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The High Cost of Loathing Recap

Two Months Later

On a ship at seas, a man scans the ocean's surface with a searchlight. Henchman 21 leads his men on an assault on the ship, and the flying cocoon lands on the ship. As 21 opens a cargo container, the Monarch Monarch flies down in his new costume and takes out the hidden containers of enriched uranium. He tells his men that he holds the key to their new future, and his full power will be unleashed. Inside the containers is Handy Dandy wax, and Monarch uses it to polish his eyebrows.

Girlfriend interrupts Monarch's daydreams to point out that Z has a question for him. Z asks about his eyebrows as part of his surprise inspection, and says that he's not impressed. Monarch asks Girlfriend to help him out, but she says that she can't intervene in the Council's impartial audit. Z says that it's his opinion that the Guild should reclassify Monarch as Level 5. 21 points out that it's kind of low, and notes that the new flying cocoon is just an inflatable.

Hank cleans out Dean's bedroom and redecorates, then calls Sirena and invites her to come over and cuddle. She says that she has class, just as Brock and Dean pull onto the campus in Brock's car Adrienne. Brock refuses to give Dean his car., and they go to Dean's new dorm room. Dean's roommate Jared is swabbing out his spider sphincter, and quickly covers himself up as Brock and Dean come in. Once he leaves, Dean complains that the rest of his family didn't come with him. Brock tells him that Rusty signed him up for a lot of science classes.

Pirate Captain tells Rusty that he'd better produce results before the company goes bankrupt. Rusty dives out the window and then rises back up thanks to his hover belt. He insists that the future belongs to Ven-Tech and then passes out from blood loss caused by the glass he dived through.

Monarch and 21 go to the bank to get a business loan to rebuild the Monarch lair. The loan officer points out that there's no proof of income. Monarch tells him to look up his trust fund, and the officer says that it's overdrawn. 21 tries to reassure Monarch, but Monarch tells him to wait in the car. He then robs the bank and yells at everyone to drop to the ground. Brown Widow drops in and webs Monarch's hands, and kicks him out of the bank. He then drags him back before he can have 21 drive him away.

In Philosophy 102, Professor Tompkins is lecture the class when Dean comes in late. Tompkins stars them with a video from visiting professor Zack Snyder. afterward, Dean and Jared leave. Sirena sees Dean and comes over, and Jared quickly leaves. She invites Dean out for a cup of coffee, but Dean says that he has to cancel his science classes because his father makes him crazy.

Brock and the others take Rusty to the hospital, and the doctors manage to stop Rusty's bleeding. When Hatred complains that Brock failed his bodyguarding, Brock points out that no one is watching he tower. Once Hatred leaves, Rusty wakes up and wonders where Dean is. Hank wants him to give him money to redecorate, but Rusty refuses to give him any money until Hank has a job. Hank walks out, disgusted, and Brock refuses to stay with Rusty and change his bedpan. He feeds Rusty morphine and walks out... unaware that Dr. Nidaba aka Think Thank is unconscious in the next bed.

That night, 21 is at Monarch's home and tells Girlfriend that it's bad. Monarch is in his study moaning to himself, and tells girlfriend that he's broke and has nothing left. He wonders what he was doing pouring all of his money into fixing up the house, and Girlfriend assures him that he'll assign him a cherry new arch. She insists that he can work his way up the ladder, and is a survivor just like his namesake. Monarch agrees with her and says that he wishes she had met his mother other when she was alive.

At Dr. Victor Von Helping's office, the Dean of Science tells Dean that his grandfather was an inspiration to him. Dean tells Victor that he' not interested in science. Victor figures that Dean doesn't want to be like his father and says that he can relate, and Dean doesn't want to attract all of his freaks. The Dean says that his father was a super-villain, Vigo Von Hellfire, and the power of science to help mankind saved him. He convinces Dean to take just one super-science class.

Hank is showing a couple around the complex, trying to sell it as an Air B&B. He gets the rent in cash and quickly leaves. Hank then puts on a heady and approaches Sirena on the street. He hits on her before revealing who he is, and says that he's flush with cash. Sirena says that she still has college classes and they'll do something on the weekend, and runs off.

Monarch waxes his eyebrows as he and 21 drive to Monarch's new arch: Victor. When Monarch checks his file, he discovers that Vigo is Victor's father. Victor was turned off after science after a freak super-science accident scarred 80% of his body.

Sirena arrives at her botany class and finds Dean there. They bond over their fathers' obsessions with super-science. Victor comes in and figures that it's just the three of them, and Monarch and 21 break in as Dean moans in frustration.

When the alarm in Hank's room goes off, Hatred wakes up and realizes what's going on.

Brock discovers that Hank has taken his big-screen TV.

Hank goes to Rusty's room and finds him asleep. He talks about his problems , and complains that Rusty punishes him for sticking around. Someone is singing from behind the separator curtain, and Hank pulls it aside to discover that Stars & Garters is singing to Dr. Nidaba. Rusty wakes up and says that he heard music, and Hank wonders how much he heard. His father is touched that Hank came to see him, and says that Hank loves him... mistaking him for Kate Jackson in his morphine stupor

Hank goes to get his TV and finds Hatred there. They break into the room and attack the couple.

Monarch tells Victor that he's his new arch and they're there to fight him and steal his stuff. 21 punches him and hurts his hand, and Monarch kicks Victor in the crotch and breaks his toes. Monarch tells 21 to grab Sirena, and Victor loses his temper and bursts into flame as his fake skin burns off. He floats into the sky and says that he's Victor Von Hellfire, and fires a blast at Monarch. dean begs him not to let them drag Victor down to his level, and asks Monarch if he knows why he does what he does. Monarch complains that he can't hate who he really wants to hate, and Dean writes him a check for one million dollars to get him to leave him and Victor alone. Monarch says that it's enough, and Victor thanks Dean for teaching him a valuable lesson. Monarch wants to leave, and 21 asks Victor to sign their arch-confirmation form.

Sirena complains to Dean about how all the villains are an embarrassment, but says that Dean is her hero. She kisses him and leaves, and Dean discovers that he has an erection.

When Monarch gets back home, Girlfriend congratulates him on being the top Guild earner. Dr. Z has even sent some eyebrow wax over.

Written by Gadfly on Aug 27, 2018

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