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Puke and Cigars Recap

Everyone stares at the dead gorilla, and Declan apologizes for Tiki not being much for manners. Declan introduces himself and welcomes them to his private island. Steve punches him and says that it was Declan's landmines that killed his best friend. Declan explains that the island was once a militant stronghold and he thought he had cleared all of the mines. He offers his condolences for Luther's death and screams dramatically. Declan then promises that he will start a foundation in Luther's name. Steve assures Declan that he did what he could and then introduces Declan to the others. Declan invites them to come with him. Once his back is turned, Declan smiles ominously.

As Declan takes the group back to his villa, he explains that he imports big-game animals for his personal hunting preserve. He talks about how he brings friends to hunt there. Florence and Jess agree that they're getting major creep vibes from Declan, and they arrive at the villa. Inside, Declan calls his cook Martha out to make the survivors food. Everyone asks to check their email, and Declan says that the lodge is a dead zone. He does have a wideband radio and says that he'll call the authorities to arrange their rescue.

Todd contemplates being friends with Declan, but Pack figures that he's delusional and that Declan will be his friend. Florence and Jess tell Owen and Danny that Declan is creepy. The men dismiss their suspicions as overreacting, just as Declan comes back in and says that an international aid ship will be there I the morning. Martha brings in cocktails to toast their goo fortunes. When Karen starts to take a drink, Florence knocks the glass out of her hand and points out that they didn't see him mix the cocktails.

Declan mixes a cocktail in front of them and gives it to Karen, and commends Florence on her suspicious nature. They share a toast and Declan puts his hand on Jess' back even though there's plenty of space to move past her.

As Martha serves crab rangoons, Steve talks about his plans for Luther's foundation. Danny points out that Owen isn't stressed out for the first time since they've met, and Owen figures that they're good. Jess and Florence are still suspicious and sneak out. Meanwhile, Pack compliments Declan on his scotch, and they share a life. Todd grabs the bottle from Pack and goes through a juggling routine with it. He finally drops the bottle, and offers to pay the damage. Declan says that it's $40,000, and Todd claims that he can cover it.

Jess and Florence approach Martha and ask how it is working for Declan. Martha says that Declan is a remarkable man who works and plays hard. They ask if Declan ever does anything that makes Martha feel uncomfortable, and Martha nods at the surveillance camera. Florence turns on a blender to cover their conversation, and Martha tells them that Declan has a sick habit of not washing his hands after he urinates. She thanks them for letting her unburden herself and walks off.

Declan leaves the bathroom and shakes hands with Pack, and announces that Martha will take them to their rooms. Karen asks Steve to meet her in her room later for some humping.

Once they're alone, Jess tells Todd that they can't trust Declan. Todd tells her not to act crazy and goes to be with him. Jess explores the hallways and stumbles into Florence doing the same thing. They agree to find the monitor room and go to the basement.

Todd goes to Declan's study and discovers that Pack is already there. Pack whispers to Todd that he's desperate.

Florence and Jess come to a security door with a key pad. They work out the combination from the smudges, go inside, and find monitors showing everything on the island. Jess finds the severed heads of Emma and the others on the wall and screams. Martha comes in and says that Declan doesn't like trespassers. She says that they'll find out what happened to the others and orders them to come with her. They refuse and Martha claps at them and yells for them to come. When they don’t come over, Martha walks out and locks the door behind her.

Declan suggests that they smoke cigars, and Todd says that maybe Pack should sit it out because of his little lungs. Pack refuses, and Todd gives him a cigar. When Pack chokes on the smoke, he tries to pass it off as smooth.

Florence spots a hatch in an air duct.

The men smoke, and Pack says that he has to go to the bathroom. He staggers in and turns on the shower, and then starts vomiting. Declan suggests that Todd check on him, and Todd reluctantly goes in. Declan listens as they argue, and Martha comes in and tells them about Florence and Jess.

Florence and Jess climb through the air duct and then scream.

Danny and Owen sit in the hot tub and drink beers.

Todd and Pack leave the bathroom and discover that Declan is gone. They start arguing and throwing books at each other. Pack triggers a hidden door and they follow the passageway to the monitor room. The men see the trophy heads and screams.

Danny and Owen hear Florence and Jess screaming for help. As Steve and Karen join them, the vent falls onto the floor and the women crawl out. Florence explains what they saw, and Pack and Todd run in and says that the place is bad news. Declan comes in with Martha, she aims her gun at them, and Danny realizes that Todd and Pack were right.

The next morning, Declan and Martha lock the survivors up in a caged compound. Declan admits that he planted the mines, and Steve vows to kill him. Danny tells Declan that there's a ship coming to rescue them, and the others point out that Declan didn't call the ship. Declan says that he's going to watch as they turn on each other, and they realize that Chet is gone. The millionaire tells Martha to find Chet, and tells the survivors that they'll soon be hunting each other to the death. Danny figures that they're in trouble.

Written by Gadfly on Aug 15, 2018

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