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3. The Zero Option Recap

Eve breaks into the old bar and gets a gun that she hid there. She then drives away on her motorcycle.

Samuel and his people on MI6 spot her driving away on the CCTVs.

In the station, Suri, Steve, and Dan are microwaving food when Elsa comes in and tells them that MI6 has spotted Eve.

Eve arrives at a house where two men are outside mulching branches. One of them greets her, and Eve goes in and pours herself tea. Suri and Steve arrive with an assault team and tells her to surrender, and they capture her after a brief fight. Once Eve is subdued, Suri puts her under arrest for murder. Eve asks where Harry is

Harry sits at his "borrowed" houseboat and uses a deck of cards to determine that his luck is still working. Rich arrives and interrupts him.

Steve finds the gun, hidden in Eve's chimney, and Suri asks if it's the gun that killed Isabella. Eve breaks free and leaps out into the mulcher, and has the man from earlier cut through her handcuffs. She rides off before the police can stop her.

Samuel meets with Owen Hutchinson and they walk along the Thames. Owen warns that they don't like "turbulence" at MI6, and Samuel assures him that he can handle Harry.

Eve arrives at the houseboat and tells Harry that her home has been raided. She looks at Rich and then says that she needs a drink, and Rich goes to get one. Eve wonders what they do next, and Harry explains that Samuel wants to lock her up so that he can turn her. He says that they should give Samuel what they wanted, but Eve figures that it's too dangerous. When Harry tells her to get Samuel's trust the same way he got hers, she slaps him, apologizes, and says that the police have the gun. Harry asks if she wiped it clean, and Eve admits that she didn't. She walks out, and Harry tells Rich that the jury will only care about his fingerprints on the gun.

Steve and Suri show Elsa the gun, and demands to know why they let Eve escape. Suri asks to talk to Elsa's MI6 contact, but she refuses to trust them with information like that and accuses them of letting Eve escape. Suri says that it was incompetence, and Elsa orders her off the case. She has Steve enter the gun into evidence and tells them to bring Suri in. Once they leave Elsa's office, Suri vows that she won't let Elsa destroy her career, and tells Steve that she's going to find Harry and discover what's going on.

Harry tells Rich that he'll get the gun from Evidence and wipe it, and works out where it will be at the station. He knows a burglar that has never been caught, and figures that they can pay the man to get his interest. Suri calls to Harry, and he quickly hides as she comes in. Rich claims the houseboat belongs to a friend, and Suri asks where Harry is. She searches the bedroom and discovers that the bathroom roof hatch is open. When Suri asks while Rich won't let her help Harry, he points out that she tried to arrest his brother in Hong Kong and everything she does makes things worse. Suri wonders how they can be a couple when he won't trust her and storms out.

Harry goes to a bar and asks the bartender, Wesley Kelleher, where his brother Darius is. Wesley refuses to tell him, just as Godfrey Doyle and two of his men come in. Harry put Godfrey away for killing his wife, and Godfrey recognizes him. He says that he's entitled to damages and his men attack Harry with pool cues. Harry manages to take them both down , and a stray piece of glass hits Godfrey in the throat. Godfrey begs Harry for help, and Harry tells Wesley to call for an ambulance and gives him a phone number to give to Darius.

Eve goes to the tombstone of her mother a stone in the park and takes out the box of personal belongings that she's hid there.

Suri returns to the station and tells Steve that she hasn't found Harry. As Suri glares at Elsa in her office, Steve says Elsa is saying that her MI6 contact is need-to-know. When Elsa leaves, Suri starts to go into her office. Steve refuses, warning that if Suri is caught then she'll go to prison. Suri goes in via a side door and Steve reluctantly keeps watch. She checks Elsa's phone and discovers that she called Hawksmoor, and gets Samuel's name. Elsa comes back, and Steve knocks on the window to warn Suri. He then puts a jar in the microwave and deliberately explodes it to distract Elsa, and Suri gets out before Elsa can see her.

Later, Suri goes to Hawksmoor, and Samuel immediately buzzes her up. He knows who she is, and says that he saw her in Hong Kong when she blew his operation. Suri asks what the operation was, and Samuel readily admits that he was trying to capture Eve and return Harry to London. She says that they're looking for the same people and thought she could help. Samuel warns her to be careful about digging, and Suri tells him that she needs results. He says that he'll send her any information so she can tell Elsa, and Suri leaves.

Harry meets Darius in the park, and Darius checks him for a wire. When Harry tells him the job, Darius chuckles and figures that it's insane. Harry offers him the codes and says that there's $3 million in used notes that Darius can take as his payment. Darius wonders what Harry gets, and Harry says that he gets his freedom. As Darius starts to look up Harry on his phone's newsfeed, Harry concentrates on the bracelet and a pigeon craps on Darius' phone. By the time he clears his screen, he's lost his wireless connection. Darius says that he'll need three men and demands payment for each of them. Harry agrees and Darius tells him to call Wesley who will say if they're on. He gives Harry a phone number to call and leaves.

That night, Eve breaks into Hawksmoor and sets off an alarm. Two men arrive and eventually knock her out. Samuel arrives, has a doctor check her wounds, and injects himself with is painkiller drug.

The next day, Harry tells Rich that he's confirmed that Darius has accepted the job. However, he recognized the number Darius gave him as belonging to a CID, and figures that Darius is an informant. Harry says that he's going to get some insurance so that Darius doesn't turn him in if the job goes bad.

Harry goes to the station and concentrates on the bracelet. A nearby water pipe feeds, and the man cleaning the windows comes down on his mobile platform to shut off the pipe. Harry takes the platform up and breaks into the station, and gets Darius' file. He then goes to a restroom and calls Steve and asks him to hear him out. Steve immediately finds him, and Harry asks for thirty seconds. When Steve agrees, Harry tells him that the video footage of him supposedly killing Isabella was doctored, and he sent the proof to Elsa.

Eve wakes up and Samuel tells her that she can stay there for a bit. When Eve refuses, Samuel tells her that her place is blown and offers her the key. He asks why she broke into Hawksmoor, and Eve says that she was looking for Samuel. Eve figures that she shot him before for show, and Samuel needs her because she's the only person who can remove Harry's bracelet. Intrigued, Samuel asks if she'd do that for him and Eve tells him that she might.

Harry and Steve go outside, and Harry insists that he didn't kill Isabella. The evidence room code changes every six hours, and Harry needs Steve to get the new code. He explains that Samuel wants him dead and is using Elsa, and he needs Steve's help to prove it.

Samuel takes Eve to MI6.

Harry meets Darius at his office and says that he'll get the kids soon. Darius explains that they've already hacked the system and introduces his computer man: Wesley.

Samuel takes Eve to his office to prove that he's a MI6 senior officer. He takes out the bracelet he took from her and explains that his organization wants a better world. Eve tells him that if he destroys the bracelets, he destroys any hope for the world. Samuel explains that the bracelets have caused famine, war, and disease down through the centuries to protect the wearer. He tells Eve that she's been indoctrinated by the Torch, and says that they've both suffered because of the bracelet. Samuel asks if she has nothing else but her belief in the bracelets, and then figures that he's wasting her time. He tells Eve to leave, and doesn't want to hear Eve when she asks to consider what he's saying.

Darius says that they'll go in posing as delivery men but only have two minutes once Harry gives them the codes. They'll spray the place with halogen, knocking out everyone. Darius takes a cove while Wesley shows Harry where the gun is stored next to the notes. When Darius is done, he tells them that his wheelman has disappeared and he's calling off the job. Harry says that he knows a driver.

Back at the houseboat, Harry asks Rich to drive for him. Rich tells him that Suri dumped him because of Harry, and figures that driving will burn all of his bridges. Harry insists that Samuel is evil and he's the only one who can stop him. He admits that he's desperate, and Rich reluctantly agrees.

Harry and Rich meet with Darius, and Darius makes it clear that if Rich screws up then he's dead. He gives them delivery uniforms to put on, and Eve calls Harry and says that she didn't get anything from Samuel. She asks Harry for his help, but he says that he's in the middle of something and Eve hangs up. She goes to Samuel and demands to know if what she's known her entire life is wrong. He says that the Torch lied to her and her mother, and he watched the bracelet destroy hundreds in flame to save the wearer. Samuel tells her that she thinks that she has a duty to Harry but really doesn't, and invites her in. After a moment, Eve accepts.

The delivery van pulls up to the police evidence storage facility, and Harry and Darius go in. The manager checks the case that they're delivering and then leads them inside. Once he opens the door, they gas him unconscious and put on masks, then gas the other workers. A trainee, Kit, comes in, and Darius orders him to get down and not look at them. They need a thumb print to get to the money, and Darius drags Kit over to use his thumb. Harry realizes that they need the manager's thumb and Kit's won't work, and Darius tells him to get to the gun while Darius goes to the unconscious manager.

Harry finds the gun and wipes it. When he comes out, he discovers that Darius has cut off the manager's thumb. The code doesn't work, and Harry realizes that the two-minute window they had is up. Darius tells Kit to give them the code and threatens to cut off his eye. Harry concentrates on the bracelet and enters several codes, but they don't work. Kit reveals that he has the code, and Darius confirms that it works. Once Darius goes inside, Harry locks him in, says that he had one rule of no violence and Darius broke it, and walks off.

Harry joins Rich outside, gets in the van, and sends the video he stole of Darius meeting with the police and offering up his brother in return for immunity.

Officers reports to Elsa, and Steve tells Suri that there was a break-in at the storage facility.

Rich drives away and Harry spots a drone overhead following them. He has Rich pull over under a bridge, wipes down the interior, and tells Rich that they have to split up. The brothers hug and Harry tells Rich to wait five minutes.

Suri watches Elsa in her office, and her phone rings. It's Samuel, who gives her Harry's location. He tells her to take backup because Harry may be dangerous, and he'll update her when she gets near the target. Steve is in Elsa's office, so she takes Dan with her.

As night falls, Suri and Dan pull up. Dan knocks Harry out and Suri has him get Harry into the van. Dan drives off and Suri points out that he's going in the wrong direction. He pulls over and then knocks Suri unconscious. Three men arrive and take Harry and Suri to a nearby bridge. Samuel is waiting, and figures that Harry loves playing the master of fate. He has two of his men tie a rope around Suri and dangle her off a bridge across the Thames, and Eve is also hanging off the bridge a few dozen feet away. Samuel tells Harry that the world is forged by men shaped in fire, and his men start to burn through the cords holding Suri and Eve. The MI6 agent releases Harry and tells him that he only has time to save one of them. He can't pull Eve up because of the burning cord, and runs over and pulls up Suri. Before Harry can get to Suri, the cord breaks and she falls into the river below. Suri stops him from jumping in after her, and Harry concentrates on the bracelet but nothing happens. Smiling in satisfaction, Samuel walks away. Meanwhile, Suri tells Harry to run before she has to arrest him. As he leaves, Suri waves down the approaching officers.

Written by Gadfly on Aug 4, 2018

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