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5. The Sins of the Father Recap

Samuel and two of his men enter a factory and Eve watches them from the shadows and moves along with them. They meet with an Albanian man, Lazami, and Samuel tells him that the $250,000 is in the bag as agreed. Lazami's man hands over packets of heroin, and one of Samuel's men confirms that it's authentic. The police come in and order everyone to freeze, and both sides shoot at them as Samuel and Lazami head for the exit.

As the police gun down the others, Samuel leads Lazami down a hallway. He shoots the man dead and puts a gun in his hand. As one of Lazami's men arrives and prepares to shoot Samuel, Eve shoots at him. He runs off, and Samuel slides the case of money to Eve. She runs off with it as the police arrive and tell Samuel to put his hands up.

As the police lead Samuel away, he gets a call. They unhandcuff him and Samuel tells his superior that he had to shoot Lazami in self-defense and Lazami's lieutenant made off with the heroin. He assures his boss that they achieved results and his superior agrees, and hangs up.

Harry meets with Kalim, who complains that Harry forced him to go into hiding and his business suffered. Kalim complains that vice is breathing down to him, and they play cards. Harry loses, and Kalim advises him to go home and get some rest. He gives Harry some of his winnings to pay his way home, and says that there's something big going down with the snake-hand triad.

A triad leader, Tai Jing, enters a penthouse with his men. Tai says that it will do fine and calls Samuel, and says that he wanted to arrive in town early and surprise Samuel. Samuel tells him that Harry is about to die. Meanwhile, Suri, Steve, and Elsa examine Lazami's body. Elsa tells them what supposedly happened, and Suri points out that Lazami has a snake-hand tattoo.

Eve meets Samuel and he tells her that Tai is in town. She gives him the heroin to return to Tai, and walks off.

Elsa tells, Steve and Suri that the man who fled is Edon Pasha, Lazami's lieutenant. She confirms that the intelligence came from MI6, and Suri asks if Elsa called Samuel. Harry arrives and Suri realizes that Elsa has been working with him.

Samuel meets Tai at the penthouse and Tai cheerfully embraces him.

Harry figures that Samuel staged the ambush to eliminate the competition. Steve confirms from the eyewitness reports that Eve escaped after the shootout.

Tai serves tea and Samuel promises him that he'll bring him the bracelet the next day. One of Tai's men, Uncle Shing, suggests that they promote Samuel. Another lieutenant, Kang, complains that Samuel brought attention to them. Samuel insists that it's a minor setback and gives them the heroin, assuring Tai that they're still in the game. He explains that he still controls the police, and Harry's bracelet is almost black.

The team walks along the Thames, and Suri says that she'll track down Eve and Pasha. Harry will follow up some leads at his end, and Elsa warns that Samuel has eyes everywhere. They figure that Samuel won't anticipate them joining forces.

Later, Harry meets with Cheung, who confirms that the bracelet is darker. She warns that Samuel has Eve to remove the bracelet, and explains that Tai is already in London so Harry's days are numbered. Cheung says that Tai is Samuel's adopted father and trained him in how to run the triad. Harry promises that he'll stop Samuel, but Cheung tells him to act fast before it's too late for him.

That night, Harry brings Suri to the houseboat and suggests that Rich could use some cheering up. They have dinner and Harry asks what it will take to get them back together. Rich says that he only lied to protect Suri, and they both agree that it's Harry's fault. Suri suggests that they just be friends until the situation is over, and Rich agrees.

The next day, a Triad man hands an envelope off to a man, who delivers it along the chain of contacts and drops.

Suri calls in Harry when she finds the cafe that Edon frequents. Harry takes the back while Suri goes in the front, and Edon runs when she introduces herself. Harry chases him when Edon comes out the back, and they run down the street. A man opens a door, slamming it into the bracelets.

One of the Triad contacts, Andy Lewis, meets with another one, Aleesha Blythe, and talks about how he'll be promoted in the organization. He admits that there are limits to how far he can go because he's not Chinese, and Alesha slips a packet of drugs out of his pocket as she kisses him. Aleesha suggests that he get her another drink, and once Andy leaves Aleesha pockets the packet and goes the bathroom.

Harry and Suri talk to Edon, pointing out that Lazami owns the cafe and was picked up on CCTV at the drug bust. They accuse him of taking the heroin, and Edon insists that he didn't. He warns that the Triads will come for him if he talks, and explains that they're doing business because the "big man" Samuel negotiated the deal and gave Eve the drugs. Edon asks for protection as part of the deal.

Andy checks the bathroom and finds Aleesha dead in of a drug overdose in the bathroom. The police soon learn of Aleesha's death and Suri tells Elsa that the heroin Aleesha took was mixed with phentonol, making it ten times deadlier. The records on Andy's phone showed that he called a money exchange after Aleesha died. Reports of three more deaths come in with the same symptoms, and Suri says that Edon agreed to wear a wire.

Harry meets with Elsa and she tells him what's happening. He figures that the Albanians someone is poisoning the drugs to ruin the triad's reputation, and they can use the opportunity to expose Samuel. They'll set up a sting, offering to buy the bad drugs, and show MI6 who Samuel really is. Harry tells Elsa that he'll get the money.

That night, Harry goes to a casino and meets with Rich. He explains that he needs the money to entrap Samuel. Harry starts winning, at roulette, and Rich gets a drink and talks to a woman, Rachel Reeve, about how sexy Suri is. Meanwhile, Harry's luck turns bad. Suri arrives and tells Harry that she has better things to do then see him self-destruct. Harry tells her that Rich is around somewhere. Rich continues talking about Suri, and Suri sees Rachel take her hand. She takes a drink and leaves.

When Suri gets to the station, she calls Steve and pours herself a drink. When he arrives, she says that Rich has moved on and claims that she has as well. Suri starts to pour a drink, and Steve stops her asking if she's okay. When he holds her steady, Suri comes onto Steve, saying that he's always been there for her. When she tries to kiss him, Steve pulls back and says that he doesn't want to be with her when she's drunk. He puts her coat on her and says that he needs to get her home.

Rich and Rachel go over to Harry, and Rich is surprised to learn that Suri was there. He goes to look for her, and Harry realizes that he's out of money. Rachel tells Harry that there's a poker game nearby and suggests that they go there. When Harry turns her down, Rachel gives him her card in case he changes his mind and leaves.

Tai and his men go the dining room, and Samuel has Eve give Tai the first bracelet. When Samuel tells them that Eve is a Torch, Kang goes for his knife. Samuel says that Eve is with them now and will help them remove the second bracelet. Tai wonders if she can be trusted, and Eve tells him that they have no choice but to trust her and she had no choice when she became a Torch. She explains that she wants to put her mistakes right, and will do by removing Harry's bracelet from his wrist. Eve gives Tai the bracelet, and Tai slaps Samuel and tells him that he knows about the poisoned heroin. He accuses Samuel of becoming careless due to his obsession with the bracelets.

The next morning, Harry returns to Rich's apartment and asks Rich for a loan. Rich refuses, and Harry admits that he's been testing the bracelet by gambling because when it dies, so does he. Elsa and Steve arrive, and Harry says that he'll have the money by that night. Suri shows up and thanks Steve for his help, and asks if she did anything stupid the night before. Steve assures her that she didn't, and asks how they convince the triads to sell to them. Harry figures that he knows who can act as their front man.

Harry goes to Kalim's brothel and tells him that he can get Vice off of his back. However, he needs a one-off: Kalim to pose as a heroin fixer, and assures Kalim that he'll be protected every step of the way. After a moment, Kalim agrees as long as it has nothing to do with the triad. They shake, and Harry admits that it involves the triad.

That night at the cafe, a motorcyclist pulls up to Edon's cafe. The passenger opens fire, killing Edon, and the driver takes off. Samuel is down the street in his car and hears the gunshots. When Elsa arrives, she calls Harry and tells him what happened. She figures that Samuel is responsible and warns that he's out of control.

Kamil goes to a travel office and meets with Eve and her bodyguard. He says that he wants to buy a large supply of heroin for his client in France, and invites Eve to search him. She does, confirming that he doesn't have a wire, and Eve makes a call. She then asks Kamil if he has cash. Afterward, Kamil meets with a watching Harry and says that he'll meet with Eve and her boss at 5 that night. Harry realizes that Eve was there, and assures Kamil that he has the fifty thousand for the deal.

Samuel arranges a meeting with Elsa and asks if she has any leads on Harry. Elsa claims that they'll capture him any day, and they figure that Eve drowned. She describes the war between the Albanians and the triads, and asks if Samuel knows anything about it. Samuel doesn't answer, makes it clear that he knows where she lives, and leaves.

Harry goes to the poker game and Rachel greets him. They play and Harry wins the first hand.

At the station, Elsa is looking pensively out the window. Suri comes over and Elsa tells her that she suspects Samuel has had her followed and suspects something. However, Elsa refuses to back out of the drug deal.

Samuel is staring at his drug syringe when Eve comes in. He says that he's checked Kamil, and Eve tells him to take the drug if he needs it. She angrily tells Samuel that he deserves the bracelet more than Tai, and Samuel agree that only the two of them understand the stakes. Eve takes the syringe and injects Samuel with it, telling him that she sees him fighting for the cause.

Harry continues winning until he has the fifty thousand. Rachel takes out another wad of cash and asks if he's leaving already, and Harry sits back down to play some more.

Samuel tells Tai about Kamil's offer, and Tai says that he'll handle the deal. He points out that the bracelets are no use to them if their reputation is shot, and Eve asks when profit became the triad's priority. Tai forbids Samuel from coming with him, saying that it will be like old times. Samuel refuses to let Eve go to identify the client without him, and Tai walks off.

Rachel wins back the twenty-five thousand, and Harry offers another game with Rich's flat as the stakes. They play one more game and Harry loses. Rachel tells him that he has until the next morning to provide cash to make up for the flat, and leaves.

At 5, Harry and the others arrive at the docks. Harry says that he'll do it because it's too risky for Kamil. Suri realizes that Harry has fake money and figures that he gambled the fifty thousand away, and warns that it's a suicide mission. Harry insists that it's worth it if it stops the deaths, and all he has to do is get Samuel on camera making the buy., Steve tells Harry that he'll have him covered, and takes up position. Suri puts a lapel camera on Harry so that they can get Samuel taped, and she, Harry, and Elsa go to the meet. Harry steps out alone and calls Daisy to say that he's proud of her and loves her more than anything.

Tai and his men arrive, and Elsa realizes that Samuel isn't there. The triad leader says that he's Samuel's boss, and Harry insists on seeing the heroin. A Triad man scans Harry and detects his wire, and Harry grabs him. Samuel steps out and shoots at Harry, and Steve yanks Harry out of the way. Tai and Samuel leave, and Elsa, Steve, and Suri chase after them. Eve comes over and grabs the heroin, trains a gun on Harry, and runs off.

Samuel goes by on a boat, firing with Uzi. The others take cover and Steve shoots back.

Harry runs after Eve and apologizes for not saving her. She says that she chose to ally with Samuel, and tells Harry that Samuel wants to release them all from the bracelets. Harry says that they need to get both bracelets to Cheung, and Eve apologizes for shackling Harry but says that she won't return the bracelet. She insists that they have to break the chain, and Harry tells her to shoot him now to prove to Samuel that she's on his side. Eve aims her gun at him, and says that she won't kill him. She tells Harry that he has to sacrifice his life so they're all free.

Harry takes the suitcase of heroin that Eve has set down, and tells her that he never thought that he'd lose her. Eve bids Harry goodbye and drives off.

When Harry returns to the van, he discovers that Suri captured Samuel on video shooting at them. He hands them the heroin and Elsa figures that MI6 will abandon Samuel when they see the video of Samuel shooting at cops. Rich calls Suri, and Harry says that all Rich did the night before was talk about her.

Later at the penthouse, Tai tattoos Eve's hand and welcomes her to the triad. He then thanks Samuel for saving them, and Samuel thanks Tai for showing him what really matters to the triad. He then picks up a clearer and kills Kang. Eve grabs Tai and Samuel tells him that he betrayed the triad and succumbed to greed, and cuts Tai's throat. Eve hugs Samuel, who hugs her back.

Harry goes back to the casino and gambles.

Suri goes to Rich's apartment and he tells her that he doesn't want to lose her. They kiss and go inside.

Rachel approaches Harry and reminds him that he has until dawn. She leaves and a desperate Harry stares at the roulette wheel.

Written by Gadfly on Aug 18, 2018

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