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All Valley Recap

At the dealership, Robby is cleaning cars and Daniel starts teaching him the same techniques that Miyagi showed him, building muscle memory. Robby finally tells Daniel that he's all done, and Daniel points out that there's a second thought. The teenager complains that he's just doing chores and walks off, and Amanda tells Daniel that he's enjoying it a bit too much.

Later in his dojo, Daniel demonstrates all of the techniques that he's taught Robby. Robby is surprised and pleased, and bows to Daniel.

Johnny leads his students through their fighting exercises and notices that some of the students are flinching from him. He confirms that most of them haven't been punched in their faces, and tells them that before they leave the dojo, each of them will be punched hard in the face. Johnny has Aisha line them up and punch them in the face.

In his office, Johnny is looking through a magazine and sees an advertisement for the All-Valley Tournament. Miguel comes in and says that there's a hot girl at school and she likes karate, and he wants to ask her out. Johnny tells him to never accept defeat and there is no "no" when he asks her out. He figures that all the girls want to date a Cobra Kai. Miguel sees the magazine ad and asks if they're entering the tournament, and Johnny says that they're not ready yet.

Robby is eating when Trey and Cruz join him and ask if he just wanted to piss off Johnny. When he says that he is, they say that they want Robby to help them steal auto parts from the dealership. If Robby gives them the security code then they'll do the Rest. They threaten to beat up Robby if he doesn't cooperate.

At school, Miguel nervously hangs out by Samantha's locker. When she comes over, he finally invites her to go out on a date with him. Samantha says that she's taking a break from dating after Kyler. Miguel starts to walk away but remembers what Johnny said, and suggests that they just hang out at the same separately but together. He insists that it wouldn't be a date, and Samantha agrees. When Miguel says that he has a bike, Samantha agrees to pick him up.

Robby is taking photos of a car's license plate when Amanda comes over. She enters the security code to go in and Robby secretly takes video of her doing so.

Johnny calls the championship administration and asks if he can register his dojo. Meanwhile, Miguel talks to Aisha and Eli about where he should take Samantha, and Eli shows them the hawk tattoo he got on his back. He admits that he didn't tell his parents, and Miguel asks Aisha for advice. Aisha finally says that Samantha likes chocolates and astronomy. They hear Johnny learning that Cobra Kai is banned from the championship, and Miguel runs in. Johnny tells him that there's a lifetime ban, and Miguel reminds him what he said about not taking "no" for an answer. He tells Johnny to fight it, and Johnny agrees. He wants to go down there and beat the board's asses, and Miguel suggests that there might be a smarter way to fight back.

Daniel tells Amanda that Robby is in the back trimming his bonsais. He goes back and asks Robby how it's going, and Robby tells him that he doesn't get it. Daniel says that Miyagi taught him how and shows Robby how to do it. After a moment, Robby goes back to work and Daniel assures him that he's doing fine. Daniel tells Robby that he has to visualize what he wants his future to be and then make it happen. Trey and Cruz text and tell Robby not to let them down.

Johnny is in his apartment putting on his best suit when Miguel arrives. He tells Johnny to be nice to the board, and advises him to hold in his anger. Johnny asks if Miguel is nervous about his date, and assures Miguel that there's nothing to be nervous about. He advises Miguel to act like a Cobra Kai and strike first and hard, and to take Miguel to where he took his dates.

That night, Miguel takes Samantha to the fun center Samantha says that she loves the place and Daniel used to take her there when she was a kid. They play miniature golf, table hockey, and skee ball. Miguel buys her a stuffed octopus with his tickets.

At the board meeting, one board member complains that they have dwindling attendance. Johnny comes in and they apologize for the bad corn dogs at the previous year's tournament. When Johnny says that he wants to appeal the ban, the board is surprised to hear that someone was banned. Daniel comes in to take his seat at the board.

Trey and Cruz approach the dealership, and Robby steps out and tells them that he has the code. However, he says that he won't let them in. Trey throws a punch at him and Robby reflexively blocks their punches. They outnumber him and he crawls into a corner, and Robby points out that there's a security camera overhead. They tell him to watch his ass and leave.

As Miguel and Samantha shoot baskets, Miguel makes up a story about his textile business. Samantha figures that he's lying but plays along, and suggests that they go to a Lakers game sometime. They go into the photo booth and Samantha puts Miguel's arm around her shoulders.

At the board meeting, Daniel hands out photos showing Johnny at the tournament 30 years ago. Daniel insists that the lifetime ban can't be lifted, but the other board members ask for Johnny's side of the story. They ask him about Kreese, and Johnny says that Kreese is dead. Johnny restrains himself as Daniel talks about how Johnny was Kreese's star pupil and stands against everything the tournament represents. Keeping his temper, Johnny says that Kreese didn't play by the rules and that's why he left, and his Cobra Kai is a place where kids can come and feel that they belong. He explains that his students have learned to stand up for themselves, and insists that Cobra Kai is making a difference in their lives and they're making a difference in his life. Everyone on the board but Daniel is impressed, and one member Sue says that the community could use more men like Johnny.

Angry, Daniel offers to prove that Johnny hasn't changed since he was in high school. One board member, George, sides with Daniel. The chairman, Ron, calls for a vote and asks Johnny to wait outside. Johnny thanks them for their consideration and goes out in the hallway.

Samantha asks Miguel if he's better at karate than mini golf. Miguel says that his sensei says that he's the best student in his class, and when she doesn't believe him Miguel has her assume a fighting position and puts his hands on her hips to put her in the proper stance. Samantha tosses him to the ground, says that it's the best date that she's ever been on, and kisses him.

Daniel comes out in the hallway and sarcastically congratulates Johnny.

Miguel rides his bike to the dojo and finds Johnny putting up a poster for the tournament. They congratulate each other and Johnny realizes that Miguel kissed Samantha. They hug and Johnny takes out a bottle of wine for a real toast to never accepting defeat.

Written by Gadfly on Aug 5, 2018

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