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I Fall to Pieces Recap

In a fire truck at the fire department, Wynonna and Charlie have more sex "to take the edge of". Nicole and Waverly come in to meet with the firemen, and Nicole offers her support. Wynonna and Charlie quickly get dressed, and Charlie says that Nicole told him that Wynonna is a hot mess. He tells her that they what they did was fun, and accidentally set off the siren. Wynonna gets out and tells Nicole and Waverly that there's nothing to see, and they offer her a ride. When Waverly asks about Doc, Wynonna says that she hasn't seen him in a week.

At the Gardner house, Doc wakes up when Bulshar's ring burns his hand. He wonders what he's done, and Kate tells him that the rig is burning him now that he's compromised. She assures him that they're together forever like he wondered, and Doc looks at himself in the mirror and contemplates his decision to become a vampire.

At the station, Nedley tells Wynonna and Nicole that a bunch of frag boys ended up in Purgatory when their party bus was confiscated that morning. Waverly wakes up a hungover Jeremy, who explains that since closing down the abattoir, he's been trying to figure out where Bulshar moved his operation. He admits that he hasn't been home in a while.

Wynonna and Nicole move a bookcase in Nedley's office and find a door. He gives them the key and explains that everything is there from supernatural crime scenes. Nedley says that it's up to them what to keep and throw away. They talk about Bunny Leblaw, who rules the town council, and Nedley warns Nicole that Bunny is a bully. He advises Nicole to get her on Nicole's own turn and tell her that she's the person for the job. Nicole goes off to call Bunny.

At the homestead barn, Michelle comes up on Doc and trains a rifle on him. She asks why he left in the middle of her Christmas dinner, and Doc tells her that something came up. Michelle tells him that he's going to make it up to her and says that she has to get out for a little while. Doc agrees and they go out to the truck.

Nicole finds an urn in the closet, while Wynonna looks through Nedley's old notebooks and photos. She figures that Nedley made up the cleaning to force them work together, and when Nicole says that she isn't going to wait around to find the demon that killed Xavier. Wynonna starts things out of the closet. Nicole tries to stop her and they break a mirror.

At the homestead, a lightning bolt hits an outbuilding and destroys it. A mountain man walks out of the smoke and off into the snow.

At Shorty's Wynonna finds Nedley drinking ginger ale. He says that he's running around after the fat boys, and Wynonna shows him a photo that she found of his younger self. She complains about Nicole, and Nedley tells her to give Nicole some slack. Nedley says that they have more in common then they think.

At her apartment, Nicole cleans up and sets out a Bible. Bunny comes in and immediately starts complaining about Nicole's cat Calamity Jane, saying that she's allergic. Nicole takes the cat out, and Bunny turns down a photo of Waverly and Nicole together and says that it's discussing.

Michelle has Doc drive her to the cemetery and Willa's grave. She says that Willa had a mean streak and would have been a terrible heir, and apologizes for not being there to protect her. Michelle then walks back to the truck.

Bunny says that her main concern is that Nedley is full of shit and she's tired of being kept in the dark about all of the strange occurrences in Purgatory. She demands the truth about the supernatural, and Nicole stumbles through the beginning of an explanation. Wynonna comes in and says that she needs to talk to Nicole, and Bunny says that she's considering backing Wynonna for sheriff. She claims that Purgatory needs a homegrown hero rather than someone… different.

Nicole takes Wynonna out into the kitchen, and Wynonna laughs over Bunny's suggestion. They argue about whether Wynonna has any training, and Wynonna goes from not liking the idea to wanting to be sheriff to bother Nicole. Meanwhile, the mountain man looks in through the window, and Bunny sees him and faints. When Wynonna and Nicole go out in the living room, they find Bunny unconscious and Nicole checks her purse for medication. She gives Bunny her pill and she wakes up. They take her out to Nicole's police cruiser, and argue while two frat boys sneak over and steal the cruiser.

Wynonna hot-wires Bunny's car because Nicole's truck battery is dead. She drives off and calls Waverly, and Jeremy tracks the cruiser's GPS. He finds it parked, and Wynonna and Nicole follow it to a biker bar. Nicole tries to open the locked door with her spare key, but it breaks off. She suggests that they call the fire department, but Wynonna refuses and says that they can get the key from the frat boys in the bar.

Michelle talks to Doc about how she left Purgatory, but came back one weekend and came back and ended up with Ward. She reminds doc that Waverly isn't Ward's daughter, and says that Julian made her feel that she didn't have to break her spirit to be happy. Michelle explains that the night Waverly was born, Ward pushed Julian out of the Triangle, and she learned I from Bobo in return for his freedom. Doc warns that she's unleashed a monster, and Michelle says that it will take a monster to stop Bulshar. She wonders if Doc will stop her, and he says that he will if necessary.

The bikers discuss what to do with the captive frat boys. Wynonna and Nicole sneak in and try to get the car keys, but the bikers spot them. Wynonna suggests that they let the frat boys go while the bikers have a drinking contest with them. If the bikers win then they get to kill them. The leader, a Revenant named Rolf, chuckles and agrees. Nicole tells the frat boys to take Bunny to the hospital, and the revenant calls for liquor.

At the station, Jeremy points out to Waverly that it all sounds too unlucky to be a coincidence. They spot the broken mirror in Nedley's office and Wynonna figures that if they put it back together then their luck could change.

Wynonna, Nicole, and Rolf drink after they handcuff Nicole and Wynonna together. Nicole starts to pass out, and Rolf throws up briefly. He's forced to concede, and Rolf realizes that Wynonna has been spitting her shots back into the bottle. Wynonna draws Peacemaker on them and runs out with Nicole into the forest.

Doc goes back to the Gardner house and finds the driver's licenses to all the people she killed. Kate finds him and says that Wynonna won't want him anymore. She says that she made Doc immortal because he asked her to, and tells Doc that Wynonna is breaking her spirit. Kate loves him when he's at his worst and even more, and they kiss. He warns her that he doesn't do heirlooms, and Kate tells him that he's hers forever and invites him to go see Wynonna and see if she wants him back.

As they run through the forest, Wynonna tells Nicole that the rules don't work in Purgatory. She says that she's a lot worse off than Nicole because of the Earp curse. Wynonna tries to shoot through the handcuff but Peacemaker jams. The bikers arrive and Nicole swings Wynonna at them. Wynonna manages to unjam Peacemaker and shoot the bikers, but Rolf grabs them and asks if they have any final words. Before he can kill them, the mountain man shows up and kills Rolf with a giant pair of shears. He tells Wynonna and Nicole that they owe him a wife, and they run.

Jeremy finds the last piece of the mirror and Waverly finishes reassembling the mirror. Wynonna and Nicole run in with the mountain man in hot pursuit. Waverly tries to stop him and the mountain man shoves her and Jeremy out of the way. The mountain man says that either Wynonna or Nicole will be his wife, and Waverly gets an idea and goes back to Nedley's office. She finds a statue of a gnome that Wynonna and Nicole also broke, and they start trying to reassemble it.

Wynonna and Nicole argue over which of them should be the mountain man's wife. The mountain man finally grabs them both and licks Wynonna, while Wynonna realizes that the gnome statue is a female. She finishes assembling the statue, and the mountain man turns to the statue, calls it Monique, and walks out with it.

Back at the homestead, Doc tells Michelle that he found a car at the homestead so she can leave Purgatory. She says that she's leaving and gives Doc his revolver back. Michelle figures that Doc knows what she's doing: going to find Julian outside of the Triangle. Doc figures that Michelle knew that he would help her, and Doc points out that Michelle is abandoning her family for love. Michelle says that he's a vampire and she doesn't want advice from one, and drives off.

Bunny arrives at the station and tells Wynonna that the doctor said that she's healthy. She says that she's there to tell Nicole that she won't be getting her support, and insists that Nicole isn't their people. Wynonna says that Nicole always does the right thing, and asks what Bunny is really concerned about. Bunny insists that seeing the mountain man was a dream, but Wynonna tells her that he was just the tip of the iceberg. Wynonna promises to send mountain man and all of his demon friends to her house if she doesn't support Nicole for sheriff. Bunny quickly caves and leaves for church.

Wynonna discovers that Nicole heard the whole conversation and offers her a beer. They agree to a truce., and Wynonna admits that she thought Nicole would leave and break Waverly's heart. Nicole insists that she loves Waverly and Wynonna as well, and is jealous that she gets to be herself. Wynonna tells Nicole that she never had a choice and shows her the photo of young Nedley... which also has a young Nicole in it.

Nicole goes to Nedley's office and shows him the photo. He talks about finding Nedley downriver from the massacre, and he kept an eye on her afterward. Nicole admits that her parents were selfish, and they don’t talk now because she's a cop. When Nedley discovered that she enlisted in the police academy, he couldn't resist offering the job. He says that Nicole is like a daughter to him, and Nicole hugs him. She thanks him and says that he's a tough act to follow, and Nedley tells her that he's not going anywhere if she needs him.

Wynonna returns to the homestead and tells Waverly that she's had a day. Waverly is reading a note from Michelle and tells Wynonna that their mother went to find Julian. Wynonna hugs her sister, crying, and figures that Michelle is finally free. Wynonna sees another note that Michelle left her.

After grabbing the note, Wynonna goes out. Doc is waiting and gives her Bulshar's ring. He figures that it will protect her in her upcoming battle with the demon, and Wynonna asks if he spent the day with Michelle. Wynonna reads the note, in which Michelle tells her not to trust Doc. She asks Doc what he did and who he is, and he points out that she refused him. Wynonna slaps him and demands to know what he is, and doc snarls at her, his eyes turning red. She figures that Kate turned him, and Doc says that it was the only way. Wynonna wonders what Alice would say and calls Doc a selfish asshole, and he tells her to watch her mouth. She tells him to bite her, and says that he's not welcome in her house anymore. Wynonna turns around and goes inside.

Written by Gadfly on Sep 1, 2018

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