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2. Run Rabbit Run Recap

At the docks in London, Harry uses an arc-welder to cut himself out of a cargo container and emerges with Eve. As a worker sees them and comes over to demand answers, a shot rings out and the worker goes down. Harry and Eve take cover, and Harry grabs a pipe as a weapon. The shooter confronts them and fires, and Harry uses the pipe to deflect the bullet back at the gunman, hitting him. His gun slides under a container, and Eve is unable to get it. Another shooter arrives, and Harry and Eve run off. Harry doubles back and attacks the man, and Eve rides out of a container on her motorcycle. She tells Harry to get on and hands him a helmet. Once he does, Eve drives off through the dockyard and the shooter chases after them on his motorcycle. They get through a gate as it closes and Harry gives the shooter the finger. Samuel watches from his car and looks at Eve's bracelet contemplatively.

Later, Harry and Eve stop running. They figure the shooters worked for Samuel, and Harry points out that as long as he has the bracelet, Samuel will come after him and he has a better chance of getting him. Eve wonders what the new mark on Harry's bracelet signifies, and reminds Harry that Samuel shot him despite his luck. Harry checks the wallet he took from one shooter and discovers that he has a pass card to Hawksmoor Import/Export. He says that he'll be okay on the run, and tells Eve to be careful and stay hidden. Eve drives off, and Harry looks at the bracelet.

Suri texts Rich and asks to meet him for breakfast. When he arrives at the diner with flowers, he finds Harry waiting for him, having faked the text. The brothers hug and sit down, and Harry says that he needs to see the footage showing him killing Isabella so he can clear his name. He asks Rich for cash so he can lie low, and Rich gives him what he has in his wallet.

Elsa meets Suri at the dock yard, and Suri tells her about the shooting. Elsa says that they got a tip from MI6 that Harry and Eve left Hong Kong in a shipping container, and asks if Harry has contacted Suri. Suri insists that she did everything to try and capture Harry. Harry calls Suri and asks if she can talk, and Suri steps aside. She tells Harry to give himself up, but Harry refuses. He tells her to find Samuel and investigate Hawksmoor, and be the cop he knows her to be.

Harry goes to Soho and a man follows him. The former CSI goes to a door and concentrates on the bracelet, and then goes inside. Men are playing mahjong, ad Harry joins them. His luck lets him win.

Elsa, Suri, and Steve check the CCTV footage from the docks and see the confrontation. The dead shooter works at Hawksmoor, and Suri offers to check it out. Steve confirms that the only fingerprints on the dead man's gun were his own.

Harry wins again, and the dealer accuses another player of working with Henry to rip off the club. They argue and then go after Harry, who turns over the table and runs, closing the door behind him. The same man follows him as he goes to Ruby's, Kalim's club. Kalim greets his "friend", and Harry asks for a fake ID. Harry asks him about the snake-handed triad, and offers him his winnings to convince him to talk. Kalim says that the triad traffics heroin, and asks Harry for more money to take him to one of their dealers.

Suri tells Elsa that there's no evidence that Harry shot either victim. Elsa points out that Harry was in the middle of chaos and walked away unharmed, and tries to work out where he went. She tells Suri to use her connection to Rich to find out what he knows, and Suri reluctantly agrees. Elsa has Steve stay behind and tells him to watch Suri in case Harry tries to reach her. Steve says that Suri's integrity is unquestionable, but Elsa warns him not to rely on blind loyalty.

Kalim takes Harry a drug dealer, who refuses to do walk-ins. The dealer offers him a shot. When Harry refuses, the dealer figures that Harry is a cop and orders him out. As Harry turns, he concentrates on the dealer, head-butts him, and the syringe flies into the air and lands in the dealer's foot. Harry grabs a knife and puts it to the man's throat, and demands to know if the dealer knows Samuel. The dealer gives up the locations where he meets the triad to get his heroin, and Harry leaves. Kalim makes a phone-calling gesture to the dealer and follows Harry.

Suri and Steve arrive at Rich's flat and Suri says that she should go in now. She goes up and tells Rich that her visit is about Harry. Rich offers her the flowers he bought earlier, but Suri refuses them and asks if Harry has contacted him. Rich claims that he hasn't, and Suri tells him that they have filmed evidence that Harry is a killer. She shows him the CCTV footage and goes to the bathroom, taking Rich's phone with her. Once she leaves, Rich brings up the video and downloads it onto a flash drive. He quickly removes and hides it as Suri comes back, and she says that Harry needs their protection. Suri kisses Steve, says that she shouldn't do it, and goes back to the car. Steve tells her that Hawksmoor is apparently a reputable business and they had no idea what the shooter was involved with. Suri says that she put a tracker on Rich's phone, and Steve points out that her lipstick is smudged.

Kalim takes Harry to a forger, Bobby Hayes, and the man following Harry makes a call. Inside, Kalim takes Harry to Bobby, who makes the fake ID and refuses to answer any questions about himself. He demands payment, and Harry picks it up and counts it six times. Harry suggests that Bobby could turn his life around, and Bobby orders him out and counts their steps.

Rich calls Harry and says that he has the footage. Harry is surprised that Suri showed his brother the footage, and Rich notes that Suri left the room. Suri and Steve follow Rich, and Harry realizes that Suri is tracking Rich's phone. He hides and watches Suri and Steve go by after Rich. Steve asks Suri if she's okay with using Rich, and Suri insists that it won't stop her from doing her job. Meanwhile, Rich puts his phone in a woman's wheeled shopping cart, and Steve loses visual contact with Rich. Suri soon realizes that Rich's phone is in the bag.

Rich meets with Harry and Rich asks where he's going to stay. Harry says that he'll find somewhere and tells him to make up with Suri because they both deserve to be happy. Rich figures that Suri is breaking up with him, and tells his brother to be careful.

The second shooter, Bo Jing, goes to Bobby's place and draws a gun on him. He tells Bobby to call him if Harry comes back and leaves.

On the waterfront, Harry looks at a photo of his family on his phone. He sees a family walking together and then sneaks onto their houseboat after the father goes back to lock up. Harry calls Eve and has her meet him there, and shows her the footage. Eve warns that now that Samuel has the other bracelet, he can destroy Harry. Harry says that Samuel won't win.

Harry takes the footage to Bobby to help him prove that the footage is doctored. Bobby refuses to help, and Harry says that he knows what Bobby is going through with his OCD because of his own compulsive gambling. When Harry describes what Samuel did to him, Bobby says that Bo Jing came there looking for Harry and tells him that the damage is done whether he helps Harry or not. He refuses to go, and Harry tells him to call him if anything happens and to not let anyone else in. As Harry goes, he steps on a creaky step board and wonders if it bothers Bobby. Bobby says that it doesn't but tells him that he has to do it five more times.

That night, Harry and Eve go to Hawksmoor and see a man leave. Harry goes in using the shooter's pass card.

Bobby checks the footage and discovers that the video has been doctored. He records what he's discovered on video to leave to Harry. Bobby sees Bo Jing on the monitor, arriving at his door.

In Hawksmoor, Harry sees Samuel and one of his men in Samuel's office. He listens as they discuss the next shipment of heroin, and Harry secretly takes a photo of Samuel.

Bobby calls Harry and gets his voice mail, and asks him to bring in his killer as Bo Jing breaks in.

Harry goes back outside and tells Eve that Samuel is using his business to traffic heroin. If they expose him then they can put him away.

The next morning, a pizza delivery girl arrives at Bobby's place and finds his body. Kalim soon finds out and calls Harry to tell him. Harry tells him to stay in his club, and Kalim worries that he'll be next because the drug dealer knows who he is. As Harry goes, he checks his phone and hears Bobby's message.

Kalim leaves his club with two of his prostitutes, and sees Bo Jing approaching him. As Bo Jing draws his gun, Harry arrives, calls to Bo Jing, and calls to him. He then runs off and the killer follows him. The former CSI ducks into a building under construction and then attacks Bo Jing with a pipe. The two men fight and Harry throws an ax, hitting Bo Jing in the shoulder before he can shoot. Harry runs but Bo Jing tackles him and tries to get to his gun. Before he can, Harry shoots him in the hand with a nail gun and grabs the gun.

Elsa finds out about Bobby's death and tells Suri and Steve. Bobby's security camera shows Harry coming there and then Bo Jing breaking in. Suri recognizes Bo Jing from the CCTV footage from the dock yard. Elsa gets a call of reports of gunfire in Soho.

Harry ties up Bo Jing and questions him about Samuel and killing Bobby. Bo Jing says that Bobby died because of Harry, and tells him that he followed orders. Harry demands information on the triad, the Wo Chi, and recites his CSI oath as he beats Bo Jing. Bo Jing finally says that the triad is the ancient enemy of the Torches, and the Wo Chi will destroy the bracelets before they destroy the world. He tells Harry that the Wo Chi are always one step ahead and Harry doesn't understand but will.

Sirens approach, and Bo Jing jumps onto a piece of rebar to kill himself. Harry takes his phone and leaves. He meets with Eve, and Harry blames himself for Bo Jing's death. He spots Samuel's man from the office going into a building, and Harry and Eve follow him inside. They find the man forcing women to manufacture the heroin. As he calls Samuel, Bo Jing's phone rings and he orders his men to search for the intruders. Harry and Eve slip into the workshop and Eve takes video. Samuel's man arrives, and Harry shoots him in the hand. The man knocks over a table, which starts a chemical fire, , and Harry and Eve get the workers out as the place goes up in flames. Eve says that she'll get the workers to a safehouse and hails a taxi. Meanwhile, Harry realizes that Bobby left him a coded message about where he hid his laptop, saying that he nailed down what doesn't bother him.

Harry goes to Bobby's flat and sees a policeman standing guard outside. When Harry concentrates on the bracelet, a bicyclist runs into a woman carrying groceries. The policeman comes over to investigate and Harry slips into the flat and finds the laptop beneath the loose step. Once he has it, Harry goes out the window.

Elsa is going into worker, and a "jogger" slips an envelope into her bag. When Elsa arrive sin her office, she finds the envelope and the flash drive inside. The video on the drive is Bobby's video log. Harry calls and says that they need to talk. Elsa agrees and as she goes, Suri tells her that they've identified Bo Jing as a contract killer wanted for four murders and might be connected to a triad. Elsa tells them to focus on Harry and leaves, and Steve asks Dan to check on the triads in London.

Harry calls Suri and tells her that Samuel doctored the footage of Isabella's death. Suri advises him to turn himself in, but Harry tells her to check out the heroin workshop and explains that it's connected to Hawksmoor, and she should get evidence in case his Plan A Fails. Suri wonders what Plan A is, and Harry hangs up without explaining.

Suri goes to the workshop and discover nothing there. She calls Harry's phone and leaves a message that she put her career on the line and is done with him.

Harry meets with Elsa at a rooftop restaurant. He explains that Samuel is framing him and Eve, and using the triads to run heroin. Elsa points out that Bo Jing is dead, and Harry says that he wouldn't be there if he's guilty. Samuel walks up and tells Harry to make the allegations to his face. Harry realizes that Samuel got to Elsa, and Elsa tells Harry to sit down. He does so and says that Samuel had Bobby killed. Samuel claims that Harry paid Bobby to have him lie, and Elsa explains that Samuel is a MI6 field operative. Samuel has been running counter-intelligence operations against the triads in London and Hong Kong, and Elsa explains that Samuel was ordered to bring in two suspects before they embarrassed the force further.

When Harry says that Samuel came after him for the bracelets, Samuel feigns ignorance. He says that he tried to kill Harry because he's a murderer, and everyone in the restaurant stands up, revealing that they're MI6 agents. Samuel tells Elsa that she should arrest Harry, and he places Harry under arrest for Isabella's murder. Samuel whispers to Harry to run, and Harry leaps over the balcony and into the back of a passing garbage truck. Samuel tells Elsa that they'll get Harry when his luck runs out.

Written by Gadfly on Jul 28, 2018

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