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4. Missing Persons Recap

Harry goes to Hawksmoor, grabs the guard, and demands to know where Samuel is. He beats the guard unconscious, draws his gun, and goes to Samuel's office. Samuel is calmly waiting for him, and Harry beats him and aims the gun at him, and says that it's for Eve. The MI6 agent tells Harry that his luck is running out, and Harry pulls the trigger but the gun misfires. When Harry fires at the ceiling, the gun fines. Samuel tells Harry that his luck will start working against him, and a duct loosened by Harry's shots falls down.

After ducking out of the way, Harry runs out into the warehouse. Guards move in on him, and Harry grabs the guard's whiskey bottle and throws it at his portable heater. He tosses boxes of firecrackers into the fire and escapes.

The next day, Suri looks stands on the bridge where she almost died and watches the search team dredge the river for Eve's body. Steve comes over and tells her to go home and rest. Elsa joins them and Suri tells her that Dan attacked her. She points out that Elsa brought Dan into the apartment, and Elsa promises to find him. The officers searching Dan's flat call and report that they found nothing. Dan's record is made up, and "Dan" may not even be his real name.

Harry goes to a casino and bets at roulette. He loses, and Rich sits down next to him. Harry says that it feels like the bracelet is working against him, and asks his brother for some cash. Rich refuses, and Suri comes over and agrees with him. When Rich tries to talk to her, Suri says that he can't do it now. She thanks Harry for saving her life and asks what was going on. Harry tells her that Samuel wants the bracelet and everything that he's been saying about it is true, and Elsa is working for Harry. Suri agrees and says that once she finds Dan, she'll bust him and Elsa and needs Harry's help. Harry points out that he's of no use to anyone, and Suri angrily says that she'll do it on her own. Rich agrees with Suri, gives Harry some money to gamble with, and leaves.

At the station, Steve tells the officers to search for Dan. Meanwhile, Elsa calls Samuel and leaves a message demanding to know why he's turned what he claimed was a routine operation into a kill list.

Harry leaves the casino.

Elsa finds Steve trying to identify Dan. She figures that Dan is ex-military and tells Dan to search the appropriate data bases.

Harry meets Suri at Dan's police-sealed apartment, and says that he walked away from the table without losing. She wonders if Harry is going to have a lucky moment, but he searches the place normally and finds a photo of a woman--Aimee Cox--under the couch cushions. There's a sign behind her in the photo, and Harry recognizes it as a club logo.

Suri and Harry go to the exercise club and find Aimee working as a lifeguard. She says that Dan is her boyfriend and she last saw him two nights ago after three months of dating. Harry asks where Dan would be, and says that Dan is wanted for murder. Angry, Aimee storms off and Suri figures that she's telling the truth. Harry figures that Aimee knows where Dan is, and they wait for her to go to him. Steve calls Suri and says that he's identified Dan as Carl Dawson, a captain in the Army dishonorably discharged for prisoner abuse. Suri tells him that she needs his help getting proof that Dan worked with Elsa.

Aimee drives off, and Harry and Suri follow her. Elsa drives away and MI6 calls to tell her that they've intercepted another call from Suri. They send her Suri's coordinates, and Elsa tells them to make sure that Suri doesn't talk to Dan before she does.

Aimee goes to a flat and he lets her in. Dan and Suri barge in and confront Dan, and Aimee says that she thought Dan was seeing someone else. He insults her and then hugs her, then puts a knife to her throat and uses her as a shield. Dan tells Harry and Suri to stay there or Aimee is dead, and then goes out the back and shoves Aimee away. Harry goes after Dan and Suri calls Steve for backup. Dan runs out in front of a bus and freezes, and Harry tackles him out of the way just in time. Suri arrives and tells Dan to talk, and he demands witness protection in return for his testimony.

Elsa parks down the street and watches them, and Dan refuses to say anything until they give him protection. He finally tells them that Eve is alive and he knows where she is, and then someone shoots him in the head. The police arrive and Elsa comes over. She tells Suri that they lost the shooter, and asks Suri how she found Dan. Suri claims that she followed some leads, and Elsa asks if she'll see Harry on the nearby surveillance cameras and questions Suri's objectivity. When Suri asks where she was, Elsa storms off.

At the houseboat, Harry leaves a message for Eve saying that he'll make it up to her if she comes back to him. Suri arrives and figures that Harry doesn't know what else to do. Rich offers to leave, and Suri says that he doesn't have to. He explains that he lied to her because Harry is her brother. Harry comes in and asks if they need a moment, and Suri assures him that he doesn't. Rich leaves, and Suri asks Harry how they're going to find Eve. She warns Harry that he can't do it alone, and tells him that she'll find out what she can about Elsa and then they'll take her down together.

In a secret facility, Eve wakes up hooked to a medical monitor machine. When she starts to remove the wires, Samuel advises her to stop. He explains that he put her in the river to show that Harry doesn't care about her, and tells her that she needs to break free of the lies that have trapped her, removes his shirt, and shows her the burn scars on his back. Samuel explains that the bracelets happened to him, and tells Eve that Harry blames her for putting the bracelet on h is wrist. He warns that Harry will never forgive her for "cursing" him. Eve insists that it isn't a curse, and Samuel tells her to stay because the doctors can do incredible things. The doctors come in and give her an injection, knocking her out.

Harry tests his luck with a deck of cards and fails to predict any card he turns over. Rich offers to make a call to someone who deals with Chinese antiquities while Harry lies low so as to not push his luck. He goes to a shop in Soho and meets with his contact, Arthur McCarthy. Arthur is dozing, and is surprised to see Rich there. Rich asks him for literature on the Tang Dynasty, and knows from his dead girlfriend that Arthur has an extensive collection. Arthur claims that he passed it on, and Rich threatens to call Harry in to search the place. The dealer gives in and takes out a scroll to show to Rich.

Elsa is leaving her office when Steve shows her the forensic report on Dan's murder. He confirms that Suri hasn't seen it and tells Elsa that Suri was asking where Elsa was when Dan was killed.

Rich finds a map on the scroll and the two bracelets marked on it, in two different locations. Two men come in and drag Rich outside, where Arthur is waiting. He apologizes and says that he was told to call if anyone came looking for the scroll. The men prepare to kill Rich, and Harry arrives and tells them to stop. He throws a garbage lid at one of them, but misses and hits a nearby fuse box. It hits a duct which falls on one of the men, knocking him out. The other man checks on his partner, and Rich insists that he had control of the situation. Harry tells the killers to inform him of what is going on, and they agree.

Elsa meets with Samuel by the river and demands to know what he did. Samuel points out that Dan was going to talk, and Elsa says that he tried to kill one of her colleagues. He notes that Elsa didn't object before when he helped her, and the only difference is that she was there to see what happened. Elsa warns him that Suri is trying to connect her to Dan's murder, and says that she can't be involved with murder. Samuel tells her that he's got it under control and advises her to leave, while Suri secretly watches them.

The two killers take Harry and Rich to the casino where Cheung is playing the video machines. She asks why he's prying into their ancient scrolls, and Rich admits that he's what did it. Cheung asks Harry if his luck has changed, and he admits that it has. She warns that it will get worse and eventually the bracelet will turn black, and then Harry will die. However, if he gets the second bracelet to her and she will remove Harry's. Cheung tells them that they can go because Harry's bracelet is interfering with her game, and wins as Harry leaves.

Later, Suri meets Steve and says that she's going to take everything they have on Elsa to the met commissioner. Steve warns her that all of the evidence is speculative, and Suri shows him Dan's phone and says that Dan recorded his calls with Samuel as an insurance policy. They talked about Elsa and her involvement. MI6 monitors the conversation from a CCTV as Steve takes the camera. The MI6 operative calls Elsa and tells her that Suri has Dan's phone. Elsa says that she'll do with and the operative shouldn't contact Samuel.

Once Steve calls Harry and tells him that Suri has the phone, Harry prepares to go alone to get it. The two killers come in and take Harry and Rich to the deck where Cheung is waiting. She points out that Harry didn't tell her that Eve had been kidnapped, and points out that Harry chose to save Suri rather than Eve. Harry promises to get Eve away from Samuel, but Cheung warns that now Samuel has the power to remove Harry's bracelet when he dies. She says that Tai Ching is traveling to London, and warns Harry that he'll soon find out who he is and other things that he never wanted to low. Cheung tells Harry to get Eve and the other bracelet and bring them to her rather than disappoint her.

Samuel injects himself with his drug and then tells Eve that his mother was delivering supplies to refugees on the Cambodian border. She was caught in the bracelet's crossfire and killed. Samuel points out that the bracelet is tearing Harry apart no matter what Eve does, just like with Isabella. He tells Eve that Isabella became a monster in the end, and Harry is the same because he doesn't think he needs Eve's guidance. Samuel says that Eve is the victim, and asks her to help him fight back.

That night, Harry meets with Steve and Steve gives him Dan's phone. Elsa is nearby and watches them walk off together. The two men go into Hawksmoor, and Elsa slips in behind them. She finds Harry and Steve waiting, and Harry asks if she's looking for the phone. He wonders what Samuel has on her, and Elsa arrests him for Isabella's murder. Ignoring her, Harry says that she hired Dan and then had him killed. Elsa denies it, saying that MI6 asked her to help extract Harry and Eve. He says that she's bent, and asks where the evidence is proving his innocence. Elsa admits that she destroyed the evidence but put her trust in the wrong person, and Harry points out that Bobby is dead and when the authorities find out, Elsa's career will be ruined.

Suri steps out and says that she believes Harry, and she recorded Elsa's confession. Steve tells Elsa that Dan didn't record any conversations, and they staged the entire thing to lure Elsa out. Harry tells Elsa to kill the investigation into him, and Elsa says that all she can do is render Harry a person of interest rather than a suspect. If she does any more than Samuel will come after her. Secondly, Elsa will help them find Samuel. When Elsa objects, Suri points out that Samuel tried to kill her and points out that she met Samuel and let him walk away. Furious, Suri shoves Elsa around and angrily tells her that now Elsa is working for her. Elsa agrees and apologizes.

Eve gets out of her bed, and Samuel tells her that she's healed better than she was before. He invites her to go if she wants and promises that he won't stop her, and Eve starts to walk out and then turns back to him.

As the sun rises, Harry and Suri meet with Elsa. She says that Samuel is near the cemetery where Eve's mother is buried. Elsa insists that she had no idea what kind of man Samuel was, and warns Suri to be careful.

At the cemetery, Eve kneels at her mother's grave and cries.

Harry and Suri drive to the cemetery, and Harry drives through the red lights. He tells Suri that he doesn't want to miss Eve, and just avoids hitting a woman pushing a baby carriage. Suri handcuffs Harry to the steering wheel, saying that she doesn't believe he can control himself when it comes to Eve. The DI gets out, draws her gun, and heads for the grave. Meanwhile, Harry kicks the steering wheel, setting off the car alarm.

Suri finds Eve and puts her under arrest. She asks Suri to save her from Harry.

Harry finds a paperclip and uses it to pick handcuff's lock. As he opens his car door, a truck runs into the door, knocking it off. Harry realizes that bracelet is now trying to kill him.

Eve tells Suri that Harry won't stop, and Harry runs up and tells her that it's her fault. He asks her to let him make it right, and Suri draws her gun on Harry and says that Eve is coming with her. Eve grabs Suri's gun and says that she's not coming with Suri. Harry apologizes to her and asks her to help him get the other bracelet back. Eve tells him that he'll die and she's going to do everything she can to stop Harry from getting the second bracelet. Harry reminds her that she put the bracelet on him, and Eve tells Harry that she's going to make Harry suffer. She boasts that Samuel will destroy Harry and she'll get to watch, smiles, and runs off.

Written by Gadfly on Aug 12, 2018

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