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If We Make It Through December Recap

At the homestead, Wynonna and Michelle prepare for Christmas.

Doc drags a Christmas tree back from the forest.

Nicole tries out an elf costume for Waverly.

Doc enters the homestead with his tree, and Michelle tells him to take it out because they already have a tree.

Nicole complains to Waverly that she's just an elf and Nedley is Santa.

Wynonna puts an angel on the tree, and Michelle comes in and complains that it's not the angel that they used. She asks Wynonna to let her have her own Christmas after all of the times that she spent in prison, Wynonna reluctantly agrees. Her mother goes to the kitchen to mash her yams.

At the tree lot, Nedley-as-Santa is sitting with kids, and one of them, Tim McBlake, runs off calling for Sana. Nedley and Tim' friend go after Tim but lose him among the tree... and then hear him scream.

Waverly kisses Nicole before she leaves for the tree lot, and then she and Wynonna talk privately about Michelle. They wonder if she's okay, and Wynonna tells Waverly not to leave Michelle alone. She tells Waverly that her father was an angel, and Waverly promptly runs down to the kitchen where Michelle is making Christmas dinner. Waverly wants to talk about her father, but Michelle would rather not discuss it. Wynonna suggests that Christmas is the best time to talk about Waverly's "miracle birth", Michelle tells her daughters to pull up a chair as she cuts the head off the turkey that she killed.

Michelle explains that she and Julian were young and fell in love, and Julian was everything that her husband wasn't. She says that Waverly was born out of love, and Julian disappeared nine months before Waverly was born. Waverly says that she doesn't feel like an angel, and Wynonna mentions that Bobo called Waverly his angel. Michelle tells them that Bobo was there the night that Waverly was born. Wynonna gets a call that Tim wet missing and goes into town to investigate. Michelle says that she doesn't want to dwell on the past. Waverly suggests that they invite Ward, but Michelle says that she doesn't have his number and suggests that she ask Bobo.

Doc takes his tree to the office, and Jeremy tells him to get it out because he's allergic. He says that he's not feeling very festive, and insists that his mood has nothing to do with guys. Doc persists and says that romantic entanglements can relieve all kinds of stress, but Jeremy says that he couldn't get Robin to call him back. His friend tells him to be direct and ask for what he wants, and Jeremy thanks him for the advice. Doc drags the tree out and Jeremy calls Robin's number.

In a warehouse filled with screaming prisoners, Bulshar questions Tim and confirms that his family name is McBlake. He says that Tim is on the naughty list and Bulshar's "beekeepers" toss him in a cell. Robin is in the cell and glares at Bulshar.

Wynonna arrives at the tree lot and finds Nicole trying to quiet the crowd. Nedley is staring off in shock, and Wynonna tries to get his attention. Nicole directs Wynonna into the nearby forest where Charlie is examining a blood splatter. Wynonna introduces herself and figures that someone staged the scene to make it look like Tim was killed. She says that she has a guy, just as a branch falls and Charlie tackles Wynonna out of the way. He realizes that the strain doesn't grow that far north and suggests that the see Wynonna's team.

Wynonna and Charlie go to the office and she asks Jeremy to analyze a sample of the blood. She explains that a kid is missing and calls Waverly to ask her to check on the McBlake family. Waverly confirms that the McBlakes have been in Purgatory for over a century. She tells Wynonna that Michelle is cutting up a turkey and hangs up. Wynonna figures that Bulshar is involved and they tell Charlie about the demon. Jeremy remembers that Robin's family has been in Purgatory a long time as well, and figures that Robin was abducted rather than ghosting him. Doc agrees to let Wynonna talk to Kate.

Waverly goes to the well and Bobo looks up at her.

Doc and Wynonna go to the Gardner house and tell Kate that they're there for information about her vampire pack. She says that all Bulshar told them was to separate the descendants from Purgatory's first families from the rest, and Bulshar needed them. Wynonna figures that she's holding back, and Doc insists that Kate is a victim. Kate tells Doc that she's the same as the day that she met him, and Doc admits that she was a vampire and her friend Sally posed as her for her photos because vampires can't be capture don films. Doc wonders why she left when he got sick, and Kate says that she couldn't bear to see him die. She explains that she was a friend of Wyatt's, but Wynonna isn't interested. When Kate says that Doc was there and takes out his knife that he left, Wynonna angrily goes. Once Wynonna leaves, Kate tells Doc that she still needs him even if Wynonna doesn't.

Waverly tells Bobo to tell her about the night she was born, and Bobo says that he heard Michelle screaming in the greenhouse. He came to investigate and found Michelle holding her baby daughter. Michelle asked Bobo to take care of her daughter, and Bobo knew that Waverly was different. After Michelle passed out from blood loss, Bobo took Waverly to Ward. Ward grabbed Peacemaker and said that Waverly wasn't his, but Bobo took the gun and told him to take care of Waverly but he would come for him and kill him.

When Waverly asks how Bobo ended up at the greenhouse the night that Julian went missing, Bobo says that Julian is still alive but refuses to give her any more information unless he lets him out. Waverly refuses to play his game and puts the lid on the well.

Doc follows Wynonna to the station, and she's mad that he didn’t tell her about Kate. He insists that he hasn't been with Kate in a century, but Wynonna refuses to be the other woman. Doc says that Wynonna is someone that he shares a daughter with, and Wynonna impulsively kisses him. He suggests that they be honest with each other and she admit that she loves him, and Wynonna says that they should get back to work.

Nedley is at his desk and tells Nicole that he froze. Nicole says that they need his help and they should have a whole team combing the woods. Nedley doesn't see the point in finding Tim and bringing him back to Purgatory. He explains that something changes in the tree lot and he can't snap out of it.

Later, Nicole leads a search party through the woods looking for Tim. She takes a photo of the blood splatter and finds a petal. Charlie comes over as Nicole stares at the petal.

Bulshar's beekeepers strap one of the prisoners into a chair, and he stuffs a root into the man's mouth. The beekeepers put a pipe over the man's mouth, and Bulshar pours green goo into the pipe. Robin covers Tim's eyes but continues watching, horrified.

Back at the station, Doc tells the others that the vampires couldn't kill the first families, so Robin and Jeremy are probably still alive. Jeremy identifies the petal as being from a flower that was planted near factories to cover up the order. He's confirmed that the blood came from a pig, and there are three potential sites. Wynonna suggests that they split up, and Doc abruptly agrees.

Bulshar tells him that his great-great-great grandfather betrayed him. The first families betrayed him, giving Wyatt the keys so that they could bury him. Robin offers himself, and Bulshar drags him out and puts him in the chair. The demon announces that death has come for all of them, and Robin tells Tim that he'll be all right.

As Wynonna arrives at one of the sites, Charlie arrives and says that Jeremy texted him the address. She draws Peacemaker on him, but it doesn’t react to him. After a moment, Wynonna asks him to get out a fire axe so they can hack through the chained doors. Charlie has a hose and they use it to climb down into Bulshar's lair. They kill the beekeepers and free the prisoners, and Wynonna thanks Charlie for his help. They free Tim, who says that Bulshar got out. Robin is still strapped to the chair, covered in the green substance.

Back at the station, all of the families are waiting and greet the prisoners that Wynonna and Charlie have brought back. Robin goes over to Jeremy and hugs him, and when Jeremy says that ghosting him was cool if that was what he intended. Robin kisses him. They agree to have dinner together. Wynonna tells Charlie that he's on the team.

Nicole visits Nedley in his office and he admits that he was bad at his job. He tells Nicole that it's not going to happen again and says that he's retiring.

Later, the team gathers at the homestead for dinner. Wynonna tells Doc that Charlie was there and everything was fine. They share a toast to Xavier, and they give thanks to everything they have to be thankful for. Doc says that they have to go and leaves, and Waverly tells Wynonna to go after him. She doesn't, and Nicole thanks Michelle for the dinner. Michelle thanks Nicole for making Waverly happy, and tells Waverly that she focused on her new family rather than Bobo. She says that she's proud of what her daughters have created when she wasn't there, and puts their angel on the tree.

After the meal, Michelle washes the dishes and tells Wynonna to go after her man. Wynonna says that she doesn't think that she deserves him, and Michelle tells her not to settle like she did. When Wynonna suggests that they find Julia by using Peacemaker on Bobo, and assures Michelle that she's got them now. She says that she's going out for a bit but isn't saying where, and Michelle tells her daughter that she's a grown woman and can make up her own mind.

Wynonna finds Charlie and wonders why he wasn't freaked out. She warns that there will be more but she isn't going to give up unless someone makes her. Charlie wonders if she's flirting with him, and figures that she had a bad break-up. Wynonna says that there were massive trust issues and kisses him. Once she finishes, she says that she can't have any strings and asks if it will work. Charlie suggests that they find out and gets into the fire engine cab with her.

Michelle goes to the well and tells Bobo that he shouldn't have told her anything. She offers him his freedom in return for information about Julian and drops a rope to him, and Bobo starts climbing out.

Back at Nicole's apartment, Waverly dresses as Santa's helper and apologizes for not celebrating with Nicole about the news that she's the new sheriff. She dances for her, singing, and they kiss.

The well sits empty in the forest.

Doc goes to see Kate, who says that Bulshar's beekeepers attacked her when they came to collect fealty from her for their master. She warns Doc that Bulshar will kill her if he founds out who she is, and tells Doc that she needs him. Doc promises that he'll do anything in his power to help him, and Kate tells him that there's only one thing that can cure her affliction but it will make him immortal again. He figures that's what she came there for and bares his neck, and Kate bites him.

Written by Gadfly on Aug 25, 2018

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