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6. The Art of War Recap

Suri and Rich lie in bed, and Suri tells Rich a story about a farmer. Rachel comes in and tells Rich that he has to pack up and leave, and shows them the key. Harry arrives and Rachel says that they didn't agree what time she could take the flat. Rich comes out and Rachel tells him that Harry lost it. Suri says that she's a police officer and orders Rachel out, and Rachel threatens to bring in the press. Harry admits that he gambled away Rich's flat, and when he starts fighting with one of Rachel's men, they knock over a vase. Rich grabs Harry and pins him to the wall, and then tells him to get out.

Later, Harry meets Suri, Steve, and Elsa at a diner. They consider whether to release the footage of Samuel opening fire on them. Elsa wants to meet with Owen, but Harry warns that if Samuel finds out then he'll realize that he can no longer control her and have her killed. He wants to come with her, but the others point out that Harry is still wanted by MI6. As Suri and Harry leave, Harry asks her how Rich is, and Suri tells him that he should have thought of Rich's feelings before he lost his flat. Harry says that he'll get it back but he needs money. She tells him to get help and stay away from Rich, and walks away.

Elsa's driver Morgan Copeland picks her up. As they drive, Morgan says that he's just driving until his retirement from the force in two months. He asks her if she has a man, and invites her to come over and have dinner with his family. Morgan asks for the day off for his wife's birthday, and Elsa agrees.

Rich moves out and Suri invites him to move in with her. She points out that they're still together despite their recent difficulties, and Rich accepts.

Elsa meets with Owen and says that she has video of Samuel firing at two of her officers. Owen warns her that her operation compromised a delicate operation. Samuel and Eve watch as Owen says that Samuel is now the head of a triad and he acted to protect his cover. Eve wonders if Elsa is still under Samuel's control, while Owen insists that Samuel didn't kill Elsa's agents when he had the chance. Elsa warns that Samuel will take Owen down with him if he goes down, and Owen insists that he has plausible deniability and Samuel will fall alone. Disgusted, Samuel throws the laptop he's using to monitor the conversation across the room. Meanwhile, Elsa threatens to go public, but Owen isn't impressed.

Samuel is tattooing Eve's hand when he gets a call that Cheung is on the move. Eve reminds Samuel that Cheung offered to remove Harry's bracelet once Harry defeated Samuel, and says that she'll find out where Cheung is staying and how to get to her. When she pledges her loyalty, Eve feels a rush of power and admits that it's more than she's ever known.

Harry is at a casino playing the slots and losing. When he moves to a different machine, a woman sits down at the machine he was at and wins. ASs Harry leaves, he finds Cheung waiting for him. She confirms that the bracelet is getting darker and tells him to stop wasting time. She wants to find Eve, and explains that Samuel is now the head of the triad. Cheung wants Eve back, and tells Harry to bring Eve back to her before it's too late. Eve is across the street watching.

The next day, Morgan arrives at Eve's house and says that his wife is feeling poorly so she sent him to work. He gets the keys and goes out to the car. When Elsa follows him, the car explodes. She staggers out of her house and realizes that Morgan is dead.

Steve arrives as the CSIs clean up the crime scene, and confirms that no one heard or saw anything. Elsa points out a CCTV camera and Steve agrees to check it out. Harry shows up and they figure that Samuel was responsible. He offers his condolences on Morgan's death, and promises that Samuel won't defeat them. Elsa explains that the chief is sending her to a safehouse, and she wants Harry to drive because he's the only person that she trust. Harry agrees when she offers to pay, and he drives her to the safehouse and hastily ushers her in. He looks around nervously, and Elsa wonders what is going on with him. She orders him to go, and Harry reluctantly leaves. He calls a contact, Jack, for a tip at the races.

Eve shows Samuel the photos she took of Harry with Cheung. Samuel figures that they have to make Harry think that his luck is back. As for Elsa, Samuel assures Eve that she's a dead woman.

At the station, Steve and Suri watch a man in a hoodie plant the device in Elsa's car. They spot Samuel's car in the reflection of a neighbor's window and get the plate number. They then spot the vehicle heading down the highway.

Harry picks up some money and hides it in his car. He hears Suri on the radio and figures that Samuel knows where Elsa is. Harry calls her but gets her voice mail because she's in the shower.

Samuel pulls up to the safehouse and breaks in. He grabs a kitchen knife and approaches the steamy bathroom. As Samuel starts to open the shower curtain, Elsa hits him over the head from behind.

Harry arrives comes in. Elsa finishes tying up Samuel, hears the door open, grabs Samuel's knife, and goes after the apparent intruder. Harry manages to grab her wrist just before she stabs him, and she tells him what happened. They go to the bathroom and discover that Samuel woke up and climbed out the window. He took Harry's car, and Harry screams in frustration.

Elsa prepares to leave, and says that nobody knew she was there except Harry. Harry checks her purse and finally finds a tracker and camera. Elsa figures that Dan put them in.

Back at Hawksmoor, Eve looks at Samuel's scarred back. He explains that the treatment was worse than the initial injury, and he overcame the pain by telling himself that his day would come. Samuel tells Eve to be prepared to spill blood, and Eve says that she is to get peace. He asks Eve to come with him into retirement once he has Harry's bracelet, and Eve kisses him.

Rich knocks on Suri's door and comes in, and she shows him the dinner that she set for him. He admits that he feels guilty because he should understand Harry's addiction, and Suri tells him that Harry did a terrible thing. Suri admits that Harry told her about the bracelet and wonders if it's lucky, and admits that she let Harry deal with it all on her own.

Rachel and her daughter are moving into Rich's flat. Eve and Samuel arrive and confirm that she just moved in, and help her with her things.

That night, Harry takes Elsa to the houseboat. He admits that he's impressed with her drinking capability, and Elsa explains that she built up a tolerance when working undercover. Elsa points out that there' sonly one bed, and stares at Harry. He says that he has to take care of something, but Elsa kisses him and says that he could be anyone. Harry smiles and Elsa kisses him again. A text comes in saying that the police found Harry's car, but Harry turns off the phone and leads Elsa into the bedroom.

Later, Harry slips out of bed, dresses, and goes to the impound lot where his car is. He gets the money he hid earlier and kisses the bracelet in relief. Harry then goes to the casino and challenges Rachel to a game of hi-lo: she takes 12 cards and he takes 1. If he wins then she pays him the fifty thousand pounds: if not then she gets the five thousand. Rachel agrees and says that the bartender will shuffle and deal. The bartender deals out twelve cards: the highest is a queen. Harry draws the Ace of Spades and suggests that they play again. Rachel figures that it can't happen twice, but Harry wins again, beating her king with Ace of Diamonds. He then bets for Rich's flat, but Rachel figures that it isn't her night and gives Harry the keys rather than the money. Once he leaves, the bartender casually deals out four aces. Rachel tells him to call Samuel and say that she's done it and wants her daughter back.

Harry returns to the houseboat and slips into bed with Elsa. The next morning, he calls Rich and leaves a message sending his love. Daisy calls and says that she couldn't sleep, and hangs up when she hears her mother coming. Elsa joins Harry on the deck and he says that they have to take the fight to Samuel by holding a public conference out in the open. Elsa figures that Owen will let Samuel swing if they do, and Harry says that their sex together was pretty good. Smirking, Elsa says that she's had worse.

Samuel meets with Owen in a parked car after Owen's man frisks him. Owen tells him that Elsa has organized a press conference, and he can't guarantee Samuel MI6 support. Samuel figures that Elsa is a threat to both of them, and warns Owen that he won't fall alone no matter what Owen thinks. He figures that Owen wants him to murder Elsa before she says anything. When Owen doesn't respond, Samuel chokes him with his seatbelt and tells Owen that he has nowhere to hide. His warning delivered, Samuel releases Owen and walks away.

Harry arrives at Suri's flat and gives Rich the keys to his apartment. He says that Elsa needs them both, and Rich tells him that he's moving in with Suri. After complaining that Rich didn't need the flat off after all, he offers his congratulations and then leaves with Suri. Suri asks Harry how he got the flat back, and points out that Rich said Harry's luck is running out. Harry admits that he tried to make his explanation earlier sound unconvincing to protect her, and assures her that she's the best colleague he's ever had. Suri promises that she's with him if Harry is honest with her, and Harry admits that everything Rich said is true. He figures that it's his last roll of the dice before his luck runs out and they have to bring Samuel down while they have the chance.

At the diner, Steve warns Elsa that a press conference will put her back in the line of fire. Harry insists that it's their best chance, but Steve points out that Harry is risking someone else's life instead of his own. When Elsa hesitates, Harry tells her that she owes Morgan and Elsa agrees. They notify the press and bring up the blueprints of the venue, Greenwich Barracks. Steve has arranged security and had the place swept. Harry says that he has to be there, and Steve agrees but tells him to keep a low profile.

At Greenwich Barracks, security checks everyone coming in. A disguised Eve is among the onlookers.

Rich calls Suri and suggests that Harry winning his flat back might be bad luck. Suri says that it's a secure job but can't tell him where it is. Rich insists and Suri tells him that they're going to Greenwich Barracks.

Eve slips away from the crowd, goes to the basement, and lets Samuel in.

Harry and the others arrive.

Eve goes to a high tower overlooking the podium.

Elsa takes the podium and tells the reporters that there is a moral vacuum at the top of their intelligence services.

Eve prepares the sniper rifle that she smuggled in.

Harry checks the crowd while Elsa says that she has the corroborating evidence to show the corruption. Samuel walks out, draws a gun, and then surrenders as the officers surround him. Steve and Harry come over and Samuel asks Harry if he still thinks the bracelet is lucky. Harry realizes that Eve is the shooter.

Eve draws a bead on Elsa.

Harry yells that there's a sniper and runs at Elsa. He throws his hand up, and the bullet hits the bracelet and bounces off... and takes Suri in the chest. Harry begs Suri to stay with him, but she dies in his arms. The bracelet turns solid black.

Written by Gadfly on Aug 25, 2018

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