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Colony Collapse Recap

Chantelle talks about the great famine that struck the Choctaw people. Despite the darkness, two children were alive and healthy. The girl walks into the water with a basket of stones on her head, and slowly goes beneath the water. The land turns fertile and the city of New Orleans grows from the woman's sacrifice.


Evita looks at the totes on the mantelpiece, and sets the carvings of Tandy and Tyrone among the others.

Tandy steps out and tells the assassin that if she kills Tandy, she'll never see the Roxxon files about the explosion on the oil rig. She tells the killer to get out of the house and advances on her. The assassins releases Melissa to shoot at Tandy, and Melissa grabs a knife and sabs her. the women fight and Tandy slashes the assassin with a light dagger. The killer runs out as Melissa grabs her gun and shoots at her. Tandy admits that screwed up, and tells her mother to go to a neighbor who will protect her. She then calls Mina and gets her voice mail, and tells Melissa that she has to go help some people. When Melissa wonders why she has to do it, Tandy kisses her and leaves.

At the Red Hawks HQ, Tyrone hides in the shadows as the group gathers. He looks for Billy's cloak, and Otis comes back with it. Otis says that Adina called and said that the police accused Tyrone of killing a cop. He tells his son to leave and never try to communicate with them. When Tyrone agrees, Otis gives him the cloak. Two policemen arrive and Big Chief and his men confront them. Tyrone teleports away when Otis isn't looking.

Tandy goes to Mina's house and the berserk Roxxon worker attacks her. She stabs him and Dan tosses an appliance out the kitchen window and tries to break down the door to the closet where Mina is hiding. Tandy goes up and knocks him out, and tells Mina that Dan has been turned into a Terror. She explains that eight years ago on the rig turned the crew into Terrors and it's happening again. Mina tells Tandy what happened, and explains that there are nine other valves spread throughout the city. She checks her laptop and confirms that they're all under pressure and threatening to blow. Mina tells Tandy that there's a way to shut it off but they need to get to Roxxon.

The Mardi Gras parade goes down the street, and the cloaked Tyrone makes his way through the crowd avoiding the police. They spot him and he slips away into the crowd. When more officers cut him off, Tyrone runs off. Brigid pulls up and tells him to get in, but he refuses and surrenders.


Two brothers prepare to duel over a woman. A devastating storm hits New Orleans, and the younger brother Leland sacrificed himself to end the feud and the storm.


Evita tells Chantelle that she found Tyrone's divine pair, and she has no idea what's going on. Chantelle says that there is a danger coming at the city, and they need to remember their history.

The police take Brigid and Tyrone to the station.

As Mina and Tandy drive into town, the newswoman announces that there has been violence in the Garden District. Tandy says that they're going to fix it and Mina is their only hope, and insists that it's Mina's destiny.

The officers take Brigid and Tyrone to a back room and Brigid tells him that the officers are keeping them out of the official record. She tells Tyrone to do his "thing", and he says that he needs the cloak to control it, or someone to fire a gun at him. Brigid calls to the officer on guard, Lafayette, and asks what they're waiting for. He says that Brigid doesn't get it because she's not from new Orleans, and Tyrone insists that he's not a cop killer. When Lafayette calls him "boy", Tyrone tells him not to call him "boy" and says that Lafayette's job is to protect him. He tries to get through to the officer, asking him to protect them. Tyrone reminds Lafayette of the oath he took as a policeman, and after a moment Lafayette starts to release them. another officer comes in and says that Connors has put the station on lockdown, and Layfaette leaves.

Peer is destroying his hard drives and files. He goes to the elevator and finds Tandy and Mina there. Peter gets in the elevator with them and takes it down, and Tandy says that the whole city is about to destroy itself. He says that there's great power down there, and Mina tells him that they need to shut it down. Peter warns that they've lost the ability to shut it down remotely, and Mina hits him when he dismisses the damage. Tandy remembers that there's a kill switch and shut-off valves, and Peter tells them that it's in their annex building on the waterfront. Tandy touches him and transports him into a vision of his greatest hope. She tells him that all the power he wants is through a nearby door. Peter opens it and reveals the rig beyond.

Tyrone thanks Brigid for being the one good cop, Connors comes in and says that he's going to stage it to look like Tyrone and Brigid killed each other. Brigid dislocates her thumb secretly slipping out of her handcuffs, and Connors and his man lead them out. A Terror storms into the station and the officers are forced to kill him. When one officer touches his body, he transforms into a Terror. Two more Terrors run in and attack the officers.


In the war of 1812, the Battle of New Orleans continued. A soldier tried to get word of the ceasefire to Jackson and was shot. He died in the arms of a young refugee, passing his urgency onto her, and she delivered the message to Jackson.


Chantelle tells Evita that people didn't understand how a sacrifice could stop a disaster, and explains that one must live and one must die.

Mina and Tina head to Mina's car, and the assassin open fire on them. Terrors run down the street and overwhelm the assassin, and Tandy cuts through a door so that she and Mina can duck inside. They slam the doors and windows shut, and the two women are separated.

Tyrone yells at Brigid to not touch the Terrors.

Tandy searches for Mina.

Tyrone tells Lafayette that he needs his cloak, and Lafayette points out where it is. He and the remaining offices hold off the Terrors as Tyrone and Brigid run. They duck into an office and find the cloak, and Brigid tells him to get out of town. Tyrone refuses, saying that he needs to help, and Brigid tells him that she'll be fine once she finds the mercy bullets. Tyrone teleports out to the squad room, gives Lafayette a taser, and calls the other Terrors over to him. They grab him and Tyrone lures them into an office and yells at Lafayette to lock them in.

An infected Mina attacks Tandy, who says that she doesn't want to hurt her. Tyrone teleports in and uses a taser on Mina, knocking her out.


In the fall of 1918, Spanish influenza spreads throughout the world. Young doctor Jack Rogers runs a clinic from a church. His lover Bobo Smith is hit by the disease and Jack injects Bobo with some of his blood to pass on his immunity. Two dozen other patients in the church also recovered shortly after Jack died.


Tyrone and Tyrone go to the church and Tyrone realizes that he's lost control of his powers again because his cloak was ripped by the Terrors. Tandy figures that without Mina, they can't stop the disaster. She wonders what happens, and Evita comes in and says that they'll have to find a way but one of them will die. Evita explains about the divine pairing, and shows them the dolls of themselves. She says that it's on them to go up against the coming catastrophe, and Tyrone tells her to go somewhere safe. Tyrone says that she's important to him and he doesn't want to see her hurt, and they kiss. Evita cries for a moment but says that it's nothing, and leaves.

Tandy tells Tyrone to lock down his relationship with Evita, shows him the map of the valve locations, and tells him that they go straight to the Core. Tyrone wonders how he can help now that he's lost his cloak, and Tandy tells him that he can't be the man she first met and he doesn't need a cloak. When he wonders if he does, Tandy gives him the coat that he wore as a young boy. She explains that she needed it so she didn't mention it, and now she needs Tyrone. He puts on the coat and they head into the city.

As Tandy and Tyrone reach the annex, the Terrors attack them. They use their powers to take down the first wave of Terrors, but more surround them. Brigid opens fire from a nearby roof, taking down the other Terrors. As she goes to her car, Connors shoots her. He fires another shot, hitting a nearby valve, and the fumes burst out covering Brigid. Brigid goes down and Connors kicks her into the water.

Chantelle chants over the dolls.

Tyrone and Tandy run down the street to the Roxxon annex. Connors comes up and aims a shotgun at them, and says that he'll shoot Tandy since Tyrone can teleport away from him. Tyrone teleports away and knocks the shotgun away, and Tandy summons a light dagger and cuts the shotgun in half, When Tyrone says that he's not going to let Connors hold his life hostage any more, Connors starts to curse at him. Tyrone tells him that he should be very afraid of him, and Connors admits that he is. Disgusted, Tyrone releases him and lets the darkness take him. Tandy tells Tyrone that he has the power to be whatever he wants.

The city shakes, and Tyrone says that one of them has to die and fate has chosen him. He teleports into the annex before Tandy can stop him, and hits the shutdown valves. An explosion shakes the building, and Tandy cuts her way in. She refuses to let him die there, and says that they'll both die together. Tyrone figures that the energy at the core is the power that fills them, and Tandy tells Tyrone to take her hand. He does so and they hang on as the energy flows through both of them. Tandy uses a light dagger to absorb it and then they release their light and dark into the sky.

Tandy and Tyrone collapse... alive. They look at each other and smile.

The violence throughout the city stops. At home, Evita puts away the Tandy and Tyrone dolls.

The assassin finds Peter in the elevator, comatose.

Two officers talk to Adina, Otis, and Delgado. Adina hears something and goes up to Tyrone's room. She realizes that Tyrone was there.

Tandy returns home and shows Melissa the newspaper headline about the news clearing Nathan.

Tyrone moves into the church and puts up his photo of Billy. Tandy comes in and says that she's learning how to care.

On the edge of the bayou, a mutated Brigid crawls out of the water.

Written by Gadfly on Aug 3, 2018

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