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Molting Recap

Johnny takes his students to an auto junkyard and tells them that they're ready for tournament. When they agree, he tells them that their best isn't shit and they have to give him better than their best so they're going to get his worse. He then puts them through training exercises, running through tires, beating on a car, and walking over trash bins filled with glass. Johnny then gives his students beef sticks and whistles for attack dogs, and the students run.

At the LaRusso home, Samantha is looking at photos of her and Miguel together. Louise brings their grandmother Lucille and she greets her grandchildren. As he barbecues, Daniel complains about Johnny entering Cobra Kai in the tournament. Lucille says that they're all a bunch of bullies, and tells Samantha that they made Daniel's life miserable. Samantha says that there are some kids from school in Cobra Kai and they're not all bad, but Daniel insists that Cobra Kai will never change. He tells his daughter to stay away from anyone associated with it.

Miguel is sparring with a dummy at the dojo, and he asks Johnny why he's the only one there. Johnny tells Miguel that he's his best chance of winning the tournament, and sees Miguel looking at a photo of Samantha. He realizes that Miguel is dating a LaRusso and tells him his story of what happened in the 1980s. According to Johnny, Daniel stole his girlfriend Ali after a civil conversation. Daniel's "karate master" assaulted them, they worked things out at the tournament, and Daniel won. Johnny lost Ali, and warns Miguel to watch out for the LaRussos.

Daniel tells Lucille that he trains with Robby at the dealership, and Amanda comes over and says that two guys on motorcycles rolled up looking for Louie. Louie says that he met some bikers at a convention in Vegas and they came up with the idea of LaRusso Luxury Motorcycles. Daniel is less than thrilled and Amanda agrees. Lucille comes to Louie's defense and Amanda tells her to stay out of it. She points out that if it wasn't for Lucille, they wouldn't have hired Louie. Amanda complains about having to host all of the family get-togethers, and everyone starts arguing with each other.

Johnny and Daniel return to the apartment block and find Carmen waiting. Carmen invites Johnny to have dinner with them, and insists until they accept. Rosa says grace in Spanish, and Johnny only recognizes the words "Johnny" and "amen". Carmen says that she hopes Miguel doesn't get hurt in the tournament, and Johnny assures her that Miguel will be fine. Johnny says that just because he grew up in a nice house doesn't mean that nice things went on inside. Miguel gets a call and Carmen tells him to answer it. He goes into his bedroom and discovers that it's Samantha. Samantha explains that Lucille and Amanda are fighting , and Miguel suggests that they go to a movie. She suggests that they go the next day, and Miguel says that he has Cobra Kai training then. Samantha suggests that he try a different dojo, but Miguel refuses saying that Johnny makes them tough.

Daniel comes over and asks Samantha to help play peacemaker, and wonders who she's talking to. Miguel hears her say that it's no one, and after Daniel leaves Miguel says that it's no problem.

At the dinner table, Carmen says that she got pregnant with Miguel in Ecuador and then learned the truth about her husband's job. She moves to the U.S. to get far away from him, and refuses to let the mistakes of the past determine her future. Johnny returns to his apartment, looks around, and then cleans up[ the place.

The next day, Robby arrives at the LaRusso home and finds Samantha sunbathing by the pool. She realizes that he's there and Samantha thanks him for training with Daniel so she doesn't have to. Daniel comes out and invites Samantha to join them, and she says that she's going to the mall with Amanda and Samantha. Her father takes Robby to a lake in the north and has him listen. Robby doesn't hear anything, and Daniel says that's the point. He explains that Miyagi-do karate is all about tranquility.

Johnny finishes rearranging his apartment and drinks orange juice instead of beer.

Daniel and Robby perform katas together, and Daniel shows Robby how to punch. As they head back, Daniel tells Robby that there's always another lesson to be learned. He tells Robby that he has to have balance in his life, and knows what it's like to grow up without a father. Robby starts to tell Daniel who his father is, but then merely thanks Daniel. Daniel has him get up on a fallen tree and show his technique while balancing. Robby finally slips and falls, and Daniel tells him to get back up and do all the kicks while he watches a hockey game on his phone.

Miguel goes to a move with Aisha and Eli, and Miguel finally tells them that Daniel will hate them because Daniel hates Cobra Kai. Aisha assures him that Daniel is a nice guy, but Miguel figures that Samantha is afraid to introduce him. Eli suggests that Miguel just go over there.

Robby finishes all of his kicks while maintaining his balance, and goes to find Daniel. Daniel is doing a handstand on one hand, and Daniel falls when Robby interrupts him. He explains that Miyagi taught him the most powerful kick, which requires a one-handed handstand so that the user can use both legs in the kick. Robby says that he did all the moves without falling, and Daniel tells him that now he has to find the car.

Sid is eating at home and complaining to his nurse Rhonda. Johnny arrives and Sid figures that he wants money. He refuses to give him a bailout, and Johnny tosses him an envelope with the money that Sid gave him weeks ago. Sid figures that Johnny will be back, but Johnny tells him that money was all Sid had to give. He tells the old man goodbye and walks out.

That night, Daniel returns home with Robby and finds Amanda and Lucille laughing as they make dinner. Samantha tells Daniel that she helped them make up, and Daniel invites Robby to stay for dinner.

Miguel rides up outside and rehearses what he's going to say to Samantha's parents. He hears the family talking outside and goes around to see Robby describing his training to Samantha. Shocked, he walks off in disgust.

At his apartment, Johnny writes a letter to Robby saying that he screwed up his life. His biggest relationship is his screw-up with Robby, and starts to ask for the chance. Louise and the two bikers beat on Johnny's car with crowbars, and Johnny goes out to confront them. When Louie says that it's a message from Daniel, the two bikers attack Johnny and he takes them down. Louie tells him to back off and swings at Johnny, who easily disarms him and demands to know where Daniel is. As Louie says that Daniel had nothing to do with it, one of the bikers recovers and sets Johnny's car on fire. Johnny demands to know where Daniel lives, and Louie gives him the address. As Johnny rides off on one of the biker's motorcycles, the Camaro goes up in flames.

Written by Gadfly on Aug 5, 2018

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