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The Inamorata Consequence Recap

Dead cows lie in a field, and Brock smashes through a nearby barrier. Rusty complains that he's trying to finish his speech for the upcoming Second Summit of Tolerance. They come to a dead cow in the road, and Brock tosses it out of the way. Hunter and his men arrive and welcomes them home to the Venture compound, and explains that the dead cows are a ruse to keep the public away.

At the summit, everyone enjoys involves whale-shaped treats. Dean talks with Girlfriend about college, and she points out that Dean is a shoo-in at the sorority since he's a legacy. Rusty is talking with Hunter about how he couldn't let his father show him up. The summit begins and Rusty gives his speech to ratify their organized aggression and the signing of the Treaty of Tolerance. Dean, bored, goes look around the compound while a soldier leads Hank away. Rusty introduces the leaders: Phantom Limb, Girlfriend, Red Mantle, Dragoon, Hunter, Brock, Snoopy, and shore Leave.

In the reception room, Agent Kimberly McManus admires S-464's transparent skull. She invites him to patrol the compound with her and he agrees.

Hank realizes that the soldier is Dermott, who explains that he's now a private with OSI.

Dean sees lights on at the house and knocks at the door. MOD-2 answers and says that he's heard a lot about Dean.

The OSI and the Guild argue over engagement rules and OSI intervention. Rusty tries to keep them on topic, but the OSI insists that they get to send two agents.

MOD-2 narrates a movie about how mankind turned on their robot slaves and the robots were recalled. Ben recovered MOD-2 and gave him a voice and a personality. Ben left for New Zealand, and MOD-2 says that Dean can't leave. He offers Dean hot pants--sweat pants warmed to just above body temperature in the dryer--and Dean accepts.

Phantom Limb and Shore Leave prepare to fight over an insult that Shore Leave delivered about Phantom Limb's father. Red Mantle points out that Jonas created the tradition. The "pool battle" begins even though they no longer have a pool, and the two men fight.

Hank points out that Dermott has no military training, and Dermott figures that his black belt is sufficient. They climb up a mountain of coats, just as Kimberly and S-464 come in, and the two teens hide.

Dean shows MOD-2 a video of his and admits that he can't talk. MOD-2 explains that MOD-2 was a production model and it's partially organic. Dean doesn't understand, and MOD-2 tells him that he's hallucinating until Dean explains that he knows he's a clone. The robot figures that they're both second chances and offers him a stick of gum.

Hank hallucinates fighting S-464 and Kimberly, dressed as a 70s guitar hero riding a dragon. Dermott snaps him back to reality and they watch the two agents making out.

Once the pool battle is over, Hunter and Girlfriend argue over mad scientists versus angry scientists and whether they're good or bad guys. Phantom Limb objects to the OSI calling them "bad guys", and everyone starts arguing again.

MOD-2 and Dean go through the forest, and MOD-2 worries that it's filled with religious fundamentals who wants to stone him to death because he's an abomination. Dean insists that the great recalling is over, but MOD-2 refuses.

Kimberly finds "pee-pee" on S-464's belt and says that she's had enough. He explains that his emotions have been taken from him and asks her to let him explain. Hank and Dermott watch and Dermott wonders what they should do, and Hank figures that they should tattle on them.

Back at the house, MOD-2 says that he doesn't have to worry about souls and says that Dean can go. Dean is disappointed that MOD-2 has given up, and MOD-2 assures him that he has nothing to die for so he's happy. As MOD-2 goes inside, he says goodbye to Rusty, and Dean realizes that the robot mistook him for his father.

The two sides complain that the other side won't listen, and Rusty tells them that they're children. He says that his father was a shitty parent and act like children, and tells them that they won't get everything but they'll get something. Rusty tells them to go home to their friends and their goofy costumes with what they can get. The two sides agree to sign the Treaty with Rusty's changes, and Rusty says that it's better than his father's Treaty.

The next morning, everyone departs and Dermott tells Hunter what he said. He also gives Girlfriend S-464's name. Red Mantle thanks Rusty for his diplomacy. Dean goes by and Rusty asks him what it was like watching him kick ass. Dean admits that he missed the summit but says that he learned that Jonas was a lousy father and the two of them are more similar than he realized. He hugs Rusty, who wonders why he's wearing sweat pants.

As the Guild flies off, Girlfriend wants to take care of S-464. She tells Phantom Limb that S-464 has "PP" on his belt, not pee-pee. PP stands for Peril Partnership, meaning that he's a mole.

Written by Gadfly on Sep 3, 2018

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