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7. Blinded by the Light Recap

Samuel is taken to prison and tolerates the guards shoving him around.

Harry sits alone, and then gets up and drives away.

The guards take the heavily-manacled Samuel to the cafeteria where Harry is waiting. Harry explains that the guards hate cop-killers as much as he does. Samuel points out that the bracelet is entirely black and figures that Harry doesn't have much longer. Harry asks where Eve is, and Samuel tells him that Harry is the one responsible for Suri's death and Harry is next. Unimpressed, Harry says that if he gets Samuel alone then he'll kill him.

At the service for Suri, Rich and Steve are among the pallbearers. Elsa praises Suri's brilliant mind and talks about how she always strove to do the right thing. She says that she owes Suri her life.

Harry arrives in the back of the church and after a moment, steps in. The coffin is taken away, and after a moment, Harry walks away.

Eve is vomiting in Samuel's bathroom, and afterward goes out and hears a TV report about the search for her. She finds a letter shoved under the door and reads it.

After the service, Steve comes over to a watching Harry and reminds him that he told him not to come there. Harry says that he had to say goodbye, and Steve tells him to lie low now that he's done it. The older CSI figures that now that Samuel is in prison, there will be no one manipulating Eve. Steve wants Eve found and Harry walks away.

Eve goes to a shrine on the river and finds Cheung waiting for her. Cheung assures her that she's alone and reminds Eve that she's now a murderer. Eve insists that she didn't murder Suri but the bracelet did, and Cheung asks her if she's willing to let Harry meet the same rest. The older woman says that the shadow is on Harry and eventually it will consume him entirely. Eve insists that Harry isn't her problem and the bracelets must be destroyed. Cheung says that Samuel manipulated Eve but he's gone now and it's not too late for Eve to come back to her family and save Harry. Unimpressed, Eve walks away.

Later, Eve knocks out a woman and takes her security badge and coat.

In Suri's flat, Rich stares out at the city. Harry lets himself in and asks his brother if he's okay. Rich talks about how Suri isn't coming back, and blames himself for not stopping Suri from going to the press conference. Harry tells her that she was doing the job she loved, and insists that he has to find Eve and have her remove the bracelet before it kills him. He explains that the bracelet killed Suri, and Rich tells him that the bracelet is evil. He asks Harry not to make him carry his coffin next, and Harry tells him that if he doesn't get the bracelet off then Rich will. Harry opens the door and finds Daisy in the hallway.

Samuel is showering when four guards approach him. They have the dragon-head tattoos on their hands, and beat Samuel to the floor.

Steve meets with Elsa, who warns him that the inquiry won't end with Suri's death. Elsa knows that Steve got Harry in to see Samuel, and Steve figures that Harry is their best chance of finding Eve.

Harry brings Daisy in and says that she has to go back to New York. Daisy refuses, saying that she's worried about her father. She admits that Anna thinks that she's staying with a friend in New York, and Harry wants Rich to take Daisy to the airport. He gets a call and says that he has to leave, much to Daisy's disappointment.

At a bar, Harry and Elsa meet. She's surprised that Harry came, and insists that their night together was a one-off. Elsa tells him that Samuel is in critical care and is being transferred to the East London Hospital. She advises Harry to let the system handle Samuel. Harry figures that if he gets rid of Samuel then they can smoke Eve out. Elsa notices Daisy sitting a few tables away, and Harry recognizes her.

Eve goes to the prison and uses the stolen security badge to let herself in.

Daisy comes over and complains that Harry left her to meet with a woman. Elsa excuses herself, and Daisy says that she asked Rich to get her some lunch. She wonders why the bracelet has turned black, and Harry angrily says that he can't spend time with her. He takes Daisy back to Rich's flat.

Eve, posing as a doctor, warns that Samuel has a possible brain hemorrhage and they need to transfer him immediately.

Harry calls Steve and asks him to find out the name of the guard who filed the report and the extent of Samuel's injuries. He figures that Samuel set the whole thing up because it would be easier to escape.

Eve escorts Samuel out to the ambulance and it leaves with her in it.

Steve meets with Elsa and says that the incidence report shows that details of the attack aren't consistent with Samuel's injuries. All of the injuries were written by one person. Harry calls Steve and gets the details, and figures that the reports were pre-written. Steve tells Harry to leave it to him, but Harry checks a street map and spots an overpass along the route to the hospital. Once Harry hangs up, Steve calls to get the ambulance route.

Eve tapes on Samuel's arm and gets his attention. He nods to her, and she gives him an injection.

Steve and Harry drive separately to intercept the ambulance. Harry gets there first and pulls up, telling the driver to pull over. When the driver refuses, Harry spins the car in front of the ambulance and it goes off the highway. Eve crawls out the back and closes the door behind her, leaving Samuel behind.

Steve arrives and sees the wreck, and runs over as Harry climbs in the ambulance. He checks Samuel's pulse and confirms that he's dead, and then takes the security badge that Eve left behind. Steve calls for an ambulance and wonders what Harry has done.

Eve watches from a distance as the EMTs take Samuel's body away. Meanwhile, Elsa watches and calls Steve. Steve says that he's looking for Harry, then walks over to Harry. Harry says that it wasn't meant to happen the way it did, and Steve tells him that he has to take him in. Begging for time, Harry says that the security badge he found belonged to the prison nurse who was attacked. The description of her attacker matches Eve, and Harry figures that Eve was there. He says that he can get her and afterward, he'll hand himself in. Steve gives him 24 hours, and Harry walks away.

Harry goes to the mortuary with Cheung and they find Samuel's body. She concedes that Samuel is dead, and warns Harry that he'll be just as dead if Harry doesn't find Eve and brings her the other bracelet. Harry figures that Eve will see sense now that Samuel is dead, and Cheung tells Harry to be quick about it.

Steve finds Elsa in her office and claims that Harry gave him the slip. She says that she's escalated the manhunt for Harry, and Steve tells her that he'll tell her if Harry contacts him.

Harry goes to the river, and Eve finds him. She shows him the other bracelet and says that she's sorry for everything. Eve tells Harry that they were both broken when he found her, and there's no way back for the two of them. She gives him the bracelet and says that he should give it to Cheung, and doesn't want him to die. Harry tells her to stay away from him once the bracelet is off, says goodbye, and walks away.

In the mortuary, the pathologist starts cutting into Samuel. Samuel wakes up from his drug-induced death-coma, takes the scalpel, and kills the pathologist. He then gets up, finds a locker with medical pants, , and leaves.

Harry goes to the basement of the restaurant Cheung is using for her operations. He shows her the second bracelet, and Cheung asks if Eve is okay. Harry finally says that Eve looked terrible, but admits that she gave him the bracelet of her own free will. Cheung figures that Samuel's spell has been lifted, and Harry asks her to remove his bracelet. She removes it and says that it's over, and asks what he's going to do now. Harry says that he might be looking at a different kind of bracelet.

Eve meets Samuel as he comes out of the mortuary, and the two of them ride off on Eve's motorcycle.

Harry goes to Rich's flat and apologizes to Daisy for abandoning her. He explains that the bracelet is gone and asks them to give him another chance.

Samuel and Eve go to Cheung's restaurant and Samuel kills her guards. Eve knocks on Cheung's office door while Samuel hides nearby. Cheung smiles when she sees Eve and motions her in. Eve bows to her, and says that she doesn't know what she wants.

Harry explains that he thought the bracelet would make his life better, but it made him worse. Rich wonders what he's done.

Cheung tells Eve that a few hours ago she swore allegiance to Samuel. Eve says that she's given Harry the second bracelet and wonders what else Cheung wants. She asks if Cheung has removed Harry's bracelet, and Cheung wonders why she's so concerned about Harry. She says that once she's dead, all of her powers will pass to Eve. Samuel comes in and says that Eve's intentions are pure.

In her office, Elsa offers Steve a drink. Steve says that Eve is the one who killed Suri and the one they want, and Elsa promises that they'll get her and Eve. A call comes in from the mortuary, and Steve tells Elsa that Samuel isn't dead. Steve calls Harry and tells him what happened, and Harry immediately heads to the restaurant.

Eve forces Cheung to give her both bracelets. Harry breaks into the office, gun drawn, and Samuel immediately puts his gun to Cheung's head. Harry realizes that Eve was lying to him, and Samuel tells Harry to lower his gun or Cheung dies. Cheung tells Eve that she doesn't believe she has settled on the path, and Eve tells Harry to do what Samuel says. Harry drops his gun, and Samuel shoots Cheung anyway. When Samuel kneels to get Harry's gun, Harry kicks him in the face and runs out. Samuel goes after him as Harry runs to the roof. He comes to a drop-off and Samuel comes behind him and aims his gun at him.

Written by Gadfly on Sep 1, 2018

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