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A Game of Chest Recap

Jess remembers pledging her sorority, Phi Gamma Phi. The sisters have one more test for Jess and the others: lightning shots. Jess and her friend Allison talk about their futures, and then the sisters have her drink and tase her.

Jess passes out in the pen after Martha shocks her via the bracelet. Todd tries to slap his wife awake, and the others advise him to leave her alone. Declan arrives and asks Todd if Jess has recovered from her shock. He doesn't care and says that he wants to talk to their leader... Steve. Steve is busy putting on his pants backward, and then comes over and threatens to kill Declan for killing his best friend. Impressed, Declan tells the guard to take Steve upstairs.

Once the guard leaves with Steve, Todd wonders what he's supposed to do. Karen wishes that they had smelling salts, and Todd figures that he can wake up her up by faring.

In Declan's study, Declan shocks Steve and admits that he thinks Steve is the only one there who can kill him. Steve tries to charge at him, and Declan keeps shocking him. Once Steve gives up, Declan suggests that they play a gentleman's game of chess.

Todd lies down next to Jess like they normally sleep, and tells everyone to shut up while he concentrates. He finally farts and everyone gags. Jess wakes up gasping but has no idea where she is. She says that her friends are the sorority girls and she's never seen any of them in the past, and Todd realizes that her brains are scrambled.

Jess looks out through the gate and calls to her sorority sisters. She figures that they're pranking her, and Todd realizes that Jess has forgotten everything since just before they met. Karen tells Jess what happened. Owen interrupts her and tells Jess that she's 30 rather than 19. Jess doesn't believe him and figures that it's part of the initiation, and Florence gives her a metal bowl to use as a mirror. Jess screams at how old she is.

As Declan goes on about chess, Steve looks around the study and spots the radio. He finally admits that he can't remember what the pieces do, and thinks that it's "chest" rather than "chess". Steve makes a nonsensical move, and Declan suggests that they do a refresher and then go back to their game.

Jess is shocked to learn that she lives in a condo in Scottsdale with Todd. Todd says that she dropped out of college and moved in with him. He got a job in his father's real estate company so she sits around and does nothing. Jess runs off to be alone, and Todd says that he wants the old Jess back. Danny tells him that he has to Notebook her by telling him a story to get her memory back. Todd figures that his most romantic memory is his friend's bachelor part, and the others point out that Jess has to be there. He talks about the first time he took Jess to a golf course, and Danny interrupts him to say that he should tell Jess, not them. When Todd goes over, Jess realizes that he's trying to Notebook her and says that she loves the movie.

Jess goes to the golf course with Todd, and he tells her that she has to pay attention. She gives him a club and he realizes that it's the perfect club. Amazed, Todd kisses her and then prepares to make the shot. Jess says that she loves him, interrupting his shot, and Todd complains that she ruined his game. Jess throws one iron into the lake, and they start fighting over the next one. An old man comes over to tell Todd to calm down, and Jess starts bitching at him.

That was when Todd knew that Jess was the one. She's shocked that he turned her into a monster, and Todd tells him that they're married. Jess insists that Todd ruined his life and tells him to go away. They scream at each other and walk off.

Jess sits with Pack and contemplates her wedding ring, and she explains that her life didn't turn out the way she dreamed of. Pack talks about his dream of becoming a top-ranked agent in Variety Magazine. Jess asks if he lives in LA.

Todd tells Danny that he's lost everything, and Danny says that the story was awful. Florence says that their entire relationship is about Todd, and Karen finally tells him that he has to do something nice for Jess. Todd knows of one thing Jess will love, but he needs their help and asks if Danny can sing baritone. He can.

Declan tells Steve how to play chess, and then asks what he'll do with his next move. Steve still doesn't know the game, and Declan tells him that he's placed a sizeable bet on Steve winning the Hunt. Steve will only get a chance at him if he defeats the others.

Todd and the others go over to Jess, and everyone backs up Todd singing Jess' song. Jess doesn't remember him but admits that it's sweet, and says that she doesn't know who she is. She says that she can't be Todd's wife and gives him her wedding ring back, and apologizes. Todd figures that it's the first day of his trying to win her back and walks away.

Steve comes back with a chess piece and Owen says that he was the chess championship in high school. The others point out that they can't pick a lock with a chess piece, and Steve tells them about the radio and the remote for the bracelets, but he figured grabbing the chess piece was more important.

Written by Gadfly on Aug 29, 2018

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