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Counterbalance Recap

Miguel wakes when his alarm rings, puts in his earphones, and goes through his training exercises.

Later at the dojo, Johnny puts Miguel through his paces, has him exercising and training. They spar and Miguel slowly improves until even Johnny is impressed. Johnny warns Miguel that he has to be prepared for everything, and a group of women come in. Johnny explains that he had to sublet the dojo until he gets more students, and the women begin their yoga exercises as Johnny looks on in dismay.

At the country club, Daniel is eating with Armand Zakarian. Armand thanks Daniel for inviting him and his family, and Daniel talks about how they earned their money unlike most of the people and they have to look out for each other. Armand figures that Daniel is buttering him up, and asks what he can do for him.

At the buffet, Amanda thanks Samantha for coming. Samantha explains that her friends haven't been returning her texts and they went to a concert without her. Amanda goes to check on Anthony, who is drinking the butter and sitting with Armand's son Roland. They're talking about whose father is better.

Daniel tells Armand that he's looking to expand and wants Armand's help. He offers to get Armand and his family reinstated at the club if in return, Armand gives him first crack at any property that comes up in Reseda. Armand says that he only has one property in Reseda: a strip mall. Daniel feigns surprise and brings up the dojo, and asks if he wants to sell it.

Robby returns home and when Shannon comes in, he suggests that they have dinner and watch a movie. She says that she has to go out, and he accuses her of going out and getting drunk. Robby asks if he's meeting PJ, and Shannon insists that she's trying to meet a good man. She mentions that Johnny came by to see her and suggested that Robby move in with him. Shannon figures that it's some kind of a scam and tells Robby that one day he'll leave her and she doesn't want to be alone.

The next day at the dojo, Johnny and Miguel are sparring. Johnny tells him to strike hold, and Aisha comes in and says that she's there for karate. Johnny tells her that there are no women in Cobra Kai, and Miguel talks to him privately and says that Johnny needs the students. Miguel explains that the kids at school make fun of her, and that Isaiah Robinson is Aisha's father: a Hall of Fame lineman for the Chargers and loaded. He says that Johnny needs the money, and Johnny goes out and tells Aisha to begin. He warns her that she can't act like a girl,: all emotional and complainy. When Aisha objects, Johnny tells her to be quiet and then asks if she's been harassed at school. Aisha admits that she has, and kids send her messages from fake accounts. Shocked, Johnny says that they're pussies and talks about how in his day when people insulted each other, they did it face-to-face. He tells Aisha that when he's done with her, she's going to be sending a message back with her fist.

In his office, Daniel talks to Armand and tries to negotiate the buyout. Armand says that it's horrible there and figures that Daniel has another reason for buying the mall. He refuses to deal, and Daniel smiles as he gets an idea.

Yasmine and Moon are in Moon's car, smoking crack cocaine. Lynn comes over and the girls try not to look at her. Moon makes eye contact with them and Lynn comes over. She knocks on the window and asks them for money, and Samantha gets in the back seat and asks why they've been avoiding her. Yasmine says that Skyler said that Samantha said she was better than her. Samantha insists that it isn't what went down, and her former friends say that Skyler claimed that Samantha went down on her in the movie theater. Disgusted, Yasmine refuses to apologize and walks off.

Johnny has Miguel show Aisha what he's learned. Miguel points out that Aisha is a girl, and Johnny tells her that she has to conquer her fears even though it's her first day. He tells them to fight, and Miguel apologizes and then kicks Aisha to the floor. She gets up and slams him to the mat, and then drives her knee into his ribs. Johnny figures that she's a natural Cobra and hears Armand in the store next door.

When he gets to the store, Johnny finds Armand demanding more rent from Nestor in the convenience store. Johnny complains that they're interrupting his training session, and Nestor explains that Armand is trying to double their rent. Armand insists that he's just trying to get market value and leaves with Roland.

Robby looks at the Cobra Kai website. A drunken Shannon comes in with a man and takes him to her bedroom. Robby puts on his headphones so he doesn't have to hear them.

Johnny tries to pawn his "classic" Sports Illustrated issues from the 80s. The owner says that his rent just went up and can barely get much. Johnny finally shows him his gold trophy medals, saying that he needs $1,600. The owner tells him that he'll need 60,000 more and they're gold-plated. Disgusted, Johnny says that the owner just lost the opportunity of a lifetime and goes back to the dojo. There's no beer in the fridge, and Johnny goes over to Nestor's to get some. Daniel comes in looking for red spray paint, and he and Johnny glance at each other. Nestor goes to get the spray paint, and Johnny asks what's going on. Daniel explains that he was considering opening up a dealership there but has discovered that the rent is going up. He tells Nestor to put Johnny's beer on his tab and leaves.

Daniel returns home and opens a bottle of wine for Amanda. He tells her that he got payback and explains that Johnny was the one who messed with his billboard. Dale explains that he tweaked Armand to drive up the rent, and Amanda is furious that the dinner was a convoluted plot to get revenge on Johnny. She asks if Daniel considered the other businesses, and tells her husband that he's acting like a mental patient. Amanda admits that Johnny is an asshole and tells Daniel not to let him become one. She wants the Daniel that she married and walks off.

The next day at the high school, Samantha discovers that Yasmine refuses to let her sit with her and her friends. She tries to sit down with Aisha, but Aisha refuses and tells her to sit with Skyler. Samantha goes over to Kyler and says that he's spreading lies about her. When he suggests that she performed a blowjob on him, Samantha shoves his tray on the floor. Skyler yells to everyone in the cafeteria that Samantha takes after Daniel and mentions the billboard. Miguel comes in and tells Kyler to shut up. Kyler says that he's ready for him and starts shoving him. When Kyler punches him, Miguel hits him in the nose. Skyler tackles him and gets him a chokehold, but Miguel breaks his grip and kicks him. Aisha yells "No mercy", and Brucks throws a punch at Miguel. Miguel takes him and Kyler's other friends down, using trays and chairs as the students take video. Once he's done, the other students applaud and Samantha looks at him, smiling. Blatt comes in and tells them to break it up, and takes Miguel away.

Later, Miguel tells Johnny what happened and how everything came together. Johnny figures that Carmen is going to kill both of them, and Miguel admits that Rosa took the call from the school and won't tell Carmen. His sensei takes Miguel to his car and gives him his Cobra Kai dojo that he wore when he was training for his first tournament. Johnny assures Miguel that he earned it and they hug. Robby arrives and watches as Johnny hugs Miguel, then turns and walks away.

Daniel goes to Miyagi's grave and talks to his mentor, wondering if he's losing the balance that Miyagi taught him. He admits that he feels clueless and wonders if it was the same for Miyagi. As Daniel trims the bonsai tree on the grave, he admits that he's still a hothead and wishes that Miyagi was there. Standing up, Daniel bows to the tombstone and then gets into his car. He remembers Miyagi telling that his lesson on balance are for life, not just karate.

Johnny calls Armand and says that he has a plan to get his rent. He arrives at his dojo and finds teenagers lined up to get in. They're all looking at the video of Miguel, and Miguel is there as well. Johnny tells him that they're in business and opens the doors.

Daniel goes to the storage room at his house and converts the room into a dojo. Amanda sees him and smiles, and then walks away. Daniel puts a photo of MIyagi in a place of honor.

Later at the dealership, Robby applies for a job as a janitor and assures her that it's exactly where he wants to be. Amanda interviews him and says that Daniel is taking a personal day, and welcomes Robby to the LaRusso family.

Daniel puts up a photo of himself and a young Samantha, and takes out his headband and puts it on. He then bows and begins a kata.

Written by Gadfly on Jul 29, 2018

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