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Bush Man Recap

Mumbles runs along the shore as someone fires at him. The man goes into the jungle and sees a plane come crashing down. As he wonders what it means, an arrow takes him in the back and he goes down. As Mumbles lies dying, three men come over and two of them, Errol and Brewster, complain that the shooter, Peabody, brought down their target. They point out that Peabody is acting like a jerk. Mumbles mumbles something, and Mumbles spits on Peabody when he comes over to make out what he's saying. The man says that one day someone will land on the island and will kill them. Unimpressed, Peabody asks who it might be.

On the beach, the survivors scream as they realize that they're surrounded by land mines. Danny figures that it was just one rogue land mine, until a seagull lands on another one and blows up. Another land mine blows up, and Owen says that they need to come up with a plan to get off the beach. He admits that he doesn't have one, and Todd figures that someone has to walk off the beach. They wonder who should do it, and Karen says that the person with the least value should go. She points out that Jess has no upper-body strength, but Todd says that they should pick fairly and goes with Nose Goes. Steve loses because he doesn't hear them, and Todd tells Florence to tell him.

Florence calls over to Steve, who has picked up Luther's hand. He figures that if they pick up enough pieces, they can fix Luther. When Florence hesitates, Chet tells him that he lost and the others agree. Owen says that he has a plan that they do nothing. He figures that since someone buried the land mines, they heard the explosion and will come to investigate. Pack points out that they could starve, but Owen notes that the alternative is being blown up.

As the survivors wait… and wait, Danny hallucinates being in the future where they have lots of good. Owen and Florence have had two sons, and Owen tells them that Danny walked off the beach and was able to do it because he believed. Owen has his sons wake Danny up, and Danny snaps out of his hallucination. He tells Owen that he's not afraid anymore, and says that Owen's boys were beautiful. Steve sees one of the hunters aiming a rifle at them and yells at the man. The hunter walks off, and Danny tells Owen that they just have to believe and walks into the jungle. He steps on a land mine and freeze, breaking into tears.

Danny screams that he doesn't want to die and blames Owen from his hallucination. Steve walks over without setting off a land mine and explains that he saw the hunter and the man killed Luther, so he's going after him. He walks around Danny and into the jungle, and Owen tells the others to go after Steve while they wait with Danny. Chet gives Owen a switchblade in case Danny tries to kill himself.

Florence stays with Owen and they go over to Danny. Danny explains that he had a vision of future-Owen and that Owen was married to a woman, Gwen. Florence was at a table with Dirty Craig, glaring at everyone and drinking from a mug of wine. Danny tells Florence that Dirty Craig isn't the marrying type, just as Owen comes over and says that they'll tie Danny's boot to the mine and then throw it away. Danny wonders if Owen wants him to die, and says that they have to defuse the mine.

The others follow Steve into the jungle as he tracks the hunter and realizes that the man was running from the one man who he thought that he could kill him: Steve. Pak tells the others to go ahead while he pees, then goes over to the tree where he sees some berries and eats them... unaware that someone is watching him via a surveillance camera.

Owen and Florence dig out the land mine and Danny talks him through the defusing process based on all of the action movies that he's seen. Florence uses Chet's knife to unscrew the screws on the access panel, complaining about Gwen from Danny's vision. Owen says that he doesn't know a Gwen, and Danny interrupts to remind them he's on a land mine. He tells Florence to cut the red wire, and she discovers that all of the wires are red.

Todd tells Steve that he's licking sticks and there's no hunter. Pak joins them and agrees with Karen that they should stick together and help Danny. Karen realizes that he just ate something, pointing out that he has berry stains all over his month. He says that the berries are making him feel weird, and a gorilla approaches them.

Danny tells them to pick one wire and cut it, and yells as Owen until he does it. Nothing happens at first, but then the mind stars beeping. Danny tells Owen and Florence to run, and claims that he never liked Owen. Owen refuses to leave him, and admits that his plan was to do nothing and now he's going to lose Danny and Florence, leaving him with the freaks. Danny says that they're not going to die there.

The gorilla charges at the group, and they run and climb trees. Pack is too sick to make it, and screams as the gorilla comes over.

Danny has Owen tie Danny's boot to the land mine to hold the trigger down. Once he does, Danny removes his foot and throws the land mine, and it explodes on the beach... and destroys the lifeboat.

The gorilla approaches Pack, and Steve wonders if he hallucinated seeing the hunter. He tells the others that Luther liked him and others just tolerate them. When Jess says that they like him, Steve wonders what they like and they try to come up with reasons. Meanwhile, the gorilla approaches Pack and Steve tries to lure it away with his ass. Danny, Owen, and Florence arrive just as someone shoots the gorilla. They turn to see a man, Declan, who is holding a rifle and greets them.

Written by Gadfly on Aug 13, 2018

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