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Colder Weather Recap

Wynonna stands out in the forest drinking in Xavier's honor. Drunk, she calls to Bulshar yelling at the demon to ace her. Waverly and Nicole sit nearby at a fire, and listen at Wynonna shoos into the sky.

A revenant, Nixon, steps out and gloats over Xavier's dying. He says that it was worth coming and being killed to see her in pain. Wynonna is too tired to kill him with Peacemaker, and Nixon prepares to kill her. Waverly and Nicole arrive and shoot him, and the revenant runs off as Nicole says that they have to bury Xavier.

The next day, Kate arrives at Shorty's and asks to meet with Doc under flag of truce. He agrees and she says that the cards showed her that a great warrior had died. Kate apologizes and says that she can tell Doc where Xavier has gone, and Doc insists that he's a good man and knows where he is. He warns that Wynonna is hurting and needs his help, and Kate tells him that Wynonna loved Xavier and Doc will be competing with a ghost. Angry, Doc asks what she wants, and Kate asks if she can meet his friends. He refuses, and Kate leaves.

At the homestead, Nicole and Waverly meet with a funeral home director to determine what coffin to buy for Xavier. Nicole says that she wants a sky funeral, with the birds eating the body left out on a scaffold. The director says that ward only bought funeral plots for Nixon and Wynonna. Wynonna comes in and says that she's not going to bury Xavier. She walks out, and Waverly tells her that decisions about his funeral are important. Wynonna says that there's plenty of time and walks out.

Later, Wynonna goes out in the field and shoots at cans while drinking. Doc comes over and Wynonna says that she's dealt with death twice before, with Ward and Willa. She wonders what happened to Xavier, and Doc says that he saved them. He hugs her and talks about how in his day gunfighters died with their boos on. He talks about the rituals of burial, setting a man's horse to run and putting alcohol on their grave. Doc assures Wynonna was never cheap, and Wynonna tells him that they have to get Bulshar.

A bus pulls up to Purgatory and a man gets out.

The group gathers at the homestead and Doc insists that they should have a wake. Waverly isn't big on the idea, but Nicole arrives and points out that Xavier had five friends. She complains that Doc is unfeeling when Bulshar is still out there. Angry, Doc throws his bottle at the wall and asks if that's angry enough, and then goes to Shorty's to make sure there is enough alcohol for the wake. Wynonna looks up and asks what they do now. Nicole suggests that they go to Xavier's motel room and find something to put on his body, and admits that she has a key because she and Xavier had a professional relationship. She tells them that Jeremy is autopsying Xavier, and Wynonna says that it's not happening and runs out.

Doc arrives in the basement at Shorty's and discovers that someone has broken in. He hears someone moving and goes upstairs, He finds a man, Staff Sergeant Ramon Quinn, who is holding a gun and says that he just got off of a bus. Doc tells him that the bar is closed and they're holding a wake, and Quinn says that he's there for Xavier's wake because he's a friend.

Waverly and Nicole go over Xavier's room, and Nicole admits that they bonded over their traumatic pasts. When Waverly asks what happened, Nicole tells her that when she was a kid, her parents were traveling and sent Nicole to a music festival in Purgatory. A revenant slaughtered them and Xavier killed it, and Nicole eventually learned that the revenant was with the Cult of Bulshar. Xavier told her that Black Badge had been covering up the massacres. She cries, blaming herself for Xavier's death, and Waverly hugs her and says that they can find out more, and assures Nicole that it's not her fault. Nicole wipes her tears and says that the day is for Xavier. She opens his case and finds a letter to Wynonna for when he's gone.

Wynonna bursts into the office and Jeremy says that he doesn't need to do an autopsy because he and Xavier both knew what was killing him.

Waverly realizes that Xavier knew he was going to die.

Jeremy explains that he was respecting Xavier's wishes to not tell her, and insists that there was nothing anyone could do it. The Black Badge drugs killed him. Wynonna says that she will never forgive Jeremy, and tells him to get out because he doesn't get to be part of the group anymore.

Wynonna finds Doc and Quinn drinking together, after Doc has tied up Quinn, and laughing over their memories of Xavier. Doc introduces Quinn and explains why he's there, and Quinn says that Xavier was lucky that he lasted as long as he did through sheer willpower. There was no way to save Xavier without the Black Badge serum, and Quinn tells her that there's none of that.

The revenants shoot up on what's left of Xavier's drug that they stole from the basement. Their leader gets a shot and then goes berserk, attacking them.

Quinn explains that someone posted a coded message in a gun magazine. Doc figures that Jeremy did it, and Quinn explains that it was in a code that their squad used to notify each other of when one of them died. Quinn is the last one, and says that BBD experimented on the rest of them. He had the wrong blood type, and Xavier resisted their attempts as long as he could. He broke out of the BBD facility several times/. Quinn figures that Xavier stayed in Purgatory because of Wynonna. She tells him that he can say for the funeral and then has to get out, and Quinn assures her that he's only there to pay his respects. Wynonna cuts him free and tells Doc to watch him.

Waverly wonders what to do with the letter, and Nicole suggests that they just give it to Wynonna. Her lover says that she's sorry that Nicole's parents were massacred, and admits that she thought she was normal. Waverly wonders what the point is, and Nicole says that she loves her and that's what matter. They glance over and realize that someone was at the window. They run over, and Kate grabs Waverly's purse and runs off, disappearing in a puff of purple smoke. Waverly realizes that the letter was in the purse and who Kate is, and leaves.

Wynonna finds Nedley in the morgue, guarding Xavier's body. He tells her that the more he's seen, the more he realized that protecting the world takes selfishness. Nedley tells Wynonna that she should be at the wake, and she wonders what to do with his body. The sheriff assures her that he'll be there until she does, and it's his privilege.

At the wake, everyone toasts Xavier and Waverly serves sandwiches. She tries to apologize to Doc, and he apologizes for his behavior earlier. Doc tells her that the last time he talked to Xavier, he said that he is destined to go to Hell. Waverly says that she needs his help now, and explains that Kate took the letter for Wynonna. Doc recognizes Kate's name and tells Waverly to keep it secret. The two of them leave to find Kate and the letter.

Quinn looks at Xavier's dog tags and tells Wynonna about the other men in their squad. He wonders who had Xavier's back and then apologizes for the comment. Quinn talks about how he's the last one left and has tried to leave BBD behind, and wonders if they're truly gone. He figures that BBD put a lot of money into Xavier and they're not going to leave his body alone.

Nicole goes down to the basement to find more vodka, and Jeremy is there alone. He figures that the timing of the break-in is suspicious, but Nicole doesn't. Jeremy realizes that the rejected drugs that didn't work are gone.

The drug-enhanced revenants break into Shorty's and say that everyone is going down as Nicole and Jeremy run up. Wynonna kills the first revenant that leaps at them, and Nicole and Quinn attack the others. Jeremy breaks a plate over one revenant's head, but it doesn't affect him. Wynonna kills him with Peacemaker, and the other revenants grab Jeremy. She shoots another one, and the rest run off while Wynonna calls Doc's phone, and he shoves it at Waverly. Wynonna asks where they are and explains that they're under attack. Jeremy jumps on the back of a revenant attacking Nicole, and Wynonna finishes it off. Disgusted, Wynonna tells Waverly to take her time and hangs up, and Waverly and Doc go into the Gardner House.

Wynonna tells Quinn that Jeremy synthesized the BBD drug and the revenants stole it. Quinn recognizes Jeremy, and Wynonna tells him that Jeremy was trying to keep Xavier alive. Jeremy comes over and says that he'll log the drug theft.

Waverly asks Doc who Kate is, and he admits that she's his wife. Kate is inside and knows that they're there, and invites them in. Waverly demands the letter back, and Kate flips over her Tarot cards and reveals an upside-down Temperance and says that it represents a lack of vision. Furious, Waverly knocks the Tarot cards off the table, and Kate hands her purse over. She admits that she wanted an invitation, and Waverly says that someone they loved is dead and they need to figure out how to be there together. Waverly walks out, and Kate says that Waverly is like Wyatt. Doc tells her that Waverly isn't an Earp and leaves. Kate looks at the Temperance card and says that she's something.

Nicole tells Wynonna that alcohol and a wake isn't for Wynonna, and says that Wynonna doesn't get a monopoly on the grief she all feels. Wynonna apologizes and says that she told Jeremy to leave, and Nicole tells her that she'd better go and make sure that he doesn't. She goes into the back and finds Quinn torturing Jeremy with his own stapler. He tells Wynonna to stay out of it and he needs Jeremy to tell him where he's hiding the drugs. Jeremy insists that Xavier was a good soldier just like him, and Wynonna trains Peacemaker on Quinn and admits that she trusts Jeremy. Quinn says that he's doing it for the other soldiers, and plans to inject himself with Jeremy's bootleg drugs and storm BBD. When Jeremy warns him that the drug doesn't work, Quinn pistol-whips him and says that he's going to do right the people he hurt. He was the one who brought Xavier back to BBD every time that he escaped because those were his orders.

Waverly sets Peacemaker down and recites the names of all of the people that she lost. She slowly walks over and tells Quinn that going kamikaze isn't going to bring the dead back. Quinn wonders what he's supposed to do, and Wynonna tells him to live and puts her hand on his gun. She says that Xavier wouldn't want it for Quinn or himself, and Quinn gives her the gun and cuts Jeremy free.

Later, Quinn prepares to take the bus out of town. Wynonna asks him to find out if here's anything left of BBD and destroy the blood contract Moody made her team signed. Quinn agrees, and Wynonna tells him that if he comes back to Purgatory for any other reason, she'll kill him. She gives Xavier's dog tags to the soldier, and Quinn tells her not to let Xavier's fire go to waste before he gets on the bus.

Wynonna goes to the morgue and finds Jeremy there. He says that he had no idea what BBD was doing to Xavier and his brothers, and Wynonna says that they can't let Xavier's body become currency for BBD and there's only one option.

Later, everyone gathers on a hill overlooking the harness. Wynonna brings Xavier's cremated remains to the grave that they've prepared and sets it in. They each put something in the grave: his badge, a bottle of whiskey. Wynonna puts the dog tags on the gravestone and Doc hugs her. Wynonna then holds Jeremy as he cries, and Nicole fills in the grave

That night, Waverly and Wynonna sit by the fire and Waverly asks her sister if she's thought about her own plans for when she goes. She admits that she doesn't have a spot in the family plot, and Wynonna tells her that neither of them is going to end up there. Wynonna figures that they'll be buried at the homestead, side by side,. She warns Waverly that once they defeat Bulshar, Waverly is stuck with her. Waverly gives her the letter, and Wynonna finds a photo that Xavier took of the group. She figures that they have to keep going and keep fighting. There's a second photo of Wynonna, and Wynonna looks at it.

Doc goes to the Gardner house and finds Kate sitting by the fire. She offers her condolences about Xavier's death, and they talk about Wyatt. Kate assures Doc that he never stopped looking for Doc, and ultimately it broke his heart. Before Wyatt passed, he told Kate the truth. When she heard that Doc had arisen, she knew what she had to do: whatever it takes. Doc undresses and says she can't bite him, and she shoves him down on the couch.

Written by Gadfly on Aug 4, 2018

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