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Six Feet Recap

Martha drags her knife along the bars of the pen, and Owen says that there's something wrong with Steve. She looks in and Steve complains that he's cold, but Martha is well aware that Todd is behind the wall, holding a rock to hit her with when she comes in. Martha walks off, and Steve complains about how his acting talents are wasted. Karen figures that they have the numbers, just as a helicopter arrives with more of them. Jess wonders who would make people hunt each other, and Danny says "the rich". He tells the survivors that rich people are monsters.

Peabody, Brewster, and Errol are having gorilla steak and eggs with Declan. Declan thanks them for coming there to his impromptu hunt, and explains that a few weeks ago a pirate contacted him about the survivors of an airline crash. He asked her to bring them there, but then she went dark. Two days ago eight of the survivors washed up on the shore, and Declan figures that it will be their best hunt ever.

Martha comes into the pen with a fire hose, and says that Declan wants to show them off but first she has to hose them off. Once she does and they put on their new uniforms, Martha and the guards take the survivors into the house. Declan shows them to his fellow hunters, and Steve tells them that they've left him untied. When he charges forward, the bracelet on his wrist goes off, shocking him. Martha has the remote that triggered the electricity, and Steve quickly gets back in line with the others.

Declan explains that before they send them out, they'll name their prey. He calls Owen forward and they try to come up with a name for him even though they consider him Vanilla. Jess is The Hot One, Todd is Todd, Steve is Awesome Blossom, Florence is The Cute One, Pack is Half-Pint, and Karen is Six Feet for "six feet under". They figure she'll die first because she's old and a woman. Peabody recognizes Danny and says that he used to work with Danny's father, and tells Declan that they don't hunt their own because Danny is one of them. Declan takes Peabody aside, and Owen tells Danny to go undercover and get help. Danny immediately says that he's tired of standing with the filth.

Declan tells Martha to take the rest back to the compound, and Karen tells Pack that he's an embarrassment because he pretended to be a dog to entertain the millionaires. Pack says that he'll do whatever it takes to survive. Martha calls Karen "Six Feet", and Karen head-butts her unconscious. Everyone but Pack cheers, and Karen takes the control. Pack takes it from her and crushes it, and Karen points out that Martha used it to open the pen. The survivors tell Pack to take Karen to the control room so she can open the pen from there, and Steve tells them to bring Martha over so they can deal with her.

Karen and Pack sneak back to the house and Pack insists that they need to survive by keeping their heads low. They spot a guard and Karen throws a rock at him and knocks him out.

Danny sits with the others and share drinks. Declan asks him why he was flying commercial when he's wealthy enough to fly privately, and asks if he cares about appearances. Danny says that he was thinking of acquiring the airline, and he's going to acquire them and bankrupt them. He explains that he destroys anyone who tries to kill him, and will fire everyone at the airline. Declan reminds him that he'll pay for the severance packages, and Danny tells him that he doesn't care as long as he can show them he's a man. The three hunters agree, and they all cheer.

When Martha wakes up, Todd and Steve hold onto her hands through the bars. She breaks free of Todd's grip and grabs Steve, and the others hold him while Martha tries to pull him through the bars.

Danny looks briefly worried, and then goes back to playing along.

Martha lets go of Steve and walks off.

Once they get to the control room, Pack hacks the computer while Karen stands guard.

Florence promises Owen that they'll get out, just as the gate opens. She runs out and the others follow.

Out on the veranda, Martha reports that Karen and Park got loose and she lost the controller. Declan figures that the hunt has begun early, and everyone looks at Danny. He says that they should go catch the survivors, and Declan leads them off.

Pack and Karen head for the helicopter, figuring the others went there. Martha confronts them, and Pack runs away. By the time Karen turns back, Martha tackles her.

Declan tells Danny that he was wrong about thinking Danny developed feelings for the poor, and Danny prepares to shoot him in the back. Before he can, they hear the others.

Karen throws Martha out the window, and the two of them continue fighting. Martha gets Karen in a choke hold, but Pack knocks her over the head with a rock. Peabody, Brewster, and Eliot arrive and says that it's a shame that Pack wasn't a good little doggy.

The others reach the helicopter and Steve figures that Owen can fly the helicopter. Owen says that he can't despite the fact that he was a flight attendant. Declan arrives, but Danny puts his gun to his head and says that the fun has just begun. Everyone cheers, and Declan asks Danny what he's doing. Danny says that he was undercover, and Declan tells him that the gun doesn't have bullets. He says that he never believed Danny was one of them.

Brewster wants to shoot Karen and Pack, but Eliot objects. As they argue, Karen begs them not to kill her first. Brewster tells them to bark for mercy, and Karen reluctantly does so.

The guards put everyone in the pen, and Martha uses her new remote to torture them. Jess convulses and collapses even after Martha turns off the remote.

Written by Gadfly on Aug 22, 2018

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