and Hiro go to the nursery, and Hiro warns that they can't thwart fate. Angela agrees with Hiro and says that they have to save what remains of the future. She explains that she had a vision that one--or both--of Claire's children is the only one capable of stopping Erica. Anne comes in to feed the babies, and has Hiro help with the boy. Once she leaves, Noah realizes this is why he made himself forget. He hid Claire's children from Erica and then erased his memories so no one could get the information from him. Angela realizes that Noah is from the future.

Luke looks for Dennis and finds Mick buried beneath the rubble. He helps Mick get free and asks if he knows where Dennis is, but the Evo doesn't know.

Noah figures that Erica is still looking for Claire's baby in a year, so his plan was sound. He realizes the safest place to hide them, and says that Hiro has to take the children 15 years into the past so that they will be mature enough to stop Erica when the time comes. Hiro warns against it, but Angela says that her visions prove that their plan will work. She volunteers to go back with them and Hiro reluctantly agrees. Before they go, Angela names the boy Nathan after her son, and Noah names the girl Malina after his mother. Hiro teleports back into the past with Angela and the children, and Noah goes to erase the security footage.

At his apartment in Tokyo, Hachiro watches newscasts of the bombing Hiro is listed among the dead, and Hachiro confirms that "his" Hiro is still locked in the Evernow fortress.

Casper and Molly take past-Noah to St. Jude's, and Molly uses her power to confirm that Claire is in the hospital... and dead. She lies and says that she doesn't know what happened to Claire, and quickly leaves. Once Casper leads past-Noah off, Noah enters the ER. On the news, Erica is saying that whoever bombed the summit is evil and justice must be done. Noah glares at the TV screen and then walks out.

At the bomb site, Luke goes back to Joanne and admits that he can't find Dennis. They've ordered him to come back because it's too dangerous, and Joanne refuses to leave without their son.

Anne returns home and tells her son that she just came back to grab some food and has to go back to the hospital. She gives her son Tommy--Nathan--a cupcake to celebrate his birthday. He says that he's ready and that his father taught him everything he knows.

Erica and Harris go to St. Jude's and Erica tells her man to look for any sign of Claire.

Casper goes to get past-Noah some water, and past-Noah sees his future self. Startled, he goes after him and watches as Noah follows Erica as she goes to her car in the hospital garage. Noah puts a silencer on his gun and prepares to shoot her in the back, and past-Noah yells at him to stop.

Written by Gadfly on Oct 30, 2015

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