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The Rorqual Affair Recap

Henchman 21 is attending a class where he's the only student, and being taught by Wandering Spider. 21's former friends appear, and 21 becomes his childhood self. Waking up from his nightmare, 21 grabs his clothes, drinks some milk from the carton, and runs down to the Morpho Cave. He gets his Kano costume and then discovers that Monarch took the car.

Monarch, disguised as Morpho confronts Wide Wale and Rocco, who is surprised that Morpho came to his home to tell him to dismantle his secret lair and leave town. If Wide Wale doesn't then he'll die.

On the subway train, 21 yells to abort the mission.

Monarch counts down the time until 21's expected appearance. He then grabs a knife from Wide Wale's desk, throws it at Rocco... and hits him with the wrong end. Rocco easily pins him to the floor.

The Guild meets with its members and the council says that they have to stop arching until they have Morpho in custody. The members are less than thrilled, and Phantom Limb assures them that it's only temporary. He promises free Guild membership and booty if they bring in Morpho, and they all start arguing among themselves. Red Death, sitting in the back, crushes a cup to get their attention and says that he'll catch Morpho. However, he wants a seat on the council in return for bringing them Morpho, and Phantom Limb tells him that they'll take it under advisement.

Rocco ties up Monarch and Wide Wale slaps him awake. He punches Monarch in the stomach and "deduces" that Monarch is Monarch. Wide Wale explains that his brother Doug was a genius and Wide Wale was the only one who believed in him. He hooked up the molecular redistributor to himself and transformed himself into a super-villain with whale powers. Doug became Dr. Dugong, a super scientist, and the brothers parted ways. Monarch blew Dugong's head off while he was arching. Wide Wale rips off Monarch's mask and slaps him.

Outside the building, 21 is posing as a homeless man and hacking into the computers using a laptop. Girlfriend calls to tell him to go to Rat Island because they captured Morpho. When they get there, Tunnel Vision claims that he captured Morpho. The disguised 21 says that they have a homeless man dressed up as Blue Morpho. Phantom Limb points out that it will settle the matter. Mrs. Wandering Spider arrives and slaps Girlfriend, saying that she just found out that Harangutan was killed by Blue Morpho and Girlfriend knew but let villains arch. Now Wandering spider is dead. Crying, Mrs. Wandering Spider slaps Girlfriend and walks off. 21 tells Girlfriend that she didn't deserve the slap and says that he has a few things to show her, while Red Death hovers all of them and laughs manically.

Rocco tells Sirena to go to her bedroom. Sirena complains and Rocco says that Wide Whale is concerned since Blue Morpho is on the loose. Sirena storms off, and Wide Wale calls Rocco.

21 tells Girlfriend that Wide Wale has Blue Morpho, and Monarch is Blue Morpho. Girlfriend is upset at Monarch's plan, and points out that if Monarch doesn't get murdered then she'll have to execute him. 21 figures that they'll come up with a plan, and shows her the secret Blue Morpho base in the basement. Most of the equipment is gone, and Girlfriend goes to get some real help.

Monarch emerges from the beach and calls to Rusty to come swimming with him. Something pulls Monarch out to sea... and he wakes up from his dream as Rocco throws a bucket of water in his face. Wide Wale tells Monarch that he wants to watch Blue Morpho die. They argue about whether Wide Wale is Italian.

Red Skull is at his lodge with his daughter, and introduces her to Girlfriend and 21 as his "work friends". Once Red Death sends his daughter out of the room, he tells them that Monarch is alive. Wide Wale is out for revenge because Monarch kills Wide Wall's brother Dr. Dugong. Red Death agrees to help them rescue Monarch, but after that he'll take his head to the Guild so he can get the board seat and the pension. Girlfriend asks if he'll help them if she can get him the seat and still save Monarch, and Red Death agrees as long as he gets to kill.

Later outside of an OSI dummy corporation, Girlfriend and 21 wait outside in the limo. hey finally go in and check on him, and find Red Death standing amidst a pile of corpse.

Rocco slaps Monarch awake and asks if he wants to play Mad Libs. Monarch asks him to sop but Rocco continues.

Girlfriend goes through the old paper files, and 21 and Red Death compare their kill mementoes. Red Death talks about when the Guild tries to take Gargantua-1and kidnap Venture, but someone opened the bay door and ejected most of the Guild members into space. The alarms go off and Girlfriend tells Red Death to get the man in the files and meet them at Wide Wale's penthouse.

Girlfriend goes to the penthouse after sending 21 on a mission. She distracts the whale lice henchman, while 21 accidentally takes the elevator down to the first floor. The disguised Hank comes in and takes the elevator up. Meanwhile, Girlfriend tells the henchmen that they'd never hit a woman and punches them out. 21 arrives and tells Girlfriend to hide as Hank comes up behind him.

Soon, Wide Wale has Hank prepare to shoot Monarch. Monarch realizes who Hank is, and Wide Wale tells Hank to kill Monarch so he can marry Sirena. 21 comes in and tells Hank that it isn't Hank of him. Hank agrees and 21 tells him to give him the gun and go to Sirena. wide Wale grabs the gun and prepares to kill Monarch, but Red Death flies in towing Dr. Dugong. Wide Wale is shocked to discover that his brother is alive, and Dugong explains that his starfish DNA let him regrow his head back. He explains that he's been under OSI protection because Wide Wale is a villain. Dugong points out that Wide Wale is holding a gun and was going to kill someone, and Wide Wale says that they were just playing a game. Monarch agrees.

Rocco brings Girlfriend in, and Wide Wale tells him to play Hide and Seek. Sirena comes in and asks why Hank is there, and Hank claims that he can't remember. Dugong tells her that she has an uncle, much to her surprise. The building across the street rumbles and Red Death points out that Ven-Tech Tower is trying to move. The Morpho Mobile parks on the street, and the villains watch as Blue Morpho walks into the building. Monarch figures that he's off the hook.

Written by Gadfly on Aug 14, 2018

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