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Jolene Recap

The next morning, Wynonna ties up Michelle in the barn. Michelle begs them to listen, and tries to warn them. Wynonna tells Waverly to go inside, and Michelle tells Wynonna that a demon has been stalking Waverly since she was a baby. She explains that she as trying to exorcise it when the barn caught fire, and it became attached to her. The demon has been torturing her ever since and broke her. When Waverly touched Michelle as a child, it broke the bond and the demon escaped. Michelle came to save Waverly, and asks where it went.

In the house, Jolene gives Waverly a cupcake for her, and says that she'll do anything for her as long as Waverly ells her everything. Waverly says that she's family and they hug, and the demon looks at the knife that it's holding and tells Waverly that everything will turn out as it should.

Later, Wynonna is washing dishes when Doc comes in. She wonders where she turn Michelle over to Warden Young or just burn down the barn with her mother in it, Wynonna tells Doc what Michelle said, and Jolene reminds them that Michelle spent 20 years in a mental hospital. She gives Doc snickerdoodles and he falls back under her spell, and Jolene says that she'll standout in case the demon comes back. Once Jolene leaves, Doc says that he heard three voices on Michelle's therapy tapes, and only he and Michelle could hear it. He explains that he could hear it because he went to Hell and warns that Waverly is in real danger.

Waverly goes back to Michelle and says that she doesn't remember the demon there the night before. Michelle describes how when Waverly was three months old, something came at the baby and Michelle drove it off. She started seeing the demon getting closer to Waverly in every photo of her, and she tore them up rather than let see Waverly see them. Waverly starts to leave, and then describes how she saw a demon in the mirrors at kindergarten. Michelle drops her coffee mug and it breaks, and Waverly comes over to pick it up. Her mother warns that the demon hates Waverly and she's tired of fighting it. Waverly says that she, Wynonna, and Jolene will fight it, and Michelle wonders who Jolene is.

Jolene takes a pie over to the institute revenant guard who is out in his car looking for Wynonna. He gets out of the car, and Jolene knows him and all of the drugs he gave to the girls in his wing and which ones he took into his office. She says that she's finally with the Earps and Waverly is as good as hers. She tosses away the pie, slams the guard down on the hood of his car, and says that it would have been easier if he ate the pie before cutting his throat.

Wynonna, Waverly, and Doc go out to the barn and untie Michelle, and tell Michelle who Doc is. Jolene comes in and claims that the intestines on her as chocolate. Michelle thinks that she smells familiar, and Jolene gives her some food to bring her under her spell. Jolene says that the demon is coming for Waverly, and Jolene tells them that the danger has passed. Michelle figures that they should go to the Gibson Greenhouse where Waverly was born, and Michelle will bind the demon to her again.

Later, as Doc prepares to go, Jolene says that neither one of them are going anywhere. When Doc objects, Jolene warns that Wynonna can't waste time feeling bad about Doc going to Hell, and wonders how useful he will be. She points out that Doc hasn't brought much to the table recently, and reminds him that she's never lied to him. Jolene gives Doc some treats and he agrees.

Wynonna, Waverly, and Michelle arrive at the greenhouse and Waverly wants to talk about her real father. Michelle says that his name was Julian and he was someone better. She describes how Julian always knew to find her at the greenhouse when she went there to escape, and tell Waverly that they can discuss it later after she saves her daughter.

As Jolene drives down the road in the guard's car, Nicole pulls her over and asks for her license and registration. Jolene gives her some treats, and when Nicole eats them, she realizes who Jolene is. The woman tells Nicole what the Earps are doing, and then points out that Nicole hasn't included them in her plans. She explains that she can't physically harm Waverly, has Nicole eat more of the treats, and Nicole tells her that she's free to go. She calls the Earps' "bitches", and Jolene basically takes on her demonic form. Nicole falls further under Jolene's spell, and Jolene drives off as blood leaks from the trunk of her car.

At the greenhouse, Michelle goes outside and the possessed revenant guard barges in and tries to attack Waverly. Michelle ropes him by the neck, and Wynonna sends him back to Hell with Peacemaker. The Earps figure that it's over, and Michelle collapses sobbing in relief. Waverly hears a voice calling to her from outside and walks out. Jolene is standing inside of a devil's trap, and says that Michelle set a trap. When Waverly gets close enough, Jolene yanks her into the trap and says that Waverly has taken everything from her but she'll make her pay. The older woman reverts to her demonic form, and Waverly slaps her. When Jolene yells, Wynonna and Michelle come out and Jolene says that Waverly is under a lot of stress. Waverly says that Jolene grabbed her, and Wynonna and Michelle go to Jolene's side.

Back at the homestead, Wynonna and Michelle drink a dress to killing the demon and to Jolene. Waverly joins them and they invite her to drink with them. When Waverly apologizes to Jolene for hitting her, Jolene tells her that she told Nicole and they're meeting her at Shorty's. She gives Waverly a cupcake for the road.

The four women arrive at Shorty's and spot Kate. they order drinks at the bar and Michelle points out that a revenant couldn't be in her head and on the loose at the same time. Jolene offers them some of the treats that she brought, but they stick with alcohol and admit that it doesn't feel right. The demon says that Kate is an old lady from the West and thinks that she can set up I the bar because she's Doc's ex-wife. Wynonna goes over to talk to her.

Bobo wakes up in the well and Doc lowers a bucket of food and alcohol to him. Doc tells him that Xavier is dead, and he wants an angle to use against Bulshar. Bobo says that he wants Waverly to visit him, and when Doc agrees Bobo tells him that Bulshar wants his ring. His widow cut his hand off with the ring on it. Doc says that he hasn't seen it, and Bobo tells him that one of the others must have taken it and not told him. Disgusted, Doc closes the well over and walks away.

In the bathroom, Jolene and Wynonna discuss Kate. She makes up Wynonna and gives her a flask to drink from, and Waverly comes in. Jolene explains that Waverly told her that Kate was Doc's wife, and Waverly insists that she thought it was Doc's place to tell Wynonna. The sisters argue and Wynonna pointedly says that Waverly is her half-sister, and Waverly storms off.

Doc arrives at Shorty's and sees Kate siting at the bar. Michelle mixes him a martini, and tells him that she knows he has something with Kate while he's doing Wynonna. Wynonna and Jolene come in, and when Doc says that Jolene is the prettiest girl in Purgatory, Michelle slaps him. Nicole comes in and Jolene gets her a drink, while Doc tells Waverly that he promised Bobo that he could see her. Wynonna comes over and complains about how they're talking about Bobo behind her back. They start arguing about Kate, and Kate comes over and offers to read Wynonna's fortune. When Waverly tries to intervene, Wynonna tells her to mind her own business.

When Jolene spills beer on her overshirt, she starts to remove it and Nicole flirts with her. Waverly comes over and objects, and then slaps Michelle. Nicole pulls her away and Jolene comes over. One customer tells Nicole to let go of Jolene, and a fight breaks out. Jolene goes up on the stage and sings while chaos breaks out throughout the bar. Wynonna and Waverly argue until Waverly throws beer in her face. When Nicole tell Wynonna to sab up, Wynonna hits her. Kate argues with Wynonna, and Michelle punches her. Meanwhile, Jolene assumes her demonic face and smiles in satisfaction.

Later everyone gets arrested and Nichole tosses Wynonna and Michelle in a cell. She says that she's going to give the staff the treats that Jolene made rather than give it to the Earps like Jolene wanted. Waverly comes in to post bail, and Nicole tells her that she's not going to press charges against Wynonna but she has to turn Michelle over to the Feds. They argue about how Waverly hid a fugitive, and Nicole says that she had to hear about Michelle from Jolene. Waverly stammers out an apology and Nicole walks off.

At Shorty's, Kate asks Jolene if she wants a free reading. Jolene says that she isn't interested, but Kate does it anyway and tells her that "he" is coming. The demon says that vampires are buzz-kills and walks off.

Doc goes to the sheriff's station and finds Waverly in the lobby crying. He asks her about the ring, and Waverly tells him that Nicole knows about it. Doc asks why she's crying, and Waverly says that Nicole dumped her and she yelled at Wynonna, and she feels that everything is born. She wonders if the demon is her, and Doc admits that it makes sense as he eats one of Jolene's cookies. He says that Waverly has a vicious streak.

Nicole is sitting in her apartment when Jolene comes in. The officer wonders why they were fighting, and Jolene tells her that she spends her life rescuing others and should focus on her. When she strokes Nicole's face, she says that she's doing anything she wants. Nicole tells her that she loves Waverly and doesn't like Jolene, and Jolene knocks her back with a spell. The ring is sitting on her wardrobe, and Nicole wonders how it's there when she threw it into the woods. Jolene takes it and her hand burns until she drops it, and she realizes that Bulshar has risen. The demon grabs Nicole by the throat, throws her in the closet, and slams the door shut.

Wynonna apologizes to Michelle for thinking she abandoned them, and they talk about Alice. Michelle says that she made the right choice sending her away, but Wynonna doesn't see it that way. She wonders why a demon died like a revenant, and Michelle says that her head feels wrong. She feels that the demon is still out there, and Wynonna points out that Waverly is out as well.

Waverly goes to the greenhouse and Jolene throws a knife into a nearby support post and then approaches Waverly.

Wynonna and Michelle yell for Randy until he comes in. Michelle tells him to let them out, and explains that there's a demon trying to kill Waverly. He has no idea who Jolene and they don't remember anything about her life in Purgatory, and starts to eat the treats that Nicole gave to the safe. Wynonna and Michelle yell at him to drop them.

Jolene tells Waverly that she's not good, and if she was good then she wouldn't have lost everything. She grabs the knife and asks if Waverly is going to do something right for once, and Waverly realizes that Michelle did everything to protect her from the demon. Jolene tells Waverly that she's a changeling that Michelle left behind, and Waverly figures that Julian is a demon. She collapses sobbing, saying that it's too much, and Jolene gives her the knife and tells her to end her life and make things better.

Doc arrives at Nicole's apartment and frees her, and Nicole explains that Jolene is the demon.

Jolene says that she was born at the same time as Waverly, and everything good was given to Waverly while she got shunned and reviled. She tells Waverly that they're equals now because nobody loves Waverly, either. Waverly wonders why Jolene doesn't kill her, and Jolene says that they're linked. When Waverly says that Wynonna and the others all love her, Jolene tells her that she doesn't bring them anything. Waverly insists that she loves them back and she never gives up on them, and throws the knife away. Jolene throws her across the greenhouse and insists that it's her birthright. Waverly hits her with a shovel and then stabs at her with it, and Jolene says that Waverly can't kill her without killing herself. Wynonna comes in and shoots Jolene in the stomach. Jolene says that Wynonna loves her, and Wynonna tells her that she loves Waverly more. She runs out and Waverly tells Wynonna not to let her get away.

Outside, Jolene runs into the devil's trap that Michelle has set. As Wynonna comes out, Michelle says that she's dreamed of killing Jolene for decades. Tree branches grab Jolene, and they realize that it's Bulshar. Jolene says that Waverly was her, and the limbs break her neck and then cover over her, absorbing her into a tree.

The next morning, Waverly goes to Nicole's apartment and Nicole tells her what happened with Jolene and the ring. Waverly figures that the ring coming back to Nicole means that they're still in danger, but figures that it protected her.

In the forest, Doc draws a protective circle and tells Bulshar saying that he's done with pity. He holds up the ring and says that he will never give the demon what it wants, will do whatever it takes, and puts on the ring. Doc figures that he will drag Bulshar to Hell with him and walks away.

Wynonna goes to the well and tells Bobo that Waverly isn't coming and never will. Bobo says that Waverly is blessed because her real father, Julian, was an angel.

Written by Gadfly on Aug 18, 2018

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