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Les Enfants du Sang Recap

Eugene looks at the smoking crater that is all that is left of Annville. The Texas department of Human Services worker takes him away, and Eugene wonders what the point was of everyone dying. He figures that going to Hell saved him, which means that God wants him alive as part of his plan.

Back at the orphanage, Eugene packs his things and says that his story is just beginning. His fellow resident says that everyone in his family died when he went to live with them. He says that it's the end of the line, just as the administrator announces over the loudspeaker that Eugene has been announced. The administrator brings in Eugene's new foster parent: the Saint. When the administrator asks the Saint for the paperwork, he slams her through a wall.

Outside, the Saint manacles Eugene and says that God hasn't got anything to do with what is happening to Eugene. Eugene insists that God has something to do with everything, and the Saint takes him away. He tells Eugene that they have to make a stop first, and Eugene's story will take them to Hell.

Eccarius welcomes Cassidy to Les Enfants du Sang: the Children of Blood. They want to wash Cassidy's clothes, and he refuses to strip in front of them. Lisa says that they all want to be vampires, and Cassidy tells them that they'll be hated and watch everyone they love die of old age. Eccarius says that it's a collection of men and women dedicated to protecting the Ways of the Night, and he is their lord. The grandmother of one of the members, Kevin, comes down into the basement and then apologizes for not knowing that Kevin had guests. Cassidy dismisses them as poseurs, and Eccarius says that he can show Cassidy something new. He eats the owl that is perched on his arm, and says that he's no poseur.

At Angelville, Jody and .T.C. knock Jesse out and strap Tulip into the soul-sucking machine. When Jesse wakes up, Jody tells him that it's happening and there's nothing Jesse can do. T.C. points out that Tulip tried to kill Marie, and Jesse says that Sabina convinced Tulip to murder Marie. He suggests that rather than feed Marie one soul and keep her going, they feed her a bunch of souls to save her life and they need to rob Sabina's soul bank. Jody and T.C. have tried it before, and Jesse says that now they have Tulip. He explains that first they need to kill Tulip and Marie, and Jody understands what he means.

Later, Jesse, Jody, and T.C. attend Tulip and Marie's funeral. Bruneau is watching in secret and report to Sabina that they're both dead. The men go inside and Tulip is upset that T.C. is the only one who cried. As Marie whispers to Jody, Tulip puts on a wig and says that it's time to steal some shit.

Later, the disguised Tulip enters the bank and notes the security. She meets with the manager, Carter, who opens the vault and takes Tulip to her new safety deposit box. He licks the DNA scanner identifier to open the box, explaining that each box can be opened by is owner's saliva. She gets her glasses from Carter's desk and triggers the hidden alarm, and confirms that the bank closes in seven hours.

Starr and Hoover stand in an elevator and Starr says that he needs to get leverage to squeeze Jesse. He makes it clear that he needs to find Cassidy, and warns that Allfather is watching them and is a cold-blooded killer. Starr explains that he once saw Allfather sit on a man who displeased him by touching his Hot Pocket. He warns Hoover that they're planning a coup, and says that he's relying on him. Hoover remembers to push the button.

In Kevin's basement, Eccarius asks the Children who is prepared to lie back and take flight. He selects one Child, Deng, and confirms that he's ready, and then orders him to step back. Eccarius asks Cassidy if he'll join them for the ceremony, and Cassidy declines. Cassidy asks Eccarius if he's royalty, and insists that they're nothing alike. Eccarius insists that they're both vampires, and Cassidy says that he's a cliché and being a vampire sucks. The other vampire tells him that perhaps Cassidy is doing it wrong.

Out in the car, Tulip tells the three men about the security that she saw. She figures that they can take it, just as the police arrive in response to the alarm. It took them seven minutes, and T.C. says that they can buy Tulip more time. She tells them that they have until 5 to get some spit.

Lara meets Starr and Hoover as they arrive at Starr's office. She admires Starr's new hat, and Starr says that he needs to be alone. He goes into his office and removes his hat, revealing the scar across his head. Allfather greets him from behind Starr's desk.

Sabina finds Jesse drinking at a bar and offers her condolences for Tulip. She figures that Jesse wanted to draw her out, and says that she figured that Jesse figured she had something to do with Tulip's death. Jesse tells her that he'd spit in her face and break her neck before her "friends" in the bar could save her. He says that he screwed up and Sabina didn't do anything. When Sabina mentions Kenny, Jesse says that it was self-defense but Sabina doesn't believe him. She says that she'll spit on Jesse's grave and starts to leave. Jesse tells her that he has nothing to live for, and Sabina with him. She admits that she liked him when they were kids and they chuckle over old times. Jesse asks Sabina if it would make him the worst person in the world is he kisses her on the day he buried his girlfriend. Sabina says that it would and leans over.

Outside in the car, Jesse puts his sample of Sabina's saliva in her jar. Tulip points out that the idea was to get Sabina to spit in his face, but admits that Jesse's "improvisation" probably worked.

Jody drops T.C. off at a petting zoo and says that he's going to do something for Marie.

A masked Jesse and Tulip enter the bank.

The police are heading to the bank when the dispatcher tells them that T.C. is in a petting zoo. They immediately drive to the zoo.

Jody arrives at the London Lodge carrying his gun, walks in, and starts shooting.

After tossing the guard through the door, Jesse and Tulip walk off with a case.

A pantless T.C. runs off with a goat.

Jody drives away from the motel, leaving bodies strewn all over the place.

Starr smiles in greeting and welcomes Allfather, and says that he wasn’t expecting him. He tries to make small talk, and Allfather says that Starr's head looks like a penis. Starr says that it was a work injury, and Allfather describes how a horse was the greatest asset that a Crusader knight had. When a horse fell, a Crusader ate his horse. Allfather calls in two chefs who carve up a horse, and says that he and Starr have to eat.

Eccarius takes Cassidy flying over the city. They land in an alleyway and Eccarius tells Cassidy that their powers Cassidy didn't know existed. They go into a bar to drink, and Cassidy demonstrates how to hit on a woman. He fails, and Eccarius entrances the woman into coming to him. She does so, much to Cassidy's disgust, and Eccarius entrances her father who is with her. Eccarius turns into a cat to avoid them, and then goes out with Cassidy. The vampire tells Cassidy to look him up again and starts to walk off, and Cassidy asks how he was doing all of his vampire powers.

Back at Kevin's basement, Eccarius prepares Deng for initiation. Deng makes it clear that he chooses it freely, and Eccarius bites him in the neck. Deng rises as a vampire and says that he feels awesome as everyone applauds. Afterward, Cassidy tells Eccarius that he's feeding on morons to get his powers. He throws punches at Eccarius, who easily dodges them. Cassidy says that it's wrong to turn people, and Eccarius asks if Denis was a good person. He says that each person he selects is a good person, and Cassidy tells him that it's not his cup of tea. Cassidy wonders why Eccarius needs him, and Eccarius says that he was looking for a friend. he asks if Cassidy is, and Cassidy says that he has enough friends before walking out.

Back at the manor, Jesse takes out the case of soul vials. T.C. feeds them to Marie, and Jesse tells Tulip that there are enough vials to keep Marie--and Tulip--alive.

Cassidy goes off to a crack house den and gets high. Tulip calls him and Cassidy finally answers. She asks how he is, and Cassidy says that he's all right. Tulip says that it's been crazy there and describes what has been happening. She finally asks Cassidy what he's doing, and figures that he's at a crack house. Tulip tells him to cut the crap, and when they get out of Angelville she and Jesse are going to come find him. Cassidy says that he's gone through thousands of Tulips and Jesses, and will go through thousands more. He explains that he moves on and hangs up. Someone grabs Tulip from behind and chloroforms her.

Marie meets with Jesse and thanks him, sure that he only saved Marie to save Tulip. Jesse asks about Tulip, and Jody says that she isn't. Marie explains that Tulip isn't so clever, and her and Jesse have been insolent since the day they arrived. She wants Jesse's debt paid, and Jesse promises that if she touches Tulip then he'll wring her neck. T.C. knocks Jesse out, and Marie tells them to get Tulip ready.

Later, Jody and T.C. strap Tulip into the soul-sucking machine and activate it. Conscious, Tulip watches as her soul is drained away. Marie then drinks the substance down and looks at a drugged Sabina. she tells Jody and T.C. that they'll fight her in the Tombs. Jesse comes in and shoots Sabina dead. He says that a person is nothing without her soul, and will pay Marie's debt. He tells her that it's time to call the Grail.

Starr and Allfather eat the horse, and Allfather purges. He tells Starr that the Apocalypse is approaching, and the world governments will unleash their nuclear arsenals and create a new world to pave the world for Humperdoo. Allfather asks if Starr is a True Believer, and Star insists that he is. Apparently satisfied, Allfather sits back and says that they should talk about Jesse.

Cassidy returns to Kevin's house and Mrs. Rosen answers the door. She's happy that he came back and says that everyone will be thrilled. Cassidy admit that he's been smoking crack all day, and Mrs. Rosen brings him in and announces that Cassidy is home.

Written by Gadfly on Jul 30, 2018

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