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Last Meal Recap

Todd practices trying to talk to Jess, and then tells himself that he has to man up. Steve contemplates the chess piece he stole and begs it to tell him how he can escape with it. Jess talks to Pack about LA. Todd comes over and offers Jess some water. She casually thanks him, and Todd asks if she remembers anything of her past life. As he walks off, Pack and Jess drink the water and Jess thinks that Pack is so funny. Todd realizes that Jess has a boner for Pack.

Florence talks with Danny and Owen about how they have to beat the hunters at the Hunt the next day. Danny is sure as none of the survivors will turn on each unless the three of them turn on each other. Martha comes to the gate and says that most of them will die, but Declan has asked her to take their order for their final meal. the survivors have to collectively choose one meal, They all agree on pizza… except for Todd. He suggests that they choose ribs, and everyone agrees except for Florence. She says that meat is murder, and she's only eaten meat to survive. She demands plant-based food, and Steve finally says that it's another one of Declan's game. He says that they should have a hunger strike, but no one agrees with that. Owen says that he'll pick because no one else steps up, and says that they should go with a steak dinner. Florence asks him to support her, and Todd says that women always get their brains scrambled and leave them.

Martha demands to know what they want, and gives them one hour to decide or they're eating PB&Js: the shit ones, not the good ones. Once she leaves, Owen writes down ideas and they argue over vetoes and challenges. Todd and Pack want tacos, but Florence doesn't want to have the runs on the run. Everyone but Pack wants turkey sandwiches, but as soon as he gives in and agrees, Todd disagrees. Karen points out that he's been opposed to everything that Pack has supported, and Todd finally says that Pack is tricking Jess into having feelings for him. He insists that his wife is still in there and reminds her that they made a sacred vow on the ship. Jess tells him that he's a jerk and she doesn't like him, and Pack tells Todd that the heart wants what the heart wants.

The two men prepare to fight, but Karen stops them and tells them to save it for the next day. The others wonder if she means they're going to hunt each other, and Karen says that they'll probably crack under pressure and kill each other. She admits that she could kill them so she can get back to her husband and two daughters. The others are surprised that she has a family and is straight, and Steve is upset that she had sex with him. He says that he used to be married, and figures that none of them cared because he's weird and then a murderer. Todd tells him that he's acting insane, and Steve demonstrates what acting insane is really like.

Jess yells at everyone to stop, and complains that she's going to die and everyone is screaming. Pack says that they should let Jess choose, and Todd echoes him and says that if she thought it was sweet, he said it as well. Jess asks what she wants, and Steve says that he needs classic food: oatmeal and trout. Danny suggests chicken, and Florence gives in to get it resolved. Owen doesn't care and says that it's like Republicans and Democrats, and much to Florence's shock he says that he doesn't vote. Florence insists that every vote matters, and Owen says that she's been fooled. He doesn't pay local taxes because he lives in a van, much to everyone's surprise. Owen insists that he's a citizen of the world. Danny tries to turn the subject to chicken, but Florence says that the Owen back home is a dirt bag. The two of them walk away from each other.

Jess and Pack talk about Tag, and she mentions how buffed Todd is. Todd glares at them and spits.

Danny approaches Owen and says that people are starting to turn on each other, and they need a classic Owen speech. Owen says that he's done with them and tells Danny to make the speech. Danny tries and no one pays any attention to him. He continues and says that they have to remember that they are family and he would rather focus on the highs. Danny describes his vision of the future, but Owen steps up and says that they're just strangers. Owen asks Danny what his last name is, and Danny doesn't know. Pack points out that none of them know any of their last names. No one does, and Owen says that they're no one to each other.

Martha brings dinner, and Steve says that he chose oatmeal and trout. The others complain and go to get the dinner, except Danny.

Later, Danny sits at the edge of the pen and stares off into space. The others sit by themselves and eat. Martha comes over and opens the pen, and they walk out one by one. Martha leads them to a pile of weapons and they stare at it.

Written by Gadfly on Sep 5, 2018

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