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The Light Above Recap

The Past

Young Jesse drops to his knees and prays. He looks at the baseball bat on his bed, then gets up and walks out as God reaches him.

Marie is counting money when Jesse comes in and kisses her on the cheek. He says that he might take the night off and go somewhere, and Marie asks him to bring her the bottle of whiskey. Once Jesse does, he says that he might go to Texas and check on Tulip. He says that he'd come back someday, and Marie tells him that they're all that's left of Angelville and she's all the family he has. Jesse tells her that she killed his family, and Marie agrees that she killed his mother and had his father shot. She points that he still thinks like a Custer and is afraid of seeking vengeance because he's afraid of Hell, and she doesn't blame him.

That night, Jesse sits alone in the kitchen and drinks. Satan appears and looks at him. Jesse gets the baseball bat and goes to Marie's room. She figures that he's afraid of the flames and asks what his father would say. Jesse drops the bat and says that he's going, and Marie tells him that he'll be back. As Jesse walks down the drive, he passes his adult self who says that he should have killed Marie. Young Jesse tells him that now is his chance.


Jesse enters the manor and T.C. draws a shotgun on him and tells him to raise his hands. He says that Marie is his grandmother and there has to be constructive non-violent solution. Jesse orders him to give him the gun using the Voice, and tells him to back up. T.C. slams back into the refrigerator, and T.C. says that he wouldn't shoot him. After a moment Jesse agree and gives him the shotgun back, and orders him to shoot himself. T.C. shoots himself and screams in pain.

As Jesse goes to the parlor, Jody steps out and tells him that he has to go through him first. Jesse tells him to put the case of souls back and says that he could make him cut his own throat. Jody figures that he won't, and Jesse agrees and says that they should go to the Tombs. Smiling, Jody says that there's hope for him first.

Tulip wakes up in the bus and glances over at Hitler. The Saint and the Angel leave the bus and walks over to the Nazi tank. Rick comes out of the hatch and his men line up, guns ready and aimed. Getting down, Rick takes a gun and walks over to the Saint and Angel, and introduces himself. He says that if they send out Hitler then they won't be hurt. Rick asks for their answer, and his opponents attack him.

Hitler tries to climb out of the overturned bus, and Eugene pulls him back in and throws him down. While Hitler fights back, Tulip grabs a windshield wiper and fights a Nazi that has climbed in. They fight while Eugene and Hitler fight.

The Saint and the Angel smash their way through the Nazi ranks, ignoring the hail of bullets.

Another Nazi gets into the bus, and the two of them fight Tulip. She cuts one Nazi's throat, and two more draw guns on her. Tulip shoos them with the Luger she took from the dead man.

Once the Nazis are dead, the Angel asks the Saint if the crows pecked his daughter's eyes out while she was dead or alive. As he glares at her, the tank fires a shell at them and the explosion knocks them down. The tank rolls over the Saint.

As Eugene chokes Hitler, Hitler asks what Jesus would do. After a moment, Eugene punches him unconscious.

The Saint is cut in half by the tank treads, and sees Eugene and Tulip climb out of the bus. The Angel snares Tulip with her whip, and the Saint draws his knife and breathes on the blade until it's red hot. He tank turns toward the Angel and fires a shell, and everything freezes except Tulip. God is behind it and says that he's a loving god.

The Children stand around the kitchen, and Eccarius says that there might still be hope for Cassidy. He goes in and Cassidy tells him to fuck off, and Eccarius points out all of the thigs that Cassidy hasn't seen. Eccarius asks Cassidy will choose death over life, and offers him a pipe I the shape of a unicorn. Cassidy can choose it or burn in the approaching shaft of sunlight.

God tells Tulip that she was going to Hell but he's a merciful God. She asks him if he's going to be merciful to Eugene, and God tells her that Eugene's path is different. God says that he's come to lift Tulip's curse and the name O'Hare will be blessed. Tulip wonders what he gets, and God says for her to tell Jesse to stay away from him because Genesis must not interfere with his Great Design. Once Tulip does that, she will now true peace and be forgiven. Tulip says that she doesn't need forgiveness, and admits that she's done bad thing and isn't perfect. However, she figures that she doesn't need God's forgiveness and points out that she's made it this far without it. God warns that free will has consequences for her and who she cares about, and says that Cassidy is in grave danger. He figures that she doesn't need her help, and Tulip figures that it's a trick. God shrugs and says that they should just stand there and enjoy the scents. After a moment, Tulip says that God is a dick and walks off.

Time starts moving again and the Saint stabs the tank's gas tank. It explodes, freeing him, and he walks toward the Angel. She apologies for what she said earlier about his daughter, but the Saint grabs her by the throat and pulls out her eyes. He then tells Eugene that it's time to go. Eugene asks about Tulip, and the Saint says that it's her lucky day. Once the Saint turns the bus back over, he and Eugene drive off.

In the Tombs, T.C. puts on the beaver, and then steps back to watch as Jody and Jesse fight. Jody knocks Jesse down, and he grabs a board with two nails and his Jody in the face. Jody pulls the board out and says that it was different.

Eccarius frees Cassidy, who asks him to get his bottle from his coat. He says that he saw a unicorn once, and Eccarius gives him the bottle. Once Cassidy drinks, he offers Eccarius the bottle and Eccarius drinks it. He offers Cassidy some restorative squirrel blood, and Cassidy points out that he just cheated death and got back with Eccarius, and doesn't want any of Eccarius' blood. Eccarius goes to the kitchen and says that Cassidy has repented, and asks who will take blood. Mrs. Rosen raises her hand.

Jesse and Jody continue fighting, and Jody knocks Jesse down and picks up the cigarette lighter. Jody says that he took it from Jesse's father years ago, and asks if Jesse remembers the night that he killed Mr. Custer. Jesse wraps a chain around Jody's neck and hits him repeatedly. Jody pulls Jesse toward him by the chain, but Jesse keeps beating him, slamming his head into the wall. Jesse orders T.C. to get him two cans of gasoline. Once T.C. runs off, Jesse lights a cigarette and Jody gets to his feet. He says that he's proud of Jesse and collapses.

Mrs. Rosen lies down on the altar, and Cassidy and Eccarius argue about who should feed on her. Eccarius finally asks if Mrs. Rosen doesn't mind if they both turn her. She readily agrees, and Cassidy recites the ritual. However, Eccarius notices that Mrs. Rosen already has bite marks on her neck. He asks the Children what is going on, and then asks Cassidy what he's done. Mrs. Rosen and the Children grab Eccarius, nail him to the altar, and Cassidy confirms that Mrs. Rosen called all of the Children who "flew" and there were no answers. Cassidy admits that he turned her, and Eccarius asks if he'll go back to his loveless and lonely existence. The Irish vampire admits that he will, but first it's dinner time and the Children feed on Eccarius as Cassidy watches.

T.C. pours gasoline on the unconscious Jody. He asks Jesse if he's going to kill him, and Jesse says that he doesn’t hate him that much. Jesse invites T.C. to come with him, and T.C. says that he knows Angelville is evil but he has nowhere else to go. Jesse confirms that he's sure, and T.C. says that it was good to see him again. After a moment, Jesse tosses his lit cigarette onto Jesse.

Tulip texts to Jesse that she's going to find Cassidy. He says that he's going to kill Marie and Tulip sends him a thumbs up.

Jesse walks to the manor and goes inside. Marie is waiting for him and welcomes him home. He sets down the case with the souls and says that his debt is paid. He forces her to say it and destroy the blood compact, and tells her to release Tulip. Marie tells him that he's won and can go, but Jesse tells her that he tried it before and Angelville always was with him. He says that he's going to kill Marie and burn the house down, just like he's thought about for 20 years. Jesse describes how he's going to strap her to her own machine and turn her to dust. Marie figures that she'll go to Heaven, and Jesse tells her that she's going straight to Hell. She tells him that she made a deal with Satan. If Jesse kills her then he'll go to Hell. Jesse demands to know what she did, and Marie chuckles.

As Jesse considers whether to kill her, Marie tells him that he won and shouldn't be upset. Jesse figures that she's won as well because she has the souls and a hundred more years of life. Marie grabs the case and says that they had a deal, and Jesse commands her to destroy them. Sobbing, Marie tosses the vials into the fireplace. Jesse gets into the truck, turns on the radio, and drives away. He stops at the end of the drive, and imagines his younger self telling him that it doesn't feel like he won.

Jesse goes back to the manor and straps Marie into her soul-sucking machine. When she says that he'll burn in Hell, Jesse tells her that he probably will but today she does. He turns on the machine and walks away as Marie screams in agony before dying. Jesse then gets the gas can and prepares to burn down the manor.

Once Eccarius' body burns in the sunlight, Mrs. Rosen and her son ask Cassidy what they're going to do now that they're vampires. Cassidy says that they can do whatever they want to, and Tulip calls him. She asks if he's okay, and Cassidy tells her that he's okay now. Tulip says that she's on her way, and Cassidy starts to say something. FJ comes back and everyone cheers, and Cassidy thanks Tulip for calling him and hangs up.

FJ tells Cassidy and the others that he realized that there was no reason to stay with the Grail. He confirms that the Children have turned as well, and Cassidy invites him to drugs with him. FJ gives Cassidy an umbrella for saving his life, and invites him to open it inside. Helicopter blades sound overhead, and they both open their umbrellas as the roof smashes in. The Children scream as they burn in the sunlight pouring in through the roof. Once the noise dies down, Cassidy looks around and FJ tells him that he stayed with the Grail later all. Starr shoots Cassidy with whale tranquilizer, and he passes out.

The Humperdoos walk down the street as a Grail helicopter hauls Cassidy overhead in a crate.

Tulip arrives at the Rosen house and finds it torn up. Kevin and his mother survived by hiding in coffins, and they tell Tulip that men in white took Cassidy. Tulip figures that God is responsible.

In Hell, Eugene tells Satan that now he knows what his purpose is while Hitler looks on. He tells Satan that he's a bad person but it's never too late. If Satan opens up his heart and apologizes to God, things will be all right. Satan tells Eugene that he's realized his purpose, and slaps him across his office. The Saint says that Satan didn't have to do it, and Satan says that the Saint did his part of the problem. The Angel, with empty eye sockets, wheels in a cart with the Saint's weapon. The Saint says that he's going after Jesse, and Satan appreciates the synergy because Jesse and his power will come to Hell.

The Saint draws his gun on Satan, who promises to flay him into a thousand pieces. Unimpressed, the Saint asks if the crows pecking out his daughter's eyes were his idea. Satan says that he was in on the meeting but it wasn't his idea, and tells the Saint that it was God's idea. He suggests that the Saint put the gun down or they're going to have a problem, and the Saint says that it's too late and kills Satan. When the Angel objects, the Saint tells her that the rules have changed and orders Eugene to come with him but not Hitler. Once they leave, Hitler looks at Marie's contract on Satan's desk. The Angel asks if he wants plum cake, and Hitler tells her to get it with extra flaky crust. Once she leaves, Hitler makes himself comfortable in Satan's chair.

As they walk to the elevator, Eugene realizes that Jesse is still alive and goes with the Saint.

As Angelville burns, Jesse sits at the end of the drive. Tulip pulls up and asks Jesse if he's okay. He tells her that family is overrated and Tulip agrees, and asks if he's ready. Jesse says that he is and they drive off together.

In Masada, Cassidy sits in a cell and sings to himself. Something flies into the cell with him. Starr is watching from a distance, and tells FJ that his favorite torturer, Frankie Toscani, is flying in to deal with the vampire. FJ is wearing an umbrella hat, and assures Starr that he isn't mocking him. He reminds his superior that he's a vampire, and FJ insists that it will have no impact on his job. Starr knocks the umbrella off and FJ burns in the sunlight. Lara comes out and Starr tells her that they'll need a new Hoover. She says that she'll look into it, and points out that it will be tricky making Jesse their Messiah. Starr says that Jesse has humiliated him for the last time so he's going to torture him and then kill him. Lara smiles and says that she loves it. They put on headphones and looks over the dozens of soldiers and fighters ready for Jesse to arrive.

Written by Gadfly on Aug 27, 2018